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  1. Thank you all for the answers.......we will be making the switch to Nethasp version.
  2. Thanks Dan. Do users still require a hasp at each workstation?
  3. Dan W " in a DHCP environment" As opposed to what other enviroment?
  4. To switch from hasp to nethasp....how much setup is involved on the server end? Should IT be heavily involved? How much setup at the user end? Is the switchover fairly painless? Is there a mastercam stoppage? We have 10 hasp at present. All answers appreciated.
  5. Is there a solution? In x7 can MRU toolbar be moved? (i can't move mine) LMK....thanks
  6. To add closure to my question.......The TNC 530 control needs to be rebooted for changes to take effect. After reboot I was able to ping the machine.
  7. Just to clarify, you want to change origin of a WCS or a plane?
  8. In "define net", the only fields available to fill in were ip address and subnet mask. I filled in the correct info and verified that my network connection is good. But when I go to ping the machine it comes back with host unreachable. Would anyone know why this is?
  9. Dwain thanks for response. We will be connecting our machines to the network then we will be using Cimco DNC for file transfer. We have done this in the past with other machines that have a ethernet connection. I may have not asked my question correctly....I can find the ethernet physical connection on the back of the control, what I can't do is navigate the control and find where to set my static ip address, subnet mask....etc...etc.... Would you know how to navigate control? I can find the serial connections page but not the ethernet page. thanks again....
  10. I'm going to piggy-back this topic. I am also new to Mikron HSM 600 machines with Heidenhain ITNC530 controls. We have 2 here, need to connect machines to our network. I see they have ehthernet connections, I searched the Heidenhain site as well as the Agie site. I can find the serial connections on the control but I can't find the ethernet connections on the control. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks in advance......
  11. dj, thanks for your time and explanations with formulas......it is very much appreciated!
  12. dj, see attched file. All specs same as yours except for Circular Tooth Thickness. After entering data into chook.....CTT and Roll Measurement auto fill to - .01961 and .197956 This seems correct to my calculations. CTT or tooth thickness at pich diameter = 1.5708/P (1.5708/Diametral pitch) 1.5708/80 = .019635 Any thoughts? Your opinion counts as you work on more gears than I do. You'll notice my gear is more "pointy" then yours, if I change to .0157 CTT then it looks like yours.

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