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  1. postshaas

    Multiple NC files in post

    OK, I think I got it, the op # tag seems to have fixed it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  2. postshaas

    Multiple NC files in post

    Thanks Steve, Yes I was messing with that which must be what caused the issue..but can't figure out how to get it to do what I need. As I create operations, the umbers my toolpaths sequentially as in Drill op Blender 1-1, Countour Blender 1-2, Pocket Blender 1-3, which means it will try to post each one separately! This is driving me bonkers.. So needs to be set to user defined name then on all?
  3. postshaas

    Multiple NC files in post

    OK, not sure what I did to fix it but seems to be back to working correctly. Is this associated with append in nc config settings? Thanks
  4. postshaas

    Multiple NC files in post

    Hello, Mastercam is sequentially numbering my toolpaths so each one now posts separately. (1 file for each operation).. I know how to rename them so they post as a single file... but is there some way to set this in the configs so it does not happen to begin with? Thanks!
  5. postshaas

    Customer Feedback Program

    Thanks Guys, I am surprised no one else has asked for this correction, or maybe they have but unable to know who to contact? The videos would be super-helpful for new users.. Thanks I will try the QC email...
  6. postshaas

    Error 942 Curve Crosses Edge

    If you are working with splines, first make sure the spline is projected to the same level of the plane> project. Then> spline from curves and the newly created spline should extrude fine after that.
  7. postshaas

    Customer Feedback Program

    More specifically, it's the 2021 Product owner beta videos. This is the error: <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access Denied</Message> <RequestId>0E670CE4341965DD</RequestId> <HostId>ZHIXmk2x1U/IzM6BIXW6AgfbQ4/0FrMmcTasIIguCSlx/HHVdR9ifugk41pRwotGJPFVkIohuic=</HostId> </Error>
  8. postshaas

    Customer Feedback Program

    Ken, Thanks for your contributions to Mastercam University. Did you know that the videos on there that you posted that have a pound sign in the title do not show up? it's likely a server issue, but would be great to access them! I think it definably has something to do with the pound sign in the titles? ### Sorry for the off topic, couldn't figure out a way to contact you directly... Cheers, Kirk

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