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  1. Yes, I saw that file. I need it to ramp 100% of time when cutting, and I couldn't make it work with that method. Anyways it is done, so will be cutting a lot of parts now ..
  2. How is this achieved without transforming the toolpath? I need 58 ramps down of 0.5 mm each. The whole face (both passes) needs to be cut, before moving on to the next depth. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the help! I managed to get it done by creating a toolpath that with 2 muliti passes went down 0.25 mm in Z, then copying it all the way down in the pocket. 10 min roughing time of a 500 (L)*113 (W) *30 (D) mm pocket.
  4. I mean how do I make it cut the same Z in both passes at the same time before moving on to the next Z depth. Like showed in the picture, I don't want it to go full z depth in the first pass because of chip evacuation.
  5. I can't use contur because when I enable multiple passes, it will start with ramping down to full z depth in the first pass, and then move on to the next pass and ramp down to that in full z depth. I would like to mill the whole pocket step by step in z depth, doing all the passes by z depth order. (the mill is 40 mm and the pocket is 113 mm wide)
  6. Hello. I would like to rough this pocket by ramping all the way down, in multiple stepovers, with a high feed face mill. I cant figure out which feature to use, I am using Mastercam 2021 2D/3D. Thank you! Andreas F Validate

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