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I've got my active reports set up sheet tweaked in pretty nice, but still struggling with one issue.

Say I have one tool cutting at different depths, in different paths, the setup sheet outputs the depth of only the first cutter path of said tool. Is there any way to get it to output the greatest depth out of numerous paths? Or is this a matter of me just getting unlazy and only grabbing that last path instead of selecting all of them?

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MIN-Z-TPLANE should do what you need.  If not, there is a knowledge base article on Mastercam's website that should be able to help.  Every time we've upgraded, I have had to search to find the right variable because it seems like it always changes.


Hope this helps.



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3 hours ago, nperry said:

Damnit...I had forgotten. MIN-Z-TPLANE outputs NA for 3D operations. 

That's odd.  It shows numbers for my 3d HS Toolpaths.  And my 5-axis work too.

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