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NETHOOK question Spline from Chains

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When I call my code like this :

    let chains9 = ChainManager.ChainAll(true, false, null, ChainDirectionType.Clockwise, 570)
          ChainManager.SortChains(chains9, ChainManager.SortType.Area, ChainManager.SortOrder.Descending)
          GeometryCreationManager.CreateParametricSplineFromChain(chains9.[0], 0.015, Mastercam.GeometryUtility.Types.OriginalCurvesDisposition.Delete, 500)

Mastercam converts all the chains in the current chain array into splines rather than only the one at the indicated index, I am able to work around this however I was hoping to understand a bit more about what this function does.

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In this case the let binding is equivalent to c# var

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What you see via your NET-Hook add-in is an "array of chains". Internally to Mastercam this is a linked-list of chains.

So, even though you passed the first chain in the array, that chain and all of the downstream chains in the linked-list will be processed.


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