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Hello, I am the occasional user of a version of MasterCam 9. I have extensive CNC programming history in past years. I took a MasterCam X9 class when I found myself out of work in 2016. That seems VERY much more modern and advanced than the MasterCam9 we have at work. I enjoy using this MasterCam9 whenever I am allowed to program here and would like to re-hone my programming skills which enabled me to earn a living as a WEDM and Vertical mill programmer from 1982 until 2002.  Subsequently I took a job in a production  & engineering tech position with a major medical manufacturer which ended my programming experience.

How old is this MasterCam 9 and where can I get a manual or ANY type of instructions to learn how to use it? I have the PDF tutorials from My MasterCamX9 class but thy seem in no way related to the MasterCam9 at work. How old are each of these Master Cam versions? I am running Manual lathes and retrofitted Vertical Milling machines. Thank you for any insight you can help me with in advance.




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Welp, Mastercam V9 was put to death in July of 2005...it did live a long & prosperous life between it's initial release date in the 2000/2001 timeframe...long by software standards today..

There is no support to be found for and most shops don't run it any long as the modern hardware and the hardware lock that runs it don't play well together... Training materials...maybe used on Ebay or the sort,..

Few people can help as I stated in that so few people can even get it to run any longer...


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Thanks  JP

MasterCam9 was from 2000 / 2001  hu? Wow  that was when I was still using a program called Esprit . Except I never got much cjance to use Esprit 2000 ours was from around 1996 1997. SO how do we pronounce what I waas learning back in 2016 @ the local trade school. it was MasterCam X9 would we say "MasterCam 19"?


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