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    I believe a customer will have to had purchased their simulation products to use the chook. If you don't use their simulation stuff this is of no use.
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    I guess I don't understand why Mastercam even messes with machine sim since its only good for showing off to the customers that come through the office, the fact you have to pay to tie it to your post is absolutely ridiculus. This is my biggest gripe about Mastercam, can someone explain the reasoning other than the $$$$$$$.
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    This is a powerful new add in I created that allows you to access the NEThook_3.dll functions via a script (text) file. It also contains some c++ SDK functions that I will be updating gradually. This is similar to the old vbscript api. A user interface is launched and scans the targeted files into a list view. After that simply select the item in the list to run your script. Download here - > Github
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    We can always add a manual entry with "M0" to separate parts of the program and ghost it when do not need it. I'm adding a new machine only if have to use different fixture or stock
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    Yes, that is correct, it's currently only for the CIMCO Machine Simulation product, but will eventually support CIMCO Edit also If you have a CIMCO Edit Pro license, you can use it for Backplot in CIMCO Machine Simulation, which include 5-axis solid simulation and importing Fixture, Workpiece, Tools and Holders
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    Did you look at the drawing for spline type? I have been wanting to have this capability but wasn't sure if broaching on a CNC lathe or mill was hard on the spindle bearings. I will look these guys up over the weekend. Thanks
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    Well, that changes the formula I guess
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    Hi, to set the minimum quantity : ->open the nesting dialog ->go to the parts page ->right click in the part area and select for example add rectangular ->change the quantity of the first part ->right click in the whitespace of the dialog and click save defaults
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    OLD SCHOOL! Before all these dumb environmental laws.
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    10-20 times a day sometimes.
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    You going to have to use REF points to get it far enough away for the transition moves in Machinesim then switch them back to what they were when you go to run it on the real machine. Or buy a post with your Machinesim tied to it like JParis mentioned.
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    Yeah Don't expect much out of it if you're not paying to tie the post to it
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    Husker, If you find the book I mentioned on this subject, one of the rules when using the two together is that no rotary moves are allowed while the two are invoked. Paul
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    I do this all the time with one machine group and may have 20 operations for one part. WCS helps and many ways to organized and keep your work tidy. I make each operation and main group and then make sub groups in that operation group. Here is one I am currently working on: Here is my planes manager.
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    Kawood Gear https://kawoodgear.com/
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    stp defined tools conform to industry standards stp defined holders are top plane looking down the at the holder no idea why
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    I usually take the safe route and mirror my geometry and copy the toolpaths and select new geometry and regen the toolpath. Not as elegant but it works, my files and parts are relatively small though.
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    In 2021 PB1 backplot is much faster again. Hopefully they will provide an update for 2020. It's a pain in 2020. I do understand if a customer moves back to 2019.
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    I think that after we accepted the quote from our Re-seller and issued a P.O., we had our new post within two weeks. They sent ours through Postability. And any changes that we have needed they have gotten fixed within a week. Good luck!
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    You can do this, but you have to build each tool and each head as separate Machinesim. The best way is to get a hold of the 3rd Party People like In-house the people who sponsor this website or Postability and they can hook one up to their post for you and your good to go.
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    Postability and In-House both have something that I have seen using this method. With a CAV program this is a viable option without it then you're in for a lot of work in my humble opinion.
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    Just so you guys are aware I believe you can do this with a custom post change, I dont recall who i was working with on who they ordered it through but i believe it was In-house solutions or postability that a customer of ours purchased this functilality through. Basically how it worked is they set it up as a custom drill cycle, so basically you do a drill cycle, pick the locations of where the sub program needs to go, then in the drill cycle you select a Sub Program call as the drill cycle (again a custom post change needs to be purchased through a post dev that knows what they are doing like postability and inhouse solutiomns) and from there the drill toolpath basically was the sub program call that told mastercam the locations. So i believe it was as easy as doing a toolpath on the first feature, then doing a drill toolpath, picking where to move that toolpath too, then a misc value was turned on to get it to properly output the original toolpath as a sub program and the drill toolpath just called that sub program into the locations. If you really want this feature, i think it is possible if you get with a post dev that knows sub programs and understands your request and it would likely be done similar to what i described above in mastercam. I dont know enough about posts to tell you how to do it but a professional post team can probably get it done for you.
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    If you don't wanna pay you could always write your own..
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    I found something that works. Simple Green mixed in a bucket of water. And I forgot to say in my original post, that I'd like to live a long life JParis............

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