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  1. Solution: While using trace, I think I nailed down where the variables were getting changed, but the code in that section of this post was a little beyond my knowledge, so instead of trying to figure that code out and make what I had work, I took a bit of a different route, I knew that when "pradipout" is commanded, the variables are set to the correct value, so I wrote some logic inside that block to force the output if mi1$ =0. Inside the rotary positioning block, it sets re_init_xy to one. Inside the prapidout block, if re_init_xy equals one, and mi1$ equals 0, then it will force output xy, if not, it runs the standard prapidout block
  2. I'm not quite sure how to interpret the NCI part of the debugger. Using it to find the line in the post that generated the code isn't helping because it is pointing to exactly where I expected. Here are a couple snips from the debugger
  3. Alright y'all, here's what I got. I have a UMC 750 post that I updated to have a safe position return during indexing. The problem now is that if the x or y starting location of the next operation happens to be at the same location the previous operation ended, the post doesn't output a new XY location, so now the machine is drilling a hole over in left field or cutting a contour in the air. I have tried to add an *Xout, *Yout. but that seems to be calling the starting point from the previous operation. I am now using *xr$, *yr$ and that worked for a few tests, but now on my last part, it gave me the correct numbers, but the wrong sign (+ /-). Attached is the rotary position section, and the reinitialize XY section that I wrote. What am I doing wrong here?
  4. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I messed around with it and got it to post out the G253 code where I wanted! thank you!
  5. Solved that problem, now I have my next hurdle. Anytime there is a B or C motion, I want it to post out a "G253" (macro to turn on Dynamic work offset) on the same line, I have it working for tool changes and force tool changes, but can't get it during a null tool change. any ideas?
  6. Hey yall, I am attempting to update a generic Haas VF- TR post to accommodate my UMC 750. I have all the rotary axis and directions set, but I am getting this weird rapid motion between operations when the rotary repositions, instead of retracting and doing one single rotation, it seems to be attempting to track the x,y,z moves with the rotation. See the attached NC code, I've deleted a lot of the fluff to make it easier to read. I am fairly green at post editing, where do I need to be looking in the post to fix this? Thank you! Cole haas post test vftr.NC Generic Haas VF-TR_Series 5X Mill.pst

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