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Top of stock

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I am confused over Top of stock.  I think I used to use it to start a hole with in a hole. 

Such as if I had made a  1.5" diameter pocket with a depth of .5" then wanted to drill a .5" hole  inside that pocket to a total of 1" deep I would set Top of stock for the drill bit to -.5" so the drill bit would not drill air but would rapid to -.5" then start drilling.

Am i correct?

My 2019 and now 2020 will not do this and when I bring this up to my VAR he claims that I am not right.




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Set your retract to incremental of something like .1 and clearance to .100 absolute. Be sure you uncheck use clearance only at start and and of cycle. This will rapid your drill to -.400 drill your hole and then retract to .100 over your zero before moving to next hole.




( 3/16 SPOTDRILL )
T1 M6
G0 G54 G90 X0. Y0. S5000 M3
G43 H1 Z.1
G98 G81 Z-1. R-.4  F10.
G28 G91 Z0.

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G98 will retract to your initial Z number whatever it is on your G43 line. A G99 retracts only to what your R value is.

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99% of the time, when I want to do what you're asking, I select the top hole (at the pocket floor Z level) for my geometry, set top of stock to incremental 0, and my depth to incremental -.5. 

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