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  1. I did try that but the top and right edges do not intersect because of the corner radius thats on the side profile, thought there might be a way to select 3d faces if that makes any sense...thanks for the input
  2. Hello all, im trying to find a way to quickly check a Theoretical sharp corner in Mastercam without having to draw intersecting lines, we do get a lot of parts with dimensions being called out in TSC, below is a simple example part that changes in size and i have to constantly keep checking sizes every time i program, does anyone have an idea how to achieve this or is there just no function like that in Mastercam, thank you.
  3. Same here i was not using the Machine Simulation only fixtures in verify, i edited one of the tools and than problems appeared... changing machine sim fixed the issue... Thank you
  4. to delete mastercam completely just delete the program and all files from registry editor (regedit.exe) for the version you are deleting, no need to format your drive.. also you migh want to delete the mastercam shared folder from your documents folder as it does not get deleted while unistalling, but new instalation gives you a option to overide it.
  5. we also had issues with 2020 regenerating forever and being really laggy and no one could tell me why, finally i uninstalled 2019 and it worked without any issues...now (havent learned from before) i installed 2021 to see all the new features and im having issues with adding planes in 2020 my reseller said that there should be no interference when having different versions of MC on the computer.... well seems like there is...
  6. Had same issue here, and we also had windows 8 compatibility checked from when we were updating hasp, never thought that would be the problem, its all working good now, thanks!

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