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I have been using various versions of the Mastercam HLE for the last few years for my school, and whenever having problems with an endless loading screen, checking/unchecking the Hardware Acceleration option always seemed to fix the problem. Recently, I have been encountering an endless loading screen on the Mastercam 2020 HLE, and I can't find the hardware acceleration option. When searching through the "What's New" file, I saw that the Hardware Acceleration option was moved to the Mastercam Launcher menu, but while the Mastercam Launcher menu does open up when I use the Mastercam Launcher at school, it doesn't when using the Home Learning Edition. Other students in my class have had similar problems being unable to access the Launcher menu as well. Is this an issue with the Mastercam Launcher for the HLE, or is it a problem with my computer? Thanks.

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On 8/29/2019 at 5:03 AM, JParis said:

Here you go..



It appears that the HLE doesn't allow you to access this "Mastercam Launcher 2020" program to turn off the hardware acceleration. Maybe this is only accessible in the premium version? So unless there's some other way to access this window it seems like Mastercam 2020 HLE is unusable without a dedicated GPU. Meaning laptops like my Surface Pro cannot use it.

If someone using 2020 HLE has been able to access the Launcher window to turn this setting off please explain how. Thanks.

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Thank you, I spent several hours looking for a solution.  This worked.

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