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    Vericut would be the holy grail of simulation, since it is running the real code. I think an in-house or Postability Post, and Vericut would be the best combination.
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    Yes Postability or In-House have good posts. Still wish one would get the sync codes dialed down to user input vaules and tracked without the automatic process if you have a lower turret you will need. They do a good job, but amazes me that I was able to develop something almost 11 years ago that I have still not seen anyone do with Mastercam. Really conflicts me to talk about it, but you can pinch turn with Lathe/Mill and dial down your sync codes to the line using the process I developed. I am the crazy person so I will just kept on my path of just doing what I can when I can. All the best and soon I will revisit this syncing method since it looks like it will come full circle soon. If I do get what I want the way I want it, it will be shared to help all who need it.
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    Postability In-House Solutions
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