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any ideas on how to go about deburring the holes through the tapered walls without it taking a month of sundays? holes are .094", material 304 stainless. there are 250 holes through tapered walls on each part and we're making 75 of them.




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yes, can run a reamer through them. the holes were drilled from the opposite side so the burrs are standing. in hindsight there could have been stock left on the tapered walls, the holes drilled, the walls then finished pushing the burrs into the holes then removing them by plunging an endmill into the holes. that's what was done in the pockets in the back (the part has equal wall thickness all around) to avoid starting holes in tapered walls. but that would add another operation. i've already got three machines working on the job and management is screaming to get these done by may 15. 2019! :lol: adding another operation and maybe another machine would be met with much resistance from above.

if we had 5ax our customer would allow us to drill perpendicular to the surfaces eliminating most of the burrs.

looks like my only option so far is to say fuk it and hand it to someone else to deal with. 

or maybe these? think they'd work in this application or would the tool blow up on the second hole?



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