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Hey guys, running Mastercam 2018 and attempting to setup FBD/FBM. I'm very new to Mastercam(~2 months), but I'm coming from softwares(Tebis, PowerMill, WorkNC, Gibbs) where I was able to implement a lot more automation than my new shop is doing(we don't even have standardized tooling here on most machines yet..)

I'm having a few issues.

1) Taps - I went through my "FbmToolTable" and added tap drill diameters commonly used for the specified taps(generally how our model comes in). I can get FBD to work great by setting up the control definition properly and leaving the screen on "Features". Then when programming just right click > Hole  Type > Tap RH then going through and assigning the proper finish tool if necessary. Problem is I would like to automate this more by utilizing the "Hole Mapping". For example we have many different customers and some of them might not use the same diameters as others. It seems I could setup MAP files for individual customers needs and speed up programming further. However many of my taps don't appear in Hole Mapping. Example: I right click, add, type .201 diameter, Tap RH, and my 1/4-20 tap does not show up as a possible finish tool. However my 1/2-13 tap does show up for my .421 diameter(I remember having this issue with the .421 before but don't remember how I resolved it, could be just because I started a new mastercam session and created a new blank plate to test?) Again, my "FbmToolTable" does have these set properly as far as I can tell.

2) Reams - Reams all look proper on "FbmToolTable" - under "tap drill required size" it has proper ream drill diameters. I didn't have to adjust those at all. In the future I would like to add options for -.001 press fit and on size slip fit. However when I am in FBM Toolpaths - Drill, all of my pilot holes listed are wrong. I've now spent hours going through the settings on here but I don't know where I'm wrong. For .125 reamer it  wants to pilot .125. For .1875 it wants to pilot .125. For .3125 it wants to pilot .25. For .5 it wants to pilot .4375. for .75 it wants to pilot .625. I feel like it might have something to do with bore settings since it tries to ream as "Bore #1". But I can't be sure of this. I'm also wondering if it is possible to set this up as a Ream with a standard "Drill" function so it will rapid out? Or will I need to manually adjust that every time. 


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