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    Gcode from HLE

    Good morning, I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to ask this. I run an Advanced Manufacturing shop at a vocational highschool and we've basically been stuck in the mud for the last few months and I'm not sure what else to do. My students are learning remotely 75% of the time, and have access to the Home Learning Edition of Mastercam 2021, which does not produce G-code. Due to a series of miscommunications, my physical shop at the school has MasterCam 2020 (non-HLE, so it can produce g-code), and I have been continually told, for months now, that we would have 2021 installed on the shop computers 'by the end of the week.' I am still in the building even when I am teaching remotely so I have been able to program and machine some students parts, and even get to livestream the machining of parts that my students have designed and programmed in shop, including simple 4th axis parts. My problem is, I have a dozen high school seniors who have been working on their own MasterCam projects in MasterCam 2021 from home for a few months, and are in school this week but we cannot produce any g-code because they have programs made in 2021 and we only have 2020 on site. Is there any way to create code, or save entire mastercam files as an older version in this instance? Thanks, Al
  2. apeters

    MC 2020 Feed output for G93

    Thanks for your response! You gave me an idea.. the post maxes the feed output at F1000. for inverse time and almost every line has an F1000. The programmed feed rate is around 15 IPM which is converted to something above 1000 in inverse time feed for 99% of the moves already. I figured if the feed rate doesn't change over a small distance, thus not outputting a feed, it is probable that there are not actually two identical feed rates on consecutive lines based on the shape of the part, but they are close enough to be the same due to rounding. So I increased the programmed feed from 15 IPM to 100 IPM to scale the feeds (still capping inverse time feeds at 1000). This fixed my problem Thanks a lot!
  3. apeters

    MC 2020 Feed output for G93

    I noticed the lines that did not have feed rates were on lines that moved with very slight changes in A-values and thought MasterCam might have an issue processing the feed because it is moving between two points that are very close to eachother. I increased the cut tolerance to 0.010 in the cut pattern parameters and this seems to have fixed the issue.. but if anyone has any ideas as to how I can remedy this without having to always increase the cut tolerance, that would be much appreciated.
  4. I have created a program that finishes with a 4-axis rotary tool path. I am using a Haas VF2 with the Generic 4-axis haas post from MasterCam. It's about 80K lines of code that get output using G93 Inverse time feed. Feed is non-modal when using G93 so there needs to be an F-value on every single line while G93 is active. About 1 out of every 20 lines does not have an F value and I can't figure out why.. any thoughts as to how I can fix this? Thanks, Al

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