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Hsmadvisor what is 100% tool life?

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I have been using hsmadvisor and I am unsure of the sliders.  How is 100% tool life determined.  Is there a standard?  I am cutting  6al-4v and 15-5. Dynamic paths.  I usually find that 5% - 3% give most reliable cut with about 5 or more hrs in cut life. We use tsc.  The calculator tells me as I near 3% sum goes up to 500-600.  What do you know about this subject. 

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Since I created the program I can tell you how 100% is calculated.

100% tool life is assumed when all values are default (green). It is a standard base line and for most tools it corresponds to medium hogging toolpath at about 30% radial engagement and 100% SF overrides.

There is no fixed hour value to 100% though. For Aluminum 100% may be 10 days and for D2 steel it may be 60 minutes.

Then as you adjust cutting parameters, your expected tool life will change as well. In your case if you are getting 600% tool life and your actual tool life is 6 hours, you can reasonably assume it would last 1 hour when is shows 100% (assuming you are using the same tool)

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