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  1. Waow thanks a lot Thee Byte for taking the time to do all this. I'll give this a try if I can't solve my ATP problem. Hello Mick, here is a Zip2Go file of a mcam file that returns me the chaining failure. I added my levels, strategy and operations files. With this mcam file, if I use ATP when I put all the geometry at Z0, it works fine, but when I move the geometry on different -Z (as it is in the file), I get the chaining failure. BAF DEPLIE STEP.ZIP
  2. Hello, thank you for your answer. I have already watched the youtube video you sent several times to understand the process of creation of a ATP program and it helped me, but it doesn't have the solution to the "chaining failure on the level" I'm getting. I hope Mick George will see this as you said. I didn't even know there were forums on mastercam.com, this site is the only one I found when searching for answers when I started Mastercam. I'll know it for the next time.
  3. Can someone help me ? Am I posting on the wrong Forum ? If you need more details on what I'm trying to do, I'll be happy to answer.
  4. Hello, I've been recently trying to use ATP. I created my operations, my levels, and my strategy. Everything works fine when I use it on flat geometry (with all the lines at z0), but when I use it with a non flat geometry, I get a "chaining failure on the level" (not sure of the exact message in English, I use it in French). The option "Use geometry depths" is turned on, I think I tried changing every single option but I keep getting this chaining failure. Does anyone have an idea to solve this ?

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