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    Vericut V9 is finally starting to bringing Vericut into the 21st Century. Still Java Based and still have to deal with .bat files and other things to have it run on a Windows System. They have done away with the old interface and finally adopted the Windows dialogs for a lot things. Refine Display is there, but on larger models is useless in V9. Running multiple session during the testing phase which is great, but know once that is over back to the one license per instance which really aggravates me about their software. One thing CAM does that CAV doesn't is offer the user the ability to run one than more session of the software with a license. First CAV to offer that ability will gain a huge market share until the others ones concede it is costing them sales and start offering it. Sorry for the additional Hijack.
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    While I know that it can be cheaper to build your own system, I much prefer to just buy what I need from the Dell Factory Outlet. I don't need the absolute 'latest and greatest', and I find that I can get the cost down to "almost the cost of the components alone", by just buying a 'refurbished' system from the Outlet. What is your budget for this computer build? I did a quick search on the Factory Outlet, and came up with some amazing systems, at reasonable prices: Example 1: Precision T5820 Original Price: <$5,002.00> Outlet Price: $3,001.00 8 in stock Certified Refurbished Windows 64 Bit US English Qwerty Dell KB212-B QuietKey USB Black Keyboard Optical 2-Button Mouse Tower Core X 950W Chassis CPU Thermal Heatsink Original Price$5,002.00 Total Savings$2,001.00 Standard ShippingFREE Outlet Price$3,001.00 PR T5820 : 3 Years Hardware Warranty with Onsite/In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis Tech Specs Intel Core X Series i7-9800X Processor (8 Core, up to 4.40Ghz, 16.50MB Cache, 165W) Windows 10 Pro 512GB 2.5inch SATA Class 20 Solid State Drive 128GB (8x16GB) 2666MHz DDR4 UDIMM Non-ECC NVIDIA Quadro P4000 8GB GDDR5, 4 DP Dell Outlet Precision T5820 Example 2: Precision T5820 Original Price: <$4,641.00> Outlet Price: $2,785.00 1 in stock Certified Refurbished Windows 64 Bit Dell KB216 Wired Black Keyboard Optical 2-Button Mouse 950W PCIe FlexBay RTX Tower Chassis CPU Thermal Heatsink M.2 Carrier Original Price$4,641.00 Total Savings$1,856.00 Standard ShippingFREE Outlet Price$2,785.00 Tech Specs Intel Xeon W-2145 Processor (8 Core, 3.70GHz, 11MB Cache, 140W) Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (4 Cores Plus) 1TB PCIe M.2 NVMe Class 40 Solid State Drive 64GB (4x16GB) 2666MHz DDR4 RDIMM ECC memory Nvidia Quadro RTX4000, 8GB, 3DP, VirtualLink Dell Outlet Precision T5820 Example 3: Precision T5820 Original Price: <$3,300.00> Outlet Price: $1,980.00 1 in stock Certified Refurbished Windows 64 Bit US English Qwerty Dell KB212-B QuietKey USB Black Keyboard Optical 2-Button Mouse Tower 950W RTX Chassis CPU Thermal Heatsink Original Price$3,300.00 Total Savings$1,320.00 Standard ShippingFREE Outlet Price$1,980.00 PR T5820 : 3 Years Hardware Warranty with Onsite/In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis Tech Specs Intel Xeon W-2102 Processor (4 Core, 2.90GHz, 8.25MB Cache, 120W) Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (up to 4 Cores) 1TB 2.5 inch SATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) 64GB (4x16GB) 2666MHz DDR4 RDIMM ECC memory 8X Ultra Slim DVD ROM Drive Nvidia Quadro RTX4000, 8GB, 3DP, VirtualLink Dell Outlet Precision T5820
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    Vericut 9 is planned to be released before the end of the year. I'm currently beta testing it. In fact, I'm using it "in production" as I have found it to be pretty stable. A few minor glitches for me so far. I really like V9. A big improvement
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    So it looks like your post uses Misc #1 to control retracts...I would create a couple of simple contour toolpaths, scroll down to Misc Values for each toolpath and make sure Misc #1 is actually set to 2 then post it and see what the retracts look like. I know sometimes I have to uncheck the "Automatically set to post values" box and manually change the number to make it work right, Also make sure you regenerate the toolpaths before posting them...even if they don't show up as dirty.
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    On something like that I'd use a 2D Swept all day, every day JP-Test_piece2.zip
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    The most interesting thing about the new AMD processors on the high end is the processor cache: I'm really wondering what this will do for toolpath calculation times and overall mastercam performance. The intel 9900k has only 16mb or cache total just to compare.... Any thoughts?
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    No problem, glad it worked! I have learned so much from this forum that any time I can help out, I'm glad to do it!
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    Thank you so much!!! You have no Idea how huge this is for us, we have been bleeding on machine hours.
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    It Was a Postability post...until I got my grubby little paws on it!
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    You can in 2020...I would assume you can in 2018 as well.
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    What is Varsal? Kevin K.
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    You can also set your keyboard mappings to ALT+ and ALT- ... just in case you want show/hide additional elements.
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    Excellent work and looks good. Where are you holders? If you take the time to define your holders then they will show up. I would think that is probably one of the biggest things I see shops doing today is not taking time to define their holders. Yes a little more work, but once the programmer has built a library of holders and has it dialed in then it should be just point and shoot. Problem is Mastercam doesn't make this easy. However if the programmer copies all their tools into their holders library and then uses the holder library as their tool library then life becomes that much faster and easier. Might think to add a EDP or Part number for the cutting tools as well so the person getting the tools can use exactly what the programmer wanted and not something totally different than what they were expecting.
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    I wasn't thinking the whole holder...more just the nut & the collet. Those 2 things seem to collect the tough to clean FOD more than the holder.
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    overwrite the variable for the tool offset like this: tldia$ = t$ + 50 Allan
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    Hello Bill, Not sure if you like this but this is what I've got for detailed tools list...
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    Did you use the Transform into WCS check box in mach sim settings? If a plane other than top is used you need to be usign transform into wcs check box. And the top plane must be table view, or use a WCS that represents a table view instead of top plane and use transform into wcs, its a check box in mach sim settings.
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    All of you... watch and learn https://twitter.com/engineers_feed/status/1103628364684972032?lang=en
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    I guess that is where my crazyness kicks in. I would not finish that with one toolpath. I would finish that with several different toolpaths. Finishing that with one toolpath is lazy and will not produce the results I would be willing to accept or consider acceptable.
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    Version 1.0.0


    The Mastercam 2020 Mill Advanced Professional Courseware is intended for industrial training. This book covers a multitude of features that allow a trainee to create 3D wireframes and surfaces for 3D modeling and toolpaths. Interactive training exercises introduce 3D geometry functionality while surface toolpaths are thoroughly investigated as well as their various parameter settings; Surface High Speed toolpaths are also in depth covered. Supplementary Mastercam files and guidelines are provided for creating toolpaths to successfully machine each part within the book.


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    Version 1.0.0

    Automatic Toolpathing (ATP) automates the process of assigning toolpaths to geometry such as doors used in cabinet making. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a 3D door geometry, create the formed tools needed and machine the door using 2D toolpaths. You will export all the toolpaths to an operation library. You will also learn how to use the Create door command and an excel file to generate the geometry for the other size doors that have the same shape. You will learn how to configure, setup the ATP and link the operations to their specific levels. In the last step, Mastercam will automatically nest the doors.

    From $39.99

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    Having run both types, I think both have advantages and disadvantages. For the move able column, you can have an almost unlimited bed length. I programmed Cincinnati routers at Boeing that had 420 inch long beds. The entire column moved on rails. One disadvantage of this construction method was a limited amount of tools. Because the column moved, the tool changer was carried on the column. So our particular machines had 12 tools. There is also a requirement of more floor space, since there was a cable track on a "flying bridge", to plumb air to the moving column. The machine gantry itself was less rigid, since it had to move. One advantage of moving the columns instead of the bed is load capacity. We could handle fixtures that weighed several tons, with no issues. Since the load itself is "static", the machine does not have to accelerate or decelerate the load. We had a system where we could be loading or unloading parts and Fixtures while the machine column was Cutting on another section of the bed. Our fixtures were all vacuum based, and it was easier to plumb the vacuum lines on a fixed bed. The longer your potential parts are, the more a move able gantry makes sense. Imagine having a 250 inch long part. You'd have to have 500 inch long ball screws to move the table below the spindle. At certain point, it just becomes impractical to move the bed. For smaller parts, a move able bed gives you more rigidity and allows for more aggressive metal removal. It also takes, in general, less floor space, since the bed length limits the part size.
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    my colleague recently recorded a webinar on customizing setup sheets if you wanted to take a gander at that for some info.
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    I have a part that will be laser cut and rolled into the shape of a cone but the only print I have is the formed part (actually a solid model, I just plan on forming it). Is there any way to design it in MasterCam as a surface and unroll it to get a flat template?

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