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    I Need To Build A New PC

    Good question, I would think id be doing Intermediate levels from home if a job carried over.

    I Need To Build A New PC

    eesh what kind of computers were they?

    I Need To Build A New PC

    So no one recommends a "bundle" type (stand + monitor) pc that can run MC(best buy, amazon, walmart $500-1000)? I currently dont have a PC capably of running MC at home but I like the idea of being able to have the option but dont want to dump a bunch of money into one. I do need to get a pc here soon side work not related to machining but for what I need a small Chromebook would work but completely cut out the ability to ever do any MC work from home.
  4. Are you trying to get them on the same plane? or just connect them where they lie? "pulo" option would work if thats the case or line endpoint, set your auto cursor to endpoint, lock it then click both endpoints.

    Stock setup menu off screen on laptop

    Have you tried changing it to Landscape in windows settings? also is this windows 10?

    Does Mcam do this? (Arc feed adjustment)

    How do you calculate the feed for the percentage box? I see in his article it said 50% up for outer & 50% down for inner.

    tengo archivos en .mc7

    ¿Actualizaste a una nueva versión?

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Exactly, I didnt like handing over a 30 pages set up sheet and then making a change and printing out another 30

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Ok that makes sense. I have my post set up that way as well "N1 rough- N2 finish" we do this to re run finish processes since we hold tight tolerances it can take several passes to hold those which I'm sure you know working in aerospace. The only issues is some refer back to the N number and not the process so if there's an issue with "n5" it maybe be op 10 since I add in notes in-between or flip material that's not posted to them. I appreciate your responses and really dig the setup sheet so far!

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    ill give it a try and see if they can do that for me!

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    "It would e confusing to the operator if you still had the sequence numbers turned on for the rest of the program" - what do you mean by this? I put the Op number in the comments and it seems to work ok, I'm just trying to avoid any confusion to the operator. I noticed during drip feeding its a must have for the operator to have a simple straight forward setup sheet like this to avoid coming back to me and asking about every Op lol. They have plenty of comments but being cautious I understand you want some sort of "check sheet"

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    I have a custom post from the re-seller we use

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Got it working and "neurosis" thanks for the updated file. one question, is there anyway to get the op# to match the N# the operator will see?

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    I stumbled onto this after searching for a setup sheet. I downloaded your zip. I have no idea what to do with it after to use it lol. Also since this is an older post, have you updated this recently?

    Is this possible with MC 2d?

    Ok I see now what you did, thanks!

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