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  1. Hello all I am trying to cut Lathe ID groove, but my tool is cutting oversize (wider groove), may be I have error in defining grooving 3D tool, I am attaching Mastercam file, if someone can help please. Thank you Groove-.mcam
  2. Hello all I am just wondering, if there is any way to snap on stock model lines ?, or converting them to entities ? Thanks
  3. Hello all I was just wondering if wear works with swarf milling, for some reason I cannot see G41,G42 or D value in nc programming output. If someone can help please. I am attaching mastercam and nc file. Swarf Wear.mcam Swarf Wear.nc
  4. Hello it works, thanks, only problem its leaving uneven material after toolpath, any idea ? Lathe Canned Rough.mcam
  5. Hello all I am trying to machine ID with top and bottom half, with two toolpaths. Top half is working fine, but bottom half is not recognizing stock, its starting at top of part instead halfway (cutting air), if someone knows how to fix it. Thank you Lathe Canned Rough.mcam
  6. Hello all I am trying to adjust z height of swarf milling without modifying solid or surface or guide curves, if someone can help please. I am attaching file. Thank you Swarf.mcam
  7. Hello all I am trying to create insert drill in Mastercam Lathe, Is there any way to create 3D drill ? I am using 2D method to draw tool from level, not having much success, if someone has better idea. I am attaching two different Mastercam files. In first file (Example 1), I think I am missing insert. In second file (Example 2), I cannot draw tool. Thank you Example 1.mcam Example 2.mcam
  8. Hello Ron Thanks for help, I got your file. I am attaching file, if you can please check. T1.mcam
  9. Hello all I am trying to program VTL (DOOSAN_VTR 1216M). Turning is fine, I am having issues with milling with C- Axis, at face of part. I am trying to use helix bore. Does anyone has tutorial videos, with similar Mastercam set up, or programming examples ?. I can attach file if need. Thank you
  10. Hello all I am trying to put all different windows into one (Toolpath, Level, Planes, Solids), if anybody can help. Thank you
  11. Hello gcode, thanks for help. I followed steps as you mentioned, I am getting another alarm as shown in picture. If you have Mastercam can you please correct file ? Thank you
  12. Hello all I am trying to use button head tool for lathe Dynamic toolpath, its violating boundary, I don't want to change holder size, but instead I want to change Lathe tool clearance, when I do that I get alarm as shown in picture. Is there any way to fix that problem ?, Mastercam file and pictures attached. Thank you T.mcam
  13. Hello all Does Mastercam 2D Mill toolpaths recognize stock model ?. I know multiaxis works just fine. Thank you
  14. Hello all I am trying to use Circle Segment Cutter (Barrel End Mill, Taper Form) with Multi-axis tool paths. I am having issues with Multi-axis Machining Geometries Offset (As shown in picture). Its not doing calculation. I previously used ball end mills, worked just fine. If someone can help me out pl. Thank you all.

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