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Getting transform op's work offset number

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Why is this not working?  All I get is -99999, also test = opinfo(15332, 0) will yield the same result.


     if op_id$ <> xform_op_id$, #Inside transform?
       test = opinfo(15332, 0, 0010)
       *test, e$              


EDIT: Actually param 15332 is work offset numbering type, but that's what I am trying to get, despite misleading topic.

EDIT2: I don't get it. Now it mysteriously started to work, despite code being exactly the same, and operations being exactly identical. Is it possible that Mastercam fails to reload the modified/updated post processor file into memory for some reason (it is on network drive) which can cause glitches?!

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Did you copy and paste that code from your editor?  If so you have some extra junk after the 15332, see below.




Once I removed the extra characters everything worked as expected.


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Yes I did. That was observant! And that explains everything. AND, this is a recipe for disaster. If Mastercam Code Expert messes with my post with invisible junk, crashes are bound to occur.

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