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    I have used 2 monitors with Mastercam going back to X3. The company wouldn't buy them so I did. I still have those 2 monitors in my garage after all these years and they work and still look decent. I now use 3 and thankful to have them.
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    My NC Format handles the high speed modes for ALL operations, not just first tool. It switches on and off between operations, even operations using the same tool. I used to use Misc. Int. to handle the High Speed modes but found most programmers didn't apply them or didn;t apply them properly so the function and machine did not perform up to my standard. So, I switched over to Canned Text, created Mastercam Defaults, Default Operations, and Operation libraries with the proper mode set already and now compliance is way up and customers are happier I think. R values are the old High Speed Modes. 0 = Canned Cycles/Speed Preference through 10 = Precision Preference. New High Speed Modes are D, P, M, and F. G131D1 = Drilling G131P1 = Roughing/General Machining/Speed Preference for 2D/2.5D Cutting Type (think contour pocket, 2D HST, Circle Mill, etc...) G131P2 = Medium Precision Machining/Balanced Preference for 2D/2.5D Cutting Type G131P3 = Finish Machining for 2D/2.5D Cutting Type/Precision Preference G131M1 = Roughing/General Machining/Speed Preference for 3D Cutting Type (think surface machining) G131M2 = Finish Machining for 3D Cutting Type/Balanced Preference G131M3 = Finish Machining for 3D Cutting Type/Precision Preference G131F1 = Roughing/General Machining/Speed Preference for Rotary Cutting Type (think any rotary type machining) G131F2 = Finish Machining for Rotary Cutting Type/Balanced Preference G131F3 = Finish Machining for Rotary Cutting Type/Precision Preference
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    I CTRL+Click the wall of the hole to select all matching diameters (within tolerance set), or CTRL+Shift click for all matching diameters on that plane in case you have cross holes of the same size that you dont want to also include. CTRL+ Click the wall is my favorite method, it will use the tolerance setting in drill point selection window under a downward pointing arrow.
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    Really hard to say man, as transitioning software is always a big and time consuming hurdle. What I CAN say in my (albiet limited) 9 month experience in MC, that if I was given a die shoe/post or an injection mold cavity to program in MC(my previous experience is in med/large molds like bedliner or bathtub, and class A dies, like hoods, doors, fenders), I would be overwhelmed. MC in my opinion seems to excel in the area where my present company is using it, where we have a lot of time to dial in toolpaths to shave literally seconds off parts. If we have a 3 minute production part we can shave a few seconds off of them then the bosses are happier(big deal when you have 100k or a million parts to run) and this is something that would be much harder to do in other software I think just because there is limited manipulation of programming(They dumb it down and make it a lot more user friendly). But on something like a mold or die where a few minutes isn't a huge deal, I could save literally days of programming in other software. I could do 6 shoes with posts per shift, it's scary to think how long it would take me in MC. I would say sticking with MC would be wise if your company is at a limited growth rate or stable. If you are rapidly growing and hiring a lot of people(think double the size in roughly 5 years), I think looking into other software could be a reasonable option as it would enable you to hire an expert in that software to ease the pains. If you stick with MC, it could be worth it to maybe hire a contractor for a few months to come in and really try to standardize your systems and set you up for success. If the company was already considering other software then an expense like this shouldn't be overwhelming.
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    Best practice is to run a grounding rod right next to the machine right next to the control panel and ground each machine independently of anything else or other machines.
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    PlanesPlanesPlanes! Do a search in the main forum for "Horizontal programming" and the preferred methods will come up
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    This is who I learned how to use CAMplete from. Thank you sir.
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    Reading this comment, I believe he is trying this route because using the sdk to develop chooks, he's finding it inserts and extra point that causes issues... Going to a 3D contour may alleviate the issue for him
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    I had a quick look at it and I would have the model set up so the point of rotation is in the middle of the model. This will make it easier to program and setup on the machine.
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    Much easier to hand over sample files than explain. In the zip file is a CAMPlete Project and a ZipToGo file with the Mastercam File, Machine, Control Def, Post, etc... https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvrpemoxb2kvirb/CAMplete HMC Sample Project.zip?dl=0 Give it a look and it'll be easier to answer questions.
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    Draw line at the center the distance you want to drill. Select Contour and use no comp and no lead in and lead outs. Switch to 3D and that should switch incremental depth. Now you just drilled without needing a drilling operation. Point Toolpath can do the same thing with points and you can use points instead of the line to do exactly what I just mentioned above with Contour.
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    I have two shortcuts on my desktop: Stop: "C:\Program Files\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxWinCore64\3DxService.exe" -quiet -shutdown Start: "C:\Program Files\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxWinCore64\3DxService.exe" If the driver is ever acting up, working on SW but not MC for example, I hit "stop", wait 30 seconds, and hit "start".
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    My NC Formats support between toolpath changes in High Speed Modes. On mine, if the user does nothing, G131 is output which is equivalent to the old school R8. On mine, there is no relationship between the 1st path and subsequent paths... probably because I don't use Misc Int./Misc. Real. I used to use that method. Found it too cumbersome for most programmers to use so we simplified it.
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    If you are using multiple offsets like g54 55 56 when you go to manage machine, edit I had to set the cam index to 0,1,2 ECT for camplete to respect the work offset. It defaults them all to -1
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    Awesome, thank you. I will check that out tonight!
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    Alrighty... we've run into this at one single customer. It was a SERIOUS b***h to track down the problem too. I won't go into every test we performed, just the one that gave us the repeatable behavior; I took an air filled balloon generated a bunch of static electricity with the hair on my forearm, charged up the USB stick good, and boom. Control locked up tighter than a gnats *** stretched over a bass drum every single time. Bottom line, it's a grounding problem on your machine's power connection. You are either grounded at the panel incorrectly, there is some sort of grounding loop, or you're not grounded at all. I know you probably don't want to hear that but we've got DOZENS of MX's in the field and this is the ONLY one with the problem and their grounding was unorthodox frankly. I was dumbfounded when I saw it. HTH
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    I get the same in 2020, but I always use slice. In 2021 the default is curves and lines, but there is a checkbox that says "Join curves into one entity" and that creates a spline. Just an FYI.
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    Hello! OK, I think I found that the Cut tolerance parameter was wrong. Best regards. Mitja
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    Hey man thank you so much. It work!!! I changed to exactly how you had it and tested it and it did retract and did not break movement. I'm excited not having to spend half an hour editing the program.
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    brk_mv_head : no$ #Break the 5 axis moves to remove gouge brk_max_ang : -1 #'brk_mv_head' maximum angle move, applied if chordal Setting those two variables should disable the "breaking behavior". For proof; leave 'brk_mv_head' set to 'yes$', and set 'brk_max_ang' to '30.'. That will cause the Post to "break the moves" every 30 degrees, instead of every "1 degree". Are you 100% certain of exactly which Post you are using? MP can grab a different Post Processor (in another location), depending on where the copies of your Post are located. For debugging something like this, I typically add a String Literal line to 'psof$', so that I can be 100% sure I'm posting from the Post that I'm actually editing in the text editor. psof$ #Start of file for non-zero tool "TEST POST", e$ That way I can be sure of which Post is doing the work. If you want to be sure "at the time of posting", you can press the "G1" button to Post, and when the dialog box comes up, press and hold CTRL + SHIFT + ALT, and while holding those down, press "P" on the keyboard. That will activate the "Select Post" button, and allow you to browse and select a specific Post Processor. If you are creating a "Test Post" to play around with, you will need to copy the ".PST" file, and the ".PSB" file, for MP to work when you Post the code. You must have two files with the exact same Post name, but one needs a .PST extension, and the other a .PSB.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Note: To download this file you must have purchased something through the eStore. Mastercam 2020 Home Learning Edition/Demo Software You can also download this file for free from CNC Software Inc. here


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    We’ve been working hard to bring you a new and improved eMastercam experience. Our top priority was to offer a greater ease of use without compromising current functionality. We wanted the new layout to be as intuitive as possible. Other exciting changes include: Login process has been simplified, accessible in a consistent location across the entire website. Past purchases are easy to find. Mobile experience enhanced: using your mobile device to view the forum, browse our products, and shop has never been easier! At-a-glance categories for products on the store, making it far easier to navigate than it has been in the past. Expanded product line: be on the lookout for new titles as well as Mastercam t-shirts arriving in our store this spring. Flash Friday Sales Let us know what you think!
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    Tips and tricks: Shift select geometry = selects entire chain and any geometry connected to selected geometry. Alt Select points through geometry = holding alt and selecting points turns on Vector selection, which selects anything the vector crosses Alt + E = activates screen hide function, to use select what you want to keep on screen and hit alt E, anything not selected disappears and repeat function and geo will return Find overlap = a chook found under settings run user applications which is good for files with poor geometry and overlapping geometry Importing and exporting toolpaths = this saves time, you can import and export operations by right clicking in the toolpath manager window Edit common parameters = ever want to turn all coolant on for every operation or some other common setting change, to use this select all operations you want to be effected and right click in the toolpath manager window, go to edit selected operations --> common parameters Viewsheets = useful for any complex part using lots of operations (located under view --> viewsheets in X9, or settings viewsheets x8 and prior) Dynamic X-form = once you fully understand this xform function its difficult to live without, this tool can simplify the way you move and rotate geometry. temp center points = handy for finding centers, hover mouse over two locations when creating geometry or when using x form tools and Mastercam will display a center point between the two location's. quick masks = left click for a quick mask selection, right click for a select only function. these are just a few that I find helpful from time to time. those are the ones I use most!
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    No, for creating geometry. For example, if you want to create a point a certain distance from another point I would create a point there then translate it. If you shift-click you can type in X,Y,Z coords to put the point where you want it from the one click. Try it with drawing lines or anything I've tried so far has worked.

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