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    I gave up talking to CNC Software about a year and a half ago. They told me that I'm the only one that doesn't like their changes, everyone else loves it so I should learn to like it. I know a fair number of people who've bought other software due to the changes in and since 2017. I'm still running X9 and it's rock solid. I love it. If they took X9, added the improved toolpath algorithms, and fixed a few bugs it would be phenomenal. I "dump" on change for its own sake, especially when it it hinders my workflow and costs me time and money. I "dump" on a software company that has admitted that attracting new entry level customers is far more important to them than the productivity of established and experienced customers.
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    In your post file there is this line: force_feed : yes$ #Force output of feed rate on first feed move following rapid motion?o Just change 'yes$' with 'no$' and that should do it.
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    After further investigation, it would seem that the trouble lies with the path taken to the next cut. Light blue = cut Red = Transition to next cut @ rapid feed rate Green = Next cut.
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    For ISO, what is most commonly done for CNC/CMM programs is to do rev control/change logs of the posted code, and NOT the actual file- as Tinger mentioned above. A good ISO implementation of change control will shift the records requirements downstream to the simpler file to manage, and keep you from expending enormous amounts of effort for no reason. Remember, YOU write your ISO document control standards, so take some time to write them sensibly or they'll end up being a pile of rope long enough to hang yourself several times over.
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    I had it happen 2 times, verify and Vericut looked great. Vericut sent a person out to video tape the control, after that they had a major software update. The problem was the min arc setting in Mastercam, the control was not capable of reading the code properly.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Note: To download this file you must have purchased something through the eStore. Mastercam 2020 Home Learning Edition/Demo Software You can also download this file for free from CNC Software Inc. here


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    I still don't quite understand the hate for every release on this forum since Mcam 2017. Have you all submitted bug reports to CNC Software when these issues crop up? You also do not have to upgrade to the latest and greatest software. I have found that the first patch from CNC fixes most of the issues users have presented. Or do we all just like dumping on the software that has made us $$$? I don't get it.
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    Total BS and not required for ISO at all. A customer maybe demanding this specifically for their approval, but I doubt it. I would have written in your procedures something like:- Program Amendments Amendments may be required for many reasons (part change, continuous improvement etc). If it is deemed necessary to modify the program, it is changed by the following process;- a) Edit the NC Program b) Run the part program to prove the amendment c) ‘Cut metal’ to produce the part. d) Verify it is correct by Inspection. e) If correct, save the NC Program to the computer Network, overwriting the original. f) Amend any associated documents (if necessary). What I will add is:- The above can only be done by approved people (your training matrix will show who is approved to do which tasks) Within your procedure should (IMO) be a statement which says something along the lines that you have a folder called Customer Part Number and Revision, and within that is everything to make the part including an OOI (out of issue) folder, and within there, is the previous Revision folder with everything in there (including your old program). So if you ever need to see changes, you can run file compare to see. HTH
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    I would just put a revision at the top of the program. Every time you post it just update the rev (If you made a change of course). Then you are keeping track of the programs themselves, not the MC file. If you think about it, MC is just a tool to create the program, not the actual program... As far your question goes... I don't know.. Sorry!
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    Thank you CNC software !!! finally got someone who wants to help . Yellow bar is no more . **** If you are having this issue my suggestion is to keep posting until you find someone like Pete that will get in there and handle it **** Well done +999 rep for ya Pete
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    MC has always searched for evidence of piracy including, among other things, Hasp emulators. In MC2020 we added that yellow bar if we smell something fishy. Emulators are the most common reason we're seeing so far for the appearance of that yellow bar. I encourage everyone who sees the bar to please use that 'genuine' mastercam email address. We are still working to get the word out to our resellers about how to eliminate that evidence we're finding. (d40fusc - if you email me (pete.rimkus@mastercam.com) your Hasp # I can investigate a little bit and perhaps tell you what you might be able to do to get rid of the bar)
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    I always use full vertical retract!
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    Looks like it thought that wall would have been gone. Any chance your'e using a resharpened endmill?
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    Since you got a laptop with 64 Gb of RAM, Windows by default will designate 64 Gb of your Harddrive for the Page File (virtual memory). Since you have a 2 Terabyte SSD, this is probably just fine, since you have so much storage space. If you only had a 256 Gb drive, I would recommend reducing the Page File manually, and setting it to 32 Gb or less. With 64 Gb on tap, Mastercam should really not need to swap address space very often, and if it does, the fact you are running an SSD will make the I/O processing very quickly.
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    Thanks Doug, that is our initial thought. You and the rest of the ones that have responded are very helpful here. When any of you respond to a post I make sure I read it hoping to tap off as much of your guys knowledge as possible. Thanks again everyone and enjoy your weekend fellas.
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    We have an Okuma LT3000ex. Twin turret/twin spindle. 3" through bore. We have an ABB robot feeding it. It runs on average 65% of the time 24/7. Absolutely awesome thermal comp. We can run for 24 hrs unattended and hold +/-.0005 bores without issue. The only issue we have had so far is we had a part that made 7-10" long tight spiral chips jam up the lower turret cover. I took them apart and pounded them back to working condition but they still leak a little so we ordered a new set ($7000). Other than that the machine has been awesome. Below is an in-cycle summary from our data collection software from 4/1 to today.
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    It runs inside of the software you already know how to use and they also support this site. Allan
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    ordered a laptop. my wife was supportive of the idea... which made life much easier. should arrive next week. refurbished: Processor: Intel Xeon E-2176M Processor (6 Core, 2.70 GHz, 12MB Cache, 45W) OS: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (4 Cores Plus) Memory: 64GB (4x16GB) DDR4 2666MHz SDRAM Non-ECC Memory Hard Drive: 2TB PCIe M.2 NVMe Class 40 Solid State Drive Video: NVIDIA Quadro P3200 6GB GDDR5 Battery: 97Whr, 6-Cell Lithium Ion Battery with ExpressCharge i spent a little more than i expected: $2600 but if this works as i hope it will, i should not have to worry about another laptop purchase for a long time.
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    I have been using it since the late 80's. I have seen it grow and get better and I have seen it go backwards sometimes. I hate updating! it is a big PIA. I hate when they change things that are working like hole selection and than go backwards in 2019 & 2020. The trim function is annoying as well as the note in drafting. I think for most of us the newer toolpaths are fluff. Not all of them, but most. Just my 2 cents.
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    New version...new bugs. Took me all of 2 minutes in programming my first part in 2020 till I found a bug with creating planes via the gnomon.....The bug is not a deal breaker but it is frustrating when something worked perfect in the previous version now does not. To be fair, there are a few features I like in 2020....have yet to make a complete transition tho. Waiting to complete a few big projects before dealing with more surprises.
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    You can do this with the Level and Solids and Plane Mangers as well
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    Here you go - Did it in fact 12 years ago ftp://mastercam:swiss@mastercam-cadcam.com/Mastercam_forum/unspecified_uploads/DMU70v Kinematics.xls In your example, if you think in PART angles, if you rotate 45 degrees around A, that would require mechanical angles B at 65.53 degrees and C at -65.53 in your machine, considering your nutator angle is 45 degrees in B. If you rotate in PART angles, 45 degrees around B, that would require mechanical angles B at 24.47 degrees and C at -65.53. Just play with the spreadsheet. All you have to do is to think about rotations in part angles, and it will calculate real B/C values for you. You can combine rotations in ABC. In the tab 'Kinematics Math' just hover the mouse over the results and the formulas used are shown.
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    The Rolldie tool path was never designed to support Cutter Compensation. That is because the output is Vector Based, not 2D path based. The output is simply Tool Positions, which the post processor then resolves to give you the XYZA output. The path itself does not contain enough information to correctly calculate Cutter Compensation data. For any tool path that includes simultaneous 4th axis motion, you should be using 3D Cutter Comp, not just 2D cutter comp. 3D cutter compensation output looks like a G1 move, but in addition to XYZ, you also output a "compensation vector", in IJK format. My recommendation is to simply measure your actual Tool Diameter, and program with that tool size. Forget trying to make cutter comp work with this tool path. It was never designed to support it.

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