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  1. spacemanspiffee

    Force XY move before rotary move

    Thanks for the link, I'll definitely be digging into that.
  2. spacemanspiffee

    Force XY move before rotary move

    Colin, Thanks for the excellent explanation. I thought that the Misc Values page might have been what you were referring to, but wasn't sure. This sounds like a pretty powerful way of getting the code output exactly how I want it. Are all the Misc Values something that Postability sets up, or is that some thing that I can tweak myself? (obviously with enough know how I could make the changes myself, but like I said I'm new to editing posts and MasterCAM in general). Does Postability provide documentation on what each of those values does other than the "strings" that are displayed on that page? I appreciate the detailed answer! For context as to myself, I'm new to MasterCAM. I used it for a few months in college in a CNC class I took doing 3+1 and 3+2 programming. I haven't used MasterCAM since then before starting this new job. I am not new to programming and running CNC machines. I started using BobCAM for Solidworks to program little desktop hobby machines toward the end of highschool, then graduated to tormachs at the beginning of college, and then got to do some work using Haas vertical milling centers, and recently got a 5'x5' 3 axis router for woodworking at home. I haven't had to do much post editing for any of those as the posts provided by BobCAM have been adequate for my needs. For work I'm now programming using MasterCAM on large 5 axis head head style routers doing simultaneous 5 axis stuff, which is a bit of a jump in complexity but is also pretty cool.
  3. spacemanspiffee

    Force XY move before rotary move

    I have a vague idea what you are talking about, but am unsure where I set the integer values. I am fairly new to MasterCAM (I've been programming in BobCAM for Solidworks for a long time) so I'm still learning where all the buttons are and what they do in relation to what I'm used to. Can you explain this a little more for me? Thanks!
  4. spacemanspiffee

    Force XY move before rotary move

    I'll give that a try. Thanks!
  5. Hey all. At work we have a Royce head head style large format router. We've got a Postability post for it that is somewhat old (I'm fairly new at this company) and works OK, but I'm still needing to do the same hand edits to every program. I'd like to eliminate that. Using this post, after a toolchange the Gcode moves the rotary axes before positioning the head over the workpiece where it will be cutting. This can sometimes cause errors on the machine of over axis limit travel. We currently are hand editing the Gcode to move the rotary positioning moves after the first XY positioning move for every toolchange. I'd like to fix this in the post such that this sequence of events is followed: 1. tool change 2. machine moves to Z safe plane 3. machine moves to XY 4. machine positions AB axes I don't have very much experience editing post processors so I'm not sure what to look for and any help is greatly appreciated. MPPOSTABILITY_ROYCE_8055.pst

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