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  1. ton

    Drill + Peck cycle combo?

    Yes I think this is the custom cycle I've been looking for! To input any values as desired and allowing the cycle to figure the remaining depth. I'll try to copy and paste to see if it works. Because I'm not sure what kind of custom features differ from the two hopefully it will work. I'll run it in air before test cut... Thanks a million!
  2. ton

    Drill + Peck cycle combo?

    Yes thanks I'm aware of G98(clearence) and G99(R plane). I was busy at work and haven't yet had a chance to perform the subroutine. I do not want the cycle to rapid back up to R.1 I would like G83 to continue where G81 ended off at Z-0.64 can I throw in a incremental and then a G98 in the end? % O5001 G00 Z0.1 G99 G81 Z-0.64 R.1 F20. G91 G83 Z-1.1 R-0.6 Q.1 G90 G98 Z0.1 G80 M99  %
  3. ton

    Drill + Peck cycle combo?

    That may just work! Thankyou I'll try it out... Thanks a bunch!!!
  4. ton

    Drill + Peck cycle combo?

    Thankyou! I was looking for more of a custom drill cycle?. Where I can input any desired shoulder depth and have a custom cycle figure it out the remaining z depth to peck.
  5. Hello everyone, I run an older Fanuc15m. We have a spade drill bits that does not like to drill deeper then its shoulder depth without burning out the sides of the inserts. We currently are pecking with G73 Q_ R.3 Z_ F_ which is very time consuming. Is there a specific cycle that allows for a drilling cycle to dill to any specified shoulder depth and then start the pecking to the desired depth cut? For example: G_ _ D-.48 (drill value for shoulder Z-depth) Q.05(peck value for the remaining Z-depth) R.1 Z-1.2 F5. Thanks for your time and input!

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