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  3. David Colin

    mcam-content file?

    This appeared with 2020 and I guess its goal is to copy some mastercam files (mainly machine/control def) in the right directories.
  4. Most of my home brewed 5X posts stated life as Version X or X2 Generic Fanuc mill posts. I've decided it's time to up grade them and downloaded a copy of the MC2020 Generic Fanuc 5X Mill post It contains a small file with the file extension "mcam-content" can anyone tell me what it's purpose is and what to do with it ?
  5. gcode

    postprocessor 2019

    Go here create an account... you will need to have your hasp attached your computer to active the account then go to the Mastercam Tech exchange They have 258 posts available Some must be purchased, but the majority are available to Mastercam customers at no charge.
  6. Leon82

    Choppy verify

    You have to turn the speed all the way down then
  7. Old_Bear

    postprocessor 2019

    Pricing discussion is not allowed on the forum... Reseller, reseller, reseller or submit here your needs They will work through your reseller
  8. squirrel_41

    Level Mgr showing entities but none exist.

    I have been suffering this problem as well and i have tracked it down to the machine simulator select a level with a known amount on entities in it run a machine simulator and the count will go up depending the machine you select some increase the count by 2 some others by 5 or more do a level report showing all items , the active level when you started the machine simulator will 2+ "Copious Data" as yet I have not been able to remove this data. This is a real pain in the but and has been sending me nuts trying to find it so if you run the simulator use a level with Geometry on it so can just delete the level
  9. You can download the Home Learning Addition from This link is for MC2019, MC2020 is not available yet but should be available soon I believe it will run for 18 months. It will not post gcode For that you need to purchase a copy
  10. It's time to eat my words I had trouble with this issue today I updated a rock solid home brew 5X Fanuc post and 5x drilling toolpaths were not posting correctly. At first glance they were OK, but a closer inspection revealed dangerous output. It turns out my machine definition for this machine was wrong and had been wrong for 10 years Earlier versions of this post didn't care, but MC2020 did. It took 30 seconds to fix it, once I figured it out, but without this thread I would not have had a clue where to start Thanks Colin
  11. Yesterday
  12. lowcountrycamo

    constantly have to reset hotkeys

    I have several custom hotkeys I have to reset constantly. My default keys seem to always work. This has been happening at least since 2018. I am on 2020 now. Any one seen this? Thanks, steve a
  13. Tinger

    NPT Threadmilling - Troubleshooting

    Its using the tip diameter on both. The reason the paths are different is because the tip diameter on the tools are different. If you make them the same, the paths come out identical. To answer the question though.... your tools are different diameters in each operation, giving you a different tool path.
  14. Codeworx

    haas tool length system macro variable #s

    FYI, Its in the Operators manual if your looking for a full list.
  15. Old_Bear

    i meed more G54.1 P offsets

    Which post are you using?
  16. geirsj

    i meed more G54.1 P offsets

    Hi, if you choose offsett #7, is it not that nr G54.1? And from there nr 48 will be 48+7 =offsett nr : 55 in input dialog for offsett? Sorry if it seems unclear, i am not in front of pc now.
  17. Kolson1989

    multiaxis parallel toolpath

    Opps misread your post. The roughing passes were causing it to basically take spring passes. But I also had tolerancing goofed up, and collision settings played a role in tool retract issues. I posed another parallel toolpath topic and another member went into great detail with helping me. Check it out, should be near the top of the list. Thanks!
  18. Old_Bear


    If you're talking about the actual Mill/Turn product it must be your reseller...
  19. Kolson1989

    multiaxis parallel toolpath

    Yes and no. Just when you think you have the toolpath beat a new hurdle shows up. Multiaxis a an exciting mountain to climb but defiantly tough. Thank goodness there is a ton of seasoned vets to help guide.
  20. In what version of MasterCam we can be Mill/Turn ? I have the 2019 version but it has no Mill/Turn. How can I add this feature to the software ? I need so much thanks for your advice.
  21. How much does postprocessor 2019 cost? Where can I get a good processor post ? I need the processor post for most lathes. Thank you for your help.
  22. sweeper

    multiaxis parallel toolpath

    I am wondering if the phrase "right of the hop" was a freudian slip or an intentional pun to describe the toolpath jumping around?
  23. Leon82

    Vision system with probe?

    We had a vertex micro vu at my old shop. It was camera and had an option for a hard touch probe I think We made some plexiglass fixtures with magnets and would inspect about 30 at a time for medical parts.
  24. You can use dynamic mill and select stock also. It will chop the corner away at the step over of your choice. Helps to keep the flutes from loading up and breaking
  25. the laptop is pretty darn nice! i'm a believer in refurbished computers. i looked at this site for the mastercam software. but it seems even the ones offered here are "demo" with a limited shelf life. am i missing something here? thank you for replying NOTW Programmer. i'm not sure how to perform the tasks you outlined. i will yahoo it and do some research.
  26. Last week
  27. hi, i have found the switch to use the g54.1 p offsets but they only go up to p7. i need to go up to p48. can someone tell me where this table is . i am using x18
  28. navsENG

    haas tool length system macro variable #s

    I meant just use a variable for your Z depth and increment that variable with a counter. I do that all the time with extra face stock. Use the probe to calculate how much extra stock the part has, and it will calculate the starting Z and all the incremental passes. I just don't like to mess with the tool length because if you ever wanted to use the tool for something else, it could be dangerous.. But as we know in this industry, many ways to achieve the same outcome....
  29. Matthew Hajicek™ - Conventus

    haas tool length system macro variable #s

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