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Stock Models


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On 6/1/2019 at 12:43 PM, Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus said:

You have always been able to do this.  Take a copy of your part model and a gnomon at the WCS for your first operation, rotate and translate them both together until the part is positioned for your next operation, and use the gnomon to define a new plane.  Then make a new copy of your stock model, referencing no operations, and set it to use the new plane.  I do this frequently in X9.

Is there a video of this available?

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On 7/22/2019 at 4:12 PM, jwvt88 said:

Is there a video of this available?

nobody ever replied, did you find the video? I am pretty sure I already do something like this but the wording is confusing me. Are they just talking about using different planes for your secondary ops so you don't have to move your .stl or stock model around? or are they talking about actually moving the part into a different orientation completely? When I first started I used to make separate MCAM files for every operation it was crazy but it did keep file sizes small and fast. but moving .stl from operation to operation was a hassle. When I got into 5th axis programming it got me out of that habit and into doing everything in one MCAM file

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You can use stock plane changes to apply a transform to your stock model to do things like physically move the stock between vises, or tombstone pockets, or even between a lathe and a mill setup in the same part file. Here are some examples:



Here's part 1, which goes through the method you're probably familiar with, which is leaving your part/stock model alone and using different planes to set up different operations. It also discusses basic areas of where and when to use stock models to target operations.



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