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    Thanks all JIm
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  5. Now that you're at it... would you be so kind as to reprogram the whole operation tree and share it with us? I'd be forever grateful.
  6. Pete Rimkus from CNC Software Inc.

    2019 won't open Solidworks file sometimes.

    Look on our forum for possible solutions. If you're importing models into SolidWorks with their '3D Interconnect' functionality turned on, and then saving as .SLDPRT or .SLDASM, we can't import those due to a shortcoming in the SolidWorks-provided software we use to open them.
  7. Old_Bear

    Machine Simulation false collisions

    What kind of machine? Are you seeing rotation collisions that won't really be there? If your simulation isn't tied to your post, simulation is "sketchy" at best, it misses thing I have is my post gives me clearance moves automatically at rotation and offset changes for my HMC's...becasue I do this in the post, I get crashes that I know are not going to happen....what I am really using the simualtion for is checking clearances between holder, fixtures and parts.....I set my retract value to a large number and run simulation...once I know the clearances I am checking for are good, I set my clearance back to 1" and post. Not sure if you're seeing something similar. Review the collisions to see what's actually being reported.
  8. We've recently started using machine simulation, but I'm regularly getting false 'tool and workpiece' collisions. Is there some setting that I can change to get rid of them? It typically seems to happen when I select ALL the operations for a part. If I leave the simulator and only select a few of the ops at a time to simulate, then the false collisions go away. Any suggestion? Thanks, Scott
  9. Roger, Thank you very much for your patience. About the previous question, I found a solution myself. I will come back to ask if there are other problems. Thanks again!
  10. I have done exactly what Thad is saying with the ops libraries. But i got sick of going through the import process and searching for the correct toolpaths i needed to import even though i had them labeled good like Thad's examples. Once you get all the toolpaths for all the different scenarios it can get into the 500 - 1000 toolpaths if not more. So what i did was design and code a window that sits in the levels manager with buttons and drop-down menus to automatically import what i need. I also made it for different materials so i dont have to mess around with changing tools or speeds and feeds. I pick to material i want, pick the operations i need and BOOM its imported at the red arrow and i just pick geometry.....Done! I just click and in seconds what i need is imported. I also use same window for doing other common everyday tasks as you can see in the pictures. It took many hours of work and coding but i'm so glad i did it.
  11. medaq

    P4000 Settings?

    I am assuming my recently purchased P4000 card is not being utilized. When I check performance and move around a unshaded model I see 7-9% utilization in the task manager, performance section. And it is smoothe as silk. Soon as I CTRL-S and shade the model. My frame rate drops to 1 fps if that. 0% utilization for the GPU 0 P4000 and cpu goes to 15% utilization. So I am assuming when shading the computer is not using the card for some reason. Anyone have any ideas to check?
  12. Colin Gilchrist

    Mazatrol Post

    Hi Nick, You might see what is available from these guys: It's probably worth an email to inquire about what is available.
  13. 5th Axis CGI

    Mazatrol Post

    I think there is one for Mastercam. Mazatrol is easy to do if you have been programming for any amount of time should be real easy to get up an running on one in a short amount of time. I agree with the others EIA program it, but use Mazatrol doe your tools and life is good. Now you can program EIA or Mazatrol and never look back.
  14. Peter B

    Nvidia Quadro P5000 Graphics Card

    That's what I thought about the price. I also found it much cheaper. But that's what IT, emailed back...
  15. jeff

    Nvidia Quadro P5000 Graphics Card

    Is that in U.S. dollars? that price seems awful high. Especially for the video card. $1740 on Amazon
  16. Tim Johnson

    Mazatrol Post

    Yeah, we g-code our Mazaks.
  17. Charlie Pierson

    Mastercam 2020 migration

    Use the migration wizard and make sure you are updating the 2019 files to the 2020 folders ?
  18. Peter B

    Nvidia Quadro P5000 Graphics Card

    Hopefully this is what I wind up with. My current system is 6 years old. Just loaded MCAM2020 and my current GPU is not supported. Intel i9-9900K 5.0ghz processor Asus Z-390 motherboard 32GB of DDR4 memory 500GB Samsung EVO NVMe Solid State Drive 750watt Power Supply Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Price: $1799.99 The Nvidia Quadro P5000 Videocard by itself is $2249.99. Total price for everything: $4049.98
  19. Another tip for the contour parameters...even though you may have separate ops saved for the various options (2D, remachine, ramp, etc) within contour, go into each option and set each type's parameters the way you like them, then disable the option. To clarify, say you have a plain old 2D contour op saved. What if, after you import it, you want to change it to contour-ramp? When you select ramp from the drop down, all of your settings for ramp should be set already. Same with remachine, etc. Every contour operation in your library should be saved so that you can change contour types and those parameters are already setup. Does that make sense. I'm not sure if I'm describing that clear.
  20. SlaveCam

    I'm trying to like Cimco

    Good. This is especially important when comparing two files, one of which has a very long toolpath and the other not but everything else is identical. A high quality file comparison tool should be able to pass that.
  21. 5th Axis CGI

    Right angle head programming

    Depending on the post you may not need to define one. Why you should see how they handle it with the psot and then work accoring to how that is needed to then support it.
  22. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    Dynamic Milling VS Machine Accuracy....over time

    Using dynamic paths in Ti and 17-4 for three and a half years on a 2015 Haas. I false brinelled the y axis thrust bearing by peeling a .020" wide slot with a .010" endmill about 3/4" long, 12 slots indexed around a part, 12 parts. Got that replaced and learned my lesson. Since then I've made dozens of those parts with no damage by peeling about 1/4" and making a 3" diagonal move and back, then continuing. Machine still holds a tenth all day if I hold up my end.
  23. msg

    Right angle head programming

    Ok thanks, I have a call out to them. As of now I am trying to figure out how to define an aggregate head in mastercam.
  24. Metallic

    Mastercam 2020 migration

    Okay, so every year I upgrade, I end up losing my Machine Definitions to a black hole that doesn't allow them to be backward compatible with previous versions. I would like to use both versions simultaneously until I am confident in the new release. Can anyone explain to me how to do this and create a duplicate MD/CD file that allows me to run both concurrently? I will be installing today. Thank you
  25. Well dang, Thad, I had never even thought of that! That is a great productivity tip. I will probably save 80% in productivity just by implementing that technique. The legwork will be there, but this summer I should have time to work through it. Cheers
  26. 5th Axis CGI

    Right angle head programming

    Yes you will need a post if doing this on a 5 Axis machine. Reach out to your dealer. Biggest thing will be what direction do you face your right angle head when setup? X+ or X- or Y+ or Y- or is it a custom angle?
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