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  1. iI'm sorry, I'm not a reseller and I can't access
  2. Hello everybody. I hope somebody could help me :). I have a vbscript that merges files into a new one (the one I save with SaveMCAs) and when I want to open it with the OpenMC function within the same script at the end of it, it doesn't open it for me. However, if I open it manually I have no problems and the content is what I have mounted inside my script with the importFile and MergeMC. Any ideas on how I can open the file from within the script? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello everybody. I am creating a VBS file (in the X4 version) to be able to export geometry to DXF and automatically select the entities to export, I created a .mask file to filter through and select all / only what I need and it works perfectly, but I don't know If it is possible to use that .mask file (filter) within the VBS programming and if possible I do not know the command that I have to use in the VBS programming. In the same way, in case of not being possible and having to make the selection through orders, I would like to know if it is possible to make the selection through different criteria together at the same time, such as Entities (Lines and arcs), color of the entities, levels or even the name of the level. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks guys for your help, and for wasting your appreciate time answering my question. I have created my needed VB script, basing it on what you told me here, changing my original idea. Finally, I convert the toolpath from post off to post on, because it was very difficult for me to choose only the operations to change. Below I’m going to share my script, so that anybody can use it if needed. '//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ' -- Start Script Call Main() Sub Main() Dim intOpCount, idx ' -- COGEMOS TODAS LAS OPERACIONES QUE TENEMOS intOpCount = GetOperationCount(vbNullString) ' -- MARCAMOS POST OFF AQUELLAS OPERACIONES QUE ESTÁN POST ON Dim success For idx = 1 To intOpCount success=SetOperationPostingFromID(vbNullString, idx, False) Next RunPostAll "", 1 End Sub '//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for your answers! I’m gonna prove it in my code
  6. Hi everybody, I’m working with X4 and creating a vbs file script. I’m wondering if it’s possible to select operations from the toolpaths and post them off using vbscript? I mean: I want to select some operations and automatically (using the vbs script) post them off (as if I were using toggle posting button). Thanks

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