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  1. wow. well put, visually it makes so much more sence. ive never undercut in a mill but i could see where the undercutting would take place. thank you for this
  2. i meant thread milling on the diamter. this machine does not have a y axis. a,x,z and live tools veritcal and horizontal
  3. so with my c-axis plane i would need to make each wall basically my centerline and have a plane for both sides? are you saying a finish toolpath like a flowline type to make it appear straighter than it is? it does sound like a lot of work. would thread milling on a centerline work here or would i run into the same situation?
  4. What do you mean by surface machined?
  5. see thats what i thought previously but it leaves material on the walls still
  6. VTL TEST.mcam sorry i forgot to mention i do no have multiaxis license
  7. Im working on a Doosan VTl and testing our horizontal live tools. im not sure how to go about finishing this feature. I feel like I got a decent rough out (im open to any other ways of roughing it out). any suggestions on how to go about finishing it? op 11 is the rough out and the red wf is the feature VTL TEST.mcam
  8. Check out shop floor automations. We got their usb pendant for DNC on one of our mills. not a single issue with it. We are waiting on the wireless system from them that has DNC so i cant speak on how well that works yet.
  9. Just received a new turning tool https://www.ingersoll-imc.com/product-family/4092566?quick-search=supert anyone ever programmed for these style of tools? what did you have the most success with? Were going to test this out at some point today. Not sure if a Dynamic toolpath is best or to try and lie to it and try to "coroturn"
  10. Any one have a build or suggested laptop bundle that is capable of running MasterCam?
  11. So, from what im gather just by the screen images they drive a surface over the mesh body? I just need accuracy within .05" or so just enough to get started and to see that our castings are correct and good to slap a toolpath on. I just dont want to put in a potential 2-4 hours into something i can measure and draw up in the same period of time.
  12. usually ill just merge it. do you just open the stl with mastercam?
  13. i just found out we only have the inspection side of poly works. im going to find out some more info directly from geomagic and go from there. i just want it to save time and be more accurate than hand measuring everything and still being off at the end of the day.
  14. have you ever used anything of the sorts to make a solid and if so is it worth it?
  15. Scanned in with poly works as well as used geo magic. its the first time i ever scanned in anything and the drafting guys dont exactly know what im trying to do as far as making it into a model so were both stuck at the moment on how to accomplish it

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