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  1. Tegheim83

    Cimco Probing often krasch during regenerate

    We have a saying at our company after talking to support "it's just with us..."
  2. Tegheim83

    Cimco Probing often krasch during regenerate

    They are aware, and have never seen it before
  3. Tegheim83

    Cimco Probing often krasch during regenerate

    Business as ususal...
  4. Are we the only ones having continous problem that Cimco Probing is krasching when regenerate? Once you have a probe-op that works, it's dangerous to change anything inside. Only thing to do is to save before regen, and maybe even restart mastercam to avoid it. But have you used Mastercam for a while, and try to regen, it often krasch and want a krasch-report. Think I have filled in them 20 times at least, and contacted support, but nothing. Have had Cimco-krasch minimum 20 times just at this specific part, but many more during 2020-2022 of Mastercam.
  5. Tegheim83

    Stock Modell and OptiRough eating all my time

    I only use external STL's saved from verify as well. Trying to generate a Stock using prevoius op's will not work. Have had it standing still for over night just trying. What does the "only mill flutes" really do?
  6. Tegheim83

    Stock Modell and OptiRough eating all my time

    In metric, I have tolerances set on 0.05mm. I only use STL-files, so don't know if "Mill flutes only" help me. I have changed Memory Buffering fron 50% to 75% now. It's says 49088.55MB at 75%.
  7. I'm having trouble that regenerate Stock Modells, and also Using those for OptiRest is taking all my time. What is the best, or fastest way to create several stock models in a part? For example, I get a *.STP/STEP from my client. I start with a billet stock, and the starts with a bigger tool cutting weight of with OptiRough Then I make a stock model, and a new OptiRest with a smaller tool, and then maybe repeat once more. In my latest part I have 6 or 7 stock models, and the file is kind of heavy now. Regen takes ages, and I only trying to use STL's as stock, as "one other op", or "use all earlier.." will not manage to get a result. Any tips and trix are welcome! Using Mastercam 2022. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz - 64GB RAM Quadro P2000
  8. Thats only for select same place every time. Not what I want. I have a location for every part. Read that thread last week and tried it, but didn't work as I wanted. It only remembered the last directory. This seems to work so far! Wonder how it got turned of in the first place? Will do some more parts and hopefully this was it! Thnx.
  9. A year ago I got a new computer and fresh install of Mastercam. As of this, my NC-file always was saved in the same folder as my *.mcam-file by default. It was heaven. We have hundreds of different folder per customer, where we collect PDF, DXF, MCAM and NC (*.H) and so on, for each invidual part. Last week it all changed, and now Mastercam always saves my NC-file in the last fodler I saved a NC-file to. Can't remember doing any changes in settings? Any clues what I did, and how I get it back?

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