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    I can go into any MultiAxis toolpath and select 4 surfaces over and over without this problem. So without any more detail, there's not much we can help you with. if its something you can repeat - and, importantly, if you really want to help us make the software better - send the steps (and a file if necessary) to the QC team.
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    Hello Everyone, If you own a seat of Multi-Axis in Mastercam, you have a ton of great toolpaths that are available from ModuleWorks. There are actually a bunch of really great 3 Axis Toolpaths produced by ModuleWorks that are included in Mastercam, but they are almost "hidden" from the normal user. These toolpaths aren't actually hidden from the user. But the Mastercam interface makes them appear to be something they aren't, so the average user, even the average Multi-Axis user, doesn't know they exist. If you have a seat of Multi-Axis, do the following: With a Machine Group loaded, go to Toolpaths > Multi-Axis. If prompted, enter a new program name. In the Multi-Axis dialog box, select "Surface/Solid", then select "Triangular mesh". The Triangular Mesh toolpaths are the best kept secret in Mastercam. They have been available since at least X5, so they have been in the last few versions of the software. The term "Triangular Mesh" is perhaps what makes these toolpaths "hidden" from the average user. Typically you would think of a Triangular Mesh object as an STL file, or some other external reference. In terms of the ModuleWorks toolpaths however, Triangular Mesh takes on a new meaning. For most of the 5 Axis toolpaths, the normal direction of the surfaces being cut plays a crucial role in determining the tool axis orientation. With the "Triangular Mesh" toolpaths, the surfaces themselves are not used to orient the tool axis. For these toolpaths the surfaces are simply tessellated using a cut tolerance. In a nutshell, this just means that the "Triangular Mesh" toolpaths are just "3D Rouging and Finishing" toolpaths that don't take their tool axis direction from the surfaces being cut. They just provide great 3 Axis toolpaths that in some ways duplicate functionality in Mastercam, and in other cases drastically improve upon the existing options. Once you've selected "Triangular Mesh" for the toolpath type, go to the "Cut Pattern" page, and look at the drop-down menu for "Pattern". This is where you select the toolpath type, and there are a bunch of them! Toolpaths: Rough Parallel Cuts Project Curves Constant Z Constant Cusp Flatlands Geodesic Projection Rotary So that is nine different toolpath types that are available to you if you select Triangular Mesh. Try the "Rouging" option. Activate the checkbox for "Adaptive" roughing, and now the style is similar to "Dynamic". But wait, it gets better. Normally with Dynamic style motion, you are only allowed to cut climb or conventional. Ok, so if you climb cut only, the cutter has to move from the end of the cut, to the start of the next cut, and typically does a micro-lift at a high feedrate to get there. With the Adaptive rouging from ModuleWorks, you can use "Zig-Zag" stepover. This then allows you to enter 4 parameters: Maximum Stepover, Desired Stepover, Climb stepover percentage, and conventional stepover percentage. So you can easily take say 75% of the stepover value for climb milling, then take 25% of the stepover value for conventional. This allows the cutter to stay fully engaged during the roughing cut, and allows for even higher metal removal rates than a regular "Dynamic" or "Opti" style roughing path. If you've got a license of Multi-Axis, check out Mastercam's best kept secret...
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    We have the same problem. As a partial solution I have it set up to kick all users off in the middle of the night so each day there are licenses available in the morning. Directions below to stop then restart the nethasp in the middle of the night to close any open Mastercam seats Save the following as a .bat file on the computer with the Nethasp NET STOP "HASP Loader" ping -n 30 NET START "HASP Loader" exit Then go to the task scheduler start/all programs/accessories/system tools/task scheduler Create a basic task and for action select start a program and then select the .bat file you saved Once the task is created it needs to be edited to run as administrator Find the task you created in the task scheduler library and right click and select properties Check the box for "Run with the highest privileges"
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    Pick 4 surfaces for what? It seems you just want to b!tch since you don't give any other info. Take that sh!t to Facebook.
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    Flowline..heck, even a 2D Swept will work perfectly fine SO many ways to attack it
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    We've got 3 Mitsubishi HBM's here they are all the same model and were all built within a year of each other yet every single one of them is unique . They are 95% the same, but the 5% that is different can drive you nuts
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    A crappy network is the root of all of the evil of which you speak... Until we updated to codemeter licensing last Nov, we were on a Nethasp from 2015 and never had the issues of which you speak... You can extended the license time out but you cannot stop it...I imaging your reseller will tell the IT how to extend the ping time but if it's a crappy network....it's a crappy network
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    That being said, he probably has some real issues that are outside of his control, mc has a few problems, and as each persons workflow is unique, each user has a different experience, I have been testing mc2020 for a few months, I really like it, but..it won't stop crashing.. On the other hand my it has stonewalled me and will not put the updates, so, maybe its fixed already.. either way in some areas mc has improved but there definetly was a downhill trend from x9 until now, had I known then what I did now, I would have stuck to x9 until maybe 2021 version. Mainly the UI, the trim function edits & the new drill dialog were imo a step backwards. The drill dialog mainly because you cant view as many points at a time.
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    Nah, its more fun to guess in the dark..
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    In flowline if you use One Way you will get arcs if your filter is set for it. If you use Spiral you won't get arcs.
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    Sorry to hear that. Shout out to my dealer in Wixom, Michigan... Axsys Incorporated. They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Five out of Five stars!!!! I have been dealing with them for a long time... decades... and because I work at a local college tech department, I come in contact with dozens of people that have dealt with them too... and quite honestly... I have never heard one bad report... never... not once. They respond quickly to every request. Both sales and tech support are outstanding. Some every knowledgeable people work there. IMHO, they are a world class company... and a benchmark for the industry. I wish everyone had a great distributer like I do.
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    I'm thinking this beat up old robo drill is gonna scoff at it, no matter what i give, lol. Thanks for the help!
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    So send your file into QC it seems like you believe it's repeatable... Nothing anyone here says will sway you in any other direction
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    In China the "disappeared" become involuntary body part donors
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    Reminds me of Joanie Bonkers!
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    Not a video but I had never programmed an impeller before so I started this thread. Ron grateful helped me.
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    Well I have invested my own money into using Mastercam and it has allowed me to feed my family. Why would someone want to hire me to program their parts if I hate the software I have invested it to earn a living at? Wouldn't that make me foolish and kind of stupid? You bashing Mastercam is telling every potential customer to look elsewhere and possible take food out of my mouth. You don't care to see it that way because you really don't care as long as you get what you need. Purple heart hero is such a disrespect to those men and women who gave their lives or got wounded for the Untied States of America defending the freedom we have. I know you think your world is falling apart and your the only programmer on the face of the earth to have your problems, but your not. We all have our issues, but only your issues are important and the rest of us need to bow to your complaints and your grips because your the most important programmer on the face of the earth. Sorry, but if this dummy with no degree and not real formal education can figure it out and earn a living doing it then anyone can.
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    I'll just comment on this one example. Your configuration must be ATF. Machine/Control def not correct etc? And as for the post...ALL posts need time putting into them with testing to iron out issues. It sounds like you're not even close with getting that sorted? IMHO, With Mastercam, it is waaaayyy easier working WITH it than AGAINST it. If you're going to continue using it, put the hours in and learn/understand how it works and correctly configure and test and then you'll be a whole lot happier as a lot of your problems will go-away.
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    CycleTime for Mastercam with the help of chook here is my example of cycle time for an Okuma LT lathe OS1 ( Werkzeugtabelle TOTAL CYCLE TIME 04:19 ) (N03 >> T0303 R0.8 G96 S50 F.100 M4 |00:48| WZ-16P-D20-IN-VOR-R0.8 ) (N02 >> T0202 R0.8 G96 S250 F.170 M4 |00:30| WZ-2-L R0.8-RS ) ( >> T0202 R0.8 G96 S50 F.100 M4 | | WZ-2-L R0.8-RS ) ( >> T0202 R0.8 G96 S250 F.220 M4 | | WZ-2-L R0.8-RS ) ( >> T0202 R0.8 G96 S250 F.250 M4 | | WZ-2-L R0.8-RS ) (N04 >> T0404 R0.4 G96 S280 F.080 M4 |00:20| W24-W5-R0.4-L-A-STECHEN ) (N10 >> T1010 R0.4 G96 S50 F.070 M4 |00:14| WZ9-D21-IN-VOR-KONTUR-R0.4 ) (N05 >> T0505 R0.4 G96 S50 F.100 M4 |00:36| WZ67-D20-MINU S20 GRAD-R0.4-SR ) ( >> T0505 R0.4 G96 S50 F.050 M4 | | WZ67-D20-MINU S20 GRAD-R0.4-SR ) (N06 >> T0606 R0.4 G96 S200 F.120 M4 |00:32| WZ-102_R0.4-SL ) (N08 >> T0808 R0.8 G96 S250 F.200 M4 |00:08| WZ-3-L-A-SCHLICHTEN-R0.8 ) (N09 >> T0909 R0.4 G96 S130 F.050 M4 |00:18| WZ67-D19-MINUS20-GRAD-R0.4 ) (N11 >> T1111 R0.4 G96 S130 F.100 M4 |00:04| WZ-19-80-D20-L-R0.4 ) (N092 >> T0909 R0.4 G96 S130 F.050 M4 | | WZ67-D19-MINUS20-GRAD-R0.4 ) (N15 >> T1515 R0.0 G97 S3183F510. M3 |00:49| 16 SCHAFTFRÄSER ) G0 X600 Z600 G50 S2500 N03 ( Werkzeug -- WZ-16P-D20-IN-VOR-R0.8 ) ( Halter -- S10M-SCLCL 06 ) ( Platte -- CCMT 09 T3 08-MM ) ( Innen Schruppen Kontur Anschluss ) G0 X600 Z600 T0303 VLMON[VETLN]=3 G97 S796 M63 M04 ... ... CycleTime.zip
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    Hi Ron, one_rev is a post switch that is used along with Signed Continuous for the formatting of the A-axis starting position. It does not overwrite the existing setting for the rotary axis type. So my above description was not entirely accurate. To be more correct, it should read: This post switch keeps the STARTING rotary axis values between 0 and 360 when using a signed continuous rotary. Here is some additional detail on one_rev and how it is not equivalent to activating Shortest Direciton, although the two are often used in place of one another. For any 3+2 toolpath with Signed Continuous and one_rev active the code will look just like Shortest Direction is active, and the code will be the same. Where you will see the difference is when crossing the 0/360 margin with a 4-axis or 5-axis cut. Shortest direction will behave as usual and remain within the 0/360 bounds. ie. A358 A359 A0 A1 With the signed continuous, even when one_rev is active, the axis will still wind up past 360 (or into negative numbers when decreasing). ie. A358 A359 A360 A361 You are still able to break out of the 0/360 limits as required (Crossing that boundary with shortest direction coordinates on a signed continuous axis will not end well). What the one_rev switch does is control the STARTING point of the rotary axis for a given toolpath, so that the FIRST point always falls in the 0/360 limits. Hopefully that all made sense, but if not left me know and I can try to provide additional detail. -Alex
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    Rather than use MP's comment mechanism, query parameter 15239. s_op_comment : "" p_any_postblock # Get the op comment of the current operation s_op_comment = opinfo(15239, 0, 0000) # If we are in a transform operation, we can query the soure operation... s_op_comment = opinfo(15239, 0, 0000) # ...or we can query the transform parameters. s_op_comment = opinfo(15239, 0, 0010)
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    We have published new CNC Software official Visual Studio project templates for Mastercam. You can download and install via the links below or from withing Visual Studio search online extensions for "Mastercam". VB.NET NET-Hook Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 project templates C# NET-Hook Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 project templates C++ C-Hook Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 project templates Each .NET project template contains a Wizard interface to allow you to target any installed version of Mastercam and optionally add additional Mastercam API's (ToolNetApi, SimAccessManaged, etc) The C-Hook project templates allow you to select from 3 different C-Hook project types and target any installed C-Hook SDK kit. If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.
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    Yes.. our network was built to support an engineering department Its fast and stable and reliable. Occasionally nethasp is not working Monday morning because updates were applied to the servers but that hasn't happened recently so he must have found a fix for that too
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    I have noticed this a lot too. I thought it was just me forgetting to change the numbers. It usually happens after I create the tool path and then go back later and change the tool number. It doesnt seem to stay updated on the offsets.

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