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  2. BTA, Port Expert is a module for Mastercam that is made by Moduleworks. This is a company in Germany that builds much of the 'architecture' for Mastercam behind the scenes. Have you downloaded a copy of the Moduleworks Help File yet? There is a link on the main forum page to download a copy of it. This help file has a ton of information that is specific to each cut strategy. There is an entire section dedicated to the Port Expert path in the help file. I usually base my custom classes for both Port Expert and Blade Expert, on the content contained in the MW help file. If your company wants someone to come do onsite training, I'd be happy to discuss my services with you and/or your management team. The hardest part of building a good Port Expert path, is knowing how to create and modify the "Guide Curve". I have many techniques for building and manipulating the curves that are required. Moreover, I can answer your direct questions about how and why the path behaves a certain way. I can also show you how to diagnose and fix issues that come up all the time. Are you porting automotive engine heads, or perhaps aerospace tube ducts? I've got a fair amount of experience with both...
  3. jlw™

    Changing smoothing setting in or out of cut?

    I think this would cause issues. The look ahead would probably not know what to do with all the off/on here.
  4. Thanks Greg, I did not try M253 but I have added the G05 P10000 to everything. I'll try M253 next chance I get.
  5. Colin Gilchrist

    Mastercam all wonky with set up sheet yesterday

    Happy to help Roger! I've been meaning to send you a quote for the Probing Implementation and Post Development. Glad to hear you are still too busy though, as it hopefully means you haven't been waiting on me...
  6. Yesterday
  7. Leon82

    Changing smoothing setting in or out of cut?

    Does mastecam have a cut type# for cutting and a type" for the backfeed?
  8. 5th Axis CGI

    Tool Crib Management Software?

    TDM Systems, Zoller and etc.... come to mind. Your company wants something that is CAM, CAV and floor useable. Anything short of that is going to be hard to get done correctly.
  9. Leon82

    'WINNING' with a Fadal

    You can do quite a bit with Linux CNC and mesa I/o cards Linuxcnc is free and the Mesa cards aren't expensive either.
  10. Thanks Colin!!! My old eyes have never noticed that. By the way, we are still wanting you to come in. We still haven't slowed down enough to have time for you to come in. I hope you and your family are enjoying the move, have a Happy Easter!!
  11. Mastercam 2020 still has Port expert. What areas are you after some info on?
  12. Have you got the M253 special mode option? I did some tests years ago on an A77, I pretty much had the same result as you with M250/251/252 I believe that this one will need super GI mode G05 P10000 to turn it on
  13. Sschenk

    FastTrack Barcodes?

    Try adding an "*" before and after the number as a checksum for that font code
  14. AMCNitro

    Changing smoothing setting in or out of cut?

    I don't know about all the other stuff, I leave it to the smart people like you 2. But.... I tried backfeeds of 500IPM on older, non SS Haas, and it cuts into the parts when in backfeed, missing corners that it shouldn't cut, MC may know that theres material there, but the machine has no idea. Whenever I use that machine I don't go higher than 250 on the backfeed. You might want to be careful. My 2c...
  15. aekky-1992 Hello,Aekky, i dont have mastercam anymore. All was ok on 2017. When i tried to import to a newer mastercam, it got all f!@#$ up. Didnt work more on this after the job. What are your issues? If i can give a hand. Keep me posted.
  16. aekky-1992

    Lathe custom form thread

    สวัสดี K20 มากขอบคุณฉันพยายามที่จะแก้ปฐมวัยโพสต์นี้เป็นเวลา 10 ปีสร้างโปรแกรมของที่คุณคุณเอง แต่ไม่ประสบความสามารถสำเร็จจนกว่าที่คุณคุณจะเห็นพระเจ้าโปรดชัดเจน ....

    Reporting Computation Error........

    i have problem in mastercam 2017 that if i use the 3d hst toolpath is not generating is there any thing that i need to change in settings. it is keep on repeating computational error
  18. motor-vater

    Tool Crib Management Software?

    Maybe except we use multiple venders. I'm looking for something in house that we can use a company..
  19. Colin Gilchrist

    Mastercam all wonky with set up sheet yesterday

    Hi Roger, On that Dialog Box, there is a "Clean" button. That should remove old pictures of other jobs.
  20. Last week
  21. jlw™

    Tool Crib Management Software?

    The tool vender would send an excel file every week to my email. That was good as it had everything in it and the quantitties on hand. Is that an option?
  22. Nope! I need to, I hit TheeCNCappsguy up and he helped a lot with that 18i hiding under the Pro 3 moniker. I need to ping Zoober too.
  23. 6zayn

    Compensation Type Problems

    Thank you for this info.
  24. motor-vater

    Tool Crib Management Software?

    Anybody got any experience or suggestions? Our old crib man just retired and while he knew every tool in the place his only system was, well he knew every tool in the place. We hired a pretty green kid to take over and we need to give him a direction to go in to make our lives easier and save some money. Its amazing to me how many tools we buy without really knowing what we already have. From a programmers stand point we have a decent selection of standard tools in stock that I know I can program to but, I still would love to be able to know what we have be it on other jobs or just sitting around before I commit to ordering tools. Also knowing when to reorder is huge. I feel like the money we spend can be some what reduced or atleast redirected into other areas of the shop... Not really interested in a vending machine or locking drawers, we have a guy to go through, just need a way for him to manage it all...
  25. jlw™

    Tapping cycle with a G94

    Try G84.2 with F set to pitch in that Mits control.
  26. Lazarusman

    Tapping cycle with a G94

    My machines use a Mitsubishi controller, which is non FANUC, and I'm not super familiar with its functions. As I have stated, I'm still relatively new to machining, and programming. I didn't know there was more than one tapping method used in CNC machines. I'm completely unfamiliar with lathes. (Haven't had those classes in my trade school, yet) I programmed the tap cycle, and Mastercam threw in a G20, and two G94s, per tap cycle. Also, I'm using a demo version of Mastercam, and one of my instructors told me that the problem is most likely because the demo version of Mastercam doesn't have my machine specifications loaded into it. Thanks for all your help.
  27. All, I have a customer with a Makino S56 with Pro 3 control which is Fanuc 18i hiding under there. It is a "high speed" machine and sold as such - back in the day. It has a Tsudakoma 4th/5th trunnion. I'd really like this to work as I'm taking this from Surcam since they couldn't get a post. It was no problem dialing in a post and outputting the HSM codes of M250, M251, etc but it behaves differently with rotary. If we activate M251 she is silky smooth as long as it's only XYZ motion. It really seems to eat linear segment much better than arc moves as well. As soon as it sees a rotary move it gets choppy and even seems to dwell on linear motion that does not have rotary motion. I am currently trying to help with a program that is simply indexing the rotary for positioning. Picture an hour glass, laying side ways and machining in X with the rotary rapiding the part so the motion is basically the same every pass. The same exact path in M251 is smooth at 200ipm... throw the rotary indexes in and it's choppy and stalling at every line - even if I reactivate the M251 after indexes. Seems as though the look ahead is seeing the rotary and losing it's mind. They're replacing castings with the shape machined from barstock so I need to get out of the way and let it eat. Trouble is, it's apparently not hungry. Can any one point me to smoothing settings that will let her dance in rotary motion? I can index and get smooth linear but the shape needs to not have blend lines. I'm open to anything as I've tried a lot but confident I haven't tried it all.
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