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  1. MachineHead05

    Broken Chains

    OK..I figured it out and I got the smaller file to attach. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Scott
  2. MachineHead05

    Broken Chains

    Thanks, I didn't know I could do that. The file size was over 24mb so I saved and uploaded as a .dxf file. I do that with a few of my suppliers, but I'm not sure if that will help in this situation.
  3. MachineHead05

    Broken Chains

    Hey all, I'm extremely new to Mastercam, but I have been using BobCad for the past year, so I have a little understanding of designing geometry to convert into G-Code. I upgraded to MasterCam2018, and I'm stuck on my first drawing ever on it. I imported a .jpg file and scaled it to my requirements. I also outlined the image with a rectangle the size of my work piece, and went to go develop toolpaths for my NC. The problem I have is when I choose a pocket feature and input all my machine data, at the end of that I click the check mark and it comes up with a warning message - Warning Not All Boundaries Are Closed. Select Open Pockets or Close Chains. I understand what that means and why it's a problem, but I have ran into a wall trying to accomplish those operations and get my image cleaned up. Really hoping someone wouldn't mind helping me through this one. Thank You, -Scott gettingthere.dxf

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