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  1. I am going to play around with this 2D dynamic stuff and see what it’s all about. I originally asked if there was maybe another cycle, and it seems like 2D dynamic tool path is where it’s at. Like every other software that I’ve been on, I am sure Master cam has its pros and cons. I will enjoy finding things out. One things for sure, the Mastercam community seems to be one of the biggest and most helpful so far. Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks for the quick response guys! I’m a long time Esprit User, have also been programming in Hypermill for like 2 years now. It just seems so antiquated to have to play with the step over settings to see if it cleans up or not. 1” E.M. with .120 rad with a .750 step should clean up. I think it’s pretty straight forward. Once again thanks for the quick response and let me play with my stepovers while cursing at the screen. Haha
  3. Hello all, when I do a facing pocket pattern that leaves islands I’m noticing that the tool path doesn’t change when I change my tool nose radius for an endmill. It’s leaving unwanted materials due to it not calculating the nose radius of the endmill. Is there way around this? Or another cycle? I’m currently using MC 2017. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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