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  1. Sam1

    Lathe Sub Spindle

    Thank you AHarrison1, make sense.
  2. Sam1

    Lathe Sub Spindle

    Hello Colin, AHarrison thank you so much, yes , I am using haas dual spindle, I reviewed haas lathe manual. I think we can insert G14 before tool change, I need to try it. If spindle will turn wrong way, can I use M04 instead of M03 ?, sorry if I ask funny question, I am learning.
  3. Sam1

    Lathe Sub Spindle

    Hello, I almost figured out, used POCO to transfer stock to sub side, used G199 to sync both spindles. I am trying to use G14. I need to know, where exactly insert G14 in mirrored program. If you have example, that would be great. Thank you.
  4. Sam1

    Lathe Sub Spindle

    Hello How to program sub spindle lathe mastercam ?, can stock transfer generate codes ( main and sub spindle clamping and unclamping etc.) ?, how to sync both spindles ? Thx Part1.mcam
  5. Sam1

    Resize window

    Hello How to resize window ?, cannot input on right side.
  6. Sam1

    Resize window

    Hello again I cannot resize window, cannot see right side, some of inputs are on right side. I am using Mastercam 2021 HLE. Any idea, how to reset windows ? or resize at least ? Thank you
  7. Yes, thank you so much it worked. I used align to z, transform to plane, top, if I use +D +Z, its not working. Thank you
  8. Hello all Any idea why this warning sign in mastercam lathe, when I import solid model in mastercam ? Part1.mcam
  9. Sam1

    Swarf Milling

    Yes, but do you know how to fix tool tilt ?
  10. Sam1

    Swarf Milling

    Hello all I am trying to do swarf milling with custom tool, to put radius and side milling, my tool tilt is not properly align, if somebody can please help me Thank you 5-AXIS-LESSON-5-EX2.emcam
  11. Sam1

    Mastercam Help Files

    Found solution my friend, it should from chrome not notepad. Thank you.
  12. Hello all, I cannot open Mastercam Help (?) . Any suggestions ? Thank you
  13. Sam1

    Mastercam 5 Axis

    Thank you
  14. Sam1

    Mastercam 5 Axis

    I have book, but I need solid models of examples.
  15. Sam1

    Mastercam 5 Axis

    Hello all I was just wondering if somebody has access to online contents of book (Mastercam Training Guide 5 Axis Cam Instructor). Thank you.

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