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  1. Candicane

    Pencil toolpath

    well i didnt know that.. I always thought some of the older legacy toolpaths still had their place in the world.. Thanks alot!!1
  2. Candicane

    Pencil toolpath

    How do you access the old legacy toolpaths in 2021?
  3. Candicane

    Pencil toolpath

    this is what im trying to pencil .. It would be a bit tedious i think to isolate certain surfaces i think.. I will give it a go anyway.. Thought it could just be a matter of one pass along the crease of the parts.. Thanks!
  4. Candicane

    Pencil toolpath

    Hi, im trying to do a pencil toolpath in 2021 and i just cant get it to only do 1 pass only in the crease of my part.. im getting multiple toolpaths all over the place which i don't want.. I think the issue maybe my parameters.. Thanks
  5. Candicane

    Rest machining using stock model

    Thanks alot for that..Got it!!
  6. Hi All, Im sure ive seen it but cant find it now in regards to 2021.. Ive done an optirough toolpath and created a stock model from it to represent what my part now looks like.. I want to then use the stock model created to base my calculations for an optirough rest toolpath to use a smaller dia cutter.. Any help appreciated!
  7. Candicane

    4th axis indexing

    Thanks for the link.. But i literally have no idea what to do with those files ..
  8. Candicane

    4th axis indexing

    crazyman, how do i get m,achine simulate to display the 4th axis setup as you have? is it one of the default machine types in 2021? This is another thing i need to learn.. Thanks
  9. Candicane

    Splines to Arcs

    Guys, I'm after the best way to convert splines to arcs in 2021.. Cant seem to find a sure fire way to eliminate the splines all together.. Thanks!
  10. Candicane

    Toolpath not correctly orientated

    Thanks for the replies.. It was an x9 file and ive regenerated with no avail.. The code output with x9 is correct but for some reason with 2021 its not outputting all the A values i need.. I will talk to my reseller about it.. For now i will use the x9 file.. 2021 doesnt displaty options to acess the page in machine def where you can see details about the A axis.. see attached pic.. Thanks
  11. Has anyone had this issue? Its an existing file from x4 but now im worried that in 2021 there will be issues.. Thanks
  12. Candicane

    Saftey Zone

    Is there a feature called safty zone in 2021? If so where would i find it? Thanks
  13. Candicane

    Smaller menu bar in verify

    Hi, Is it possible to have a smaller in height menu bar? Currently its taking up alot of realestate.. Sorry about the attached picture but you get my drift.. Thanks!
  14. Candicane

    Surfaces from solid

    The solid that im creating the surface from is visible..
  15. Candicane

    Surfaces from solid

    Hi, In 2021 im creating surfaces from a solid.. But for some reason the surfaces are disappearing? If anyone can shed some light it would be appreciated!

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