Why does removing ghosted source op in transform remove its ghosted flag?

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This almost bit me again. Isn't the point of ghosting that the user is in full control what to post and what not? I do a lot of transforms (4-axis work), sometimes I post the source ops and sometimes the transformations. I've started to just delete ops (or move to another machine group) instead of ghosting just to avoid accidents.

This behavior is something I'd love to have fixed.

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This bugs me to no end. For two closely related parts with subtle differences I will often do a "zero transformation" in a new toolpath group and carry over the shared toolpaths between parts. But when I wanted to ghost something in the first group and then de-select it in the transformation it does what you're saying. Thankfully nothing horrible has happened because I compare new code to what was previously ran almost every time but it sure is annoying.

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