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  1. Hi, Ive a particular file i want to use run verify on but for some reason its importing a model from about a year ago(red model)as well as my new stock(blue model) Very strange.. how can i get rid of this unwanted model and update it with my new stock? Thanks
  2. Yes it is.. Im only using a dia 6 x 45 deg chamfer tool..
  3. Hi All, I'm trying model chamfer for the first time and I'm having trouble.. I'm able to generate a toolpath only if the chamfer width is set to zero.. If i change chamfer width to say 05 it doesn't generate toolpath.. I'm sure I'm missing something so any help appreciated.. thanks !
  4. Hi, When calculating a toolpath im wondering what it means down in the bottom left corner when it flashes up briefly and says Running Security?
  5. Hi, Im sure ive seen it before but i want to analize the length if a chain .. Im machineing a fancy shaped oring groove and io want to know the circumference of it.. Thanks
  6. Here's an example.. Thanks chamfer model example.mcam
  7. Ive just tried model chamfer 2021... if i have 0 set for chamfer width it looks as though it cuts ok but obviously the chamfer width is zero.. If i change chamfer width to say 0.2 mm or whatever it doesnt generate a toolpath at all. I must be missing something..
  8. i know my maintenance has expired so i dont expect to be able to fully update but is it possible to get just the update relating to the event logger so this can be resolved? Or at the very least a way to stop the event logging altogether.. Surley this would be possible as it really is a pain the way it is at the moment..
  9. i disabled the event logger and it fixed it right away.. Very strange.. I'm not very confidant in having to come up with a work around so maybe I'm stuck with this issue...
  10. The issue almost seems as if i double click the mouse very quickly on the yellow field i want to enter data into and then it hangs.. Thanks for the reply..
  11. Thanks for all the replies.. My files are all on an ssd drive whickh is E drive.. I think i will submit the file to mastercam qc.. What would there email be? Ive also attached the file in question.. Thanks ! X15B2471.mcam

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