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  1. Thanks. Merely doing "Remove Feature" got me there.
  2. I tried untrimming the surfaces around the hex. You can see what happened. Where would I go from here? As far as the toolpath goes, I got Surface Rough Pocket to work, but I don't want to run around the OD of the pin. That's my containment boundary, but unchecking "finish containment boundary" didn't seem to have an effect. 9835 Housing Runner Shutoff Pin rev B.mcam
  3. Quick background: I'm teaching myself surfacing on the job as the need arises. I've posted some questions already and you folks have been very helpful. Thanks. My request today is two-fold. First, I'd like to make a surface over the hex pocket. You can see that it intersects the spherical radius on the floor and that's what I can't figure out. Second, machining the T-shaped slot. I think I have a good toolpath from Equal Scallop, but I'd like it to run past the outside of the part, say .05". Do I need to just draw a bigger containment boundary? Would creating surfaces and then extending them be the way to go? What would be a good roughing strategy? Again, I'd like the tool to run past the outside diameter of the part. Thanks. 9835 Housing Runner Shutoff Pin.mcam
  4. Sigurd

    Controlling G187 in Mastercam

    Thanks, CrazyMillman! Here's another related question: Why is it posting a T2 along with the G43 on line N150? I've noticed this only when posting a surface toolpath.
  5. I am cutting a 15 degree wall with Surface High Speed Blend, stepping down .0005". I'm still not getting great smoothness. I'm new to the surface toolpaths. I noticed that when they posted, there's a line for G187 Px Ex. This is a Haas MiniMill 2. I know that I can change the G187 value at the control, but can it be changed within Mastercam?
  6. Thanks. I messed with that as well as Apply Transitions. Something else I missed was under Toolpath Control -> Curves. They weren't going the same direction.
  7. I have attached a file that I'm working on. In the third toolpath, the surface high speed blend, what is going on with the purple moves in the bottom of the slot? it appears also that the lead in/out distance appears to be changing as the depth of cut increases. How can I control this? 9835_Gate-Insert-1.mcam
  8. Sigurd

    Assistance with surfacing this feature

    Thanks to all who have replied. If the part doesn't give it away, yes, I'm a moldmaker. It's a core pin that functions as a runner shutoff. Yes, I've used the Swept 2D path quite a bit since we got the Haas in the toolroom for roughing the lock angle on locks and slides with a 2" facemill. I'll keep practicing and wait for the parts to come in and then try to grab the 3D license and make chips.
  9. Sigurd

    Assistance with surfacing this feature

    Yes, thank you! That's great. I really appreciate it. Your Level 400 surface doesn't have the hex cutout. How did you do that? Trimming a surface? RonC, your surface has no transition, for lack of a better word. The floor radius moves smoothly into the wall. What's your process?
  10. Sigurd

    Assistance with surfacing this feature

    I have attached both files, one as HLE and the other as Industrial. I do have an Industrial 2D license. The HLE is how I practice. There is a 3D license here in the toolroom that I would like to use. That's where we're at. I got Blend to work. If someone would be willing to try a toolpath, they could put it on the Industrial file and I can see it. That would avoid the "opening an HLE" issue. JoshC, I've watched that video before, and I've used the Swept 2D path to cut angles. I'm eager to learn the 3D surfacing toolpaths. We've got some need for that here in the toolroom now, with the addition of the Haas and the 3D license. Thanks for all the replies so far. shutoff pin 2021 test.mcam shutoff pin HLE.emcam
  11. I've been on Mastercam 2021 for about 8 months. We got a Haas Minimill about that time and I've been sending a lot of 2D work through it since then. This is a part that I regularly see and ordinarily, I would take a ball endmill and plunge to depth, and then make a 15 degree cutter on the Deckel and finish the walls. I am trying to 3D program this part because there are 12 in my current job. I am self-taught and I'm going through all the free lessons on Mastercam University. The semi-spherical shape on the left, I was able to get Surface Finish Contour running well enough. The problem is that center slot. It is R.059 at the floor and 30 degrees included. I filled the hole, and that's been about it. Flowline, Surface Rough Parallel and Waterline all almost work, but of course, "almost" isn't good enough. Surface Rough Parallel doesn't seem to want to follow the angled wall. Waterline digs in on the first pass; I want .005 stepdown max. Flowline would do it if I could get all those surfaces to be one surface. I have attached a jpeg of what I'm cutting. Reason being is that my seat of Mastercam 2021 is only 2-axis. There is a 3-axis seat here in the shop, but I've been practicing on the Mastercam HLE version here at my bench so that I can go over to the other seat and not waste time practicing. Would someone be willing to provide me some guidance on chaining and parameters for a toolpath that would cut these features?
  12. Sigurd

    Cannot access Mastercam U 2021 courses

    I see. Thanks. To my knowledge, yes. We have 2 seats of 3D and a few computers running 2021.
  13. I have registered for the free courses until June 30. I have experience with 2D machining (X5 for 7 years, and MC2021 for about 6 months). My employer and I are thankful for this opportunity to gain knowledge. However, when I try to get started with either 2021: 2D Mill or 2021: 3D Mill, I get a message saying "You cannot enroll yourself in this course". Are those paid classes? Other courses, like 2020 2D and 3D mill are available, and I can imagine they're similar enough. Thanks in advance for the help.

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