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  1. Hello everyone, I just want to cheer you guys over the holiday and I have found some previous programmers of which turned off the CLEARANCE and RETRACT planes. I got so mad about it and I have written a warning because it is very DANGEROUS for HORIZONTAL and 5 AXIS... =======================
  2. SLuong

    Machine Simulation

    Thank you, I just emailed you.
  3. Hello everyone, I already had the solid models for my Horizontal machine + index attached to it. I would like to look for someone who can create Machine Simulation files for me to simulate. I did ask my dealer but he stated that IMPOSIBILITY company demand my company to purchase post + machine simulation. However, we already have post for it. The post itself it costs us $2,500 we can't just purchase another post + machine simulation. If any of you guys know where I can get only machine simulation service company, let me know so I can request my company to purchase from. Deal's debate was the machine simulation is tight to the post and that is not very convince able. I used to use the machine only without the post, it worked fine. When on the machine simulation crash, it means outside crash as well. I think nowadays dealers are must making harder for end users to get what they need not what dealer want (more money charge). ps: I already had the solid models, all I need is a person to create the machine simulation. Thanks
  4. I have tried like the way you've done it and it ended up with I have to type every single time with a different part number, job, etc... However, there is a way to make it AUTOMATICALLY of which pulling the data from SOURCE. Here how I made it work as below. PRORAM NAME AS "NC FILE" MACHINE GROUP COMMENT AS "CUSTOMER NAME" SOURCE FILE AS "PART NUMBER" I have been working on this templates several years (15 minutes per day) and now this is finally completed as really want. I think it may take you up to six months to if you have your own layout and design it through ACTIVE REPORT.
  5. Hello everyone, I just got hired into a company who is previously bought a used UMC750 METRIC and it also came with METRIC POST in POST as well. Now they have called SELWAY to convert the METRIC to ENGLISH. I would like to convert from their current post processor from METRIC to ENGLISH as well. Is there a quick way or switch from the MACHINE DIFINITION to ENABLE the ENGLISH and DISABLE the METRIC? Thank you.
  6. Guess what? I've got this done by paying MasterCam $300 just to make my DEEPEST Z DEPTH shows up. I think it worth it. Just send to MASTERCAM, they'll do it for you.
  7. SLuong

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    I have my own too. I am trying to steel some of your ideas and putting on mine of which already existed. Thanks for the share.
  8. To be honest, Japanese are very smart why they make such a so DUMP control like MAZAK? The machine is an amazing thing to use it. For the control, it is TRASH!!!!!
  9. Hello support, I am using a HORIZONTAL of which contains the "B" rotation and I would like to make an alarm such as: IF LAST ROTATION <> CURRENT ROTATION & PREVIOUS T$ = CURRENT T$ & RETRACT FLAG = 0 then show alarm.... I've got nothing alarm, I think the problem is the "prv_cabs <> cabs ". Please help, S.Luong =================== if srot_label = "B" & rotretflg = 0 & prv_cabs <> cabs & (prv_t$ = t$ | last_tool$ <> t$ | t$ = next_tool$), [if mprint(sHorizontalBRotationHomeDemands), exitpost$], e$ #Region sHorizontalBRotationHomeDemands sHorizontalBRotationHomeDemands = "CUT#"+sToolPathNumber+", When rotate with differnt B ROTATION ANGLE," +no2asc(13)+" Z MUST BE HOME!!!" +no2asc(13) +no2asc(13)+"TOOL#"+no2str(t$)+" ("+s20001+")" +no2asc(13) +no2asc(13)+ " FROM B" + no2str(prv_cabs) + ", TO B" + no2str(cabs) +no2asc(13)+no2asc(13) +no2asc(13)+"=======================================" +no2asc(13)+"CUT COMMENT: " +no2asc(13)+ " " + sop_com +no2asc(13) +no2asc(13)+ " TOOL OP# " + no2str(tool_op$) +no2asc(13)+ " OPCODE# " + no2str(opcode$) +no2asc(13)+ " TOOL TYPE# " + no2str(tool_typ$) #EndRegion sHorizontalBRotationHomeDemands
  10. Hello, I am looking for "tool_op$" for these below, would you guys tell me where to get it in the MASTERCAM PARAMETER pdf file? I have them all but I cannot find them. Perhaps they are another PDF file? Thanks ========================= shst00 : "CORE ROUGHING" # String definition shst01 : "AREA CLEARANCE" shst02 : "WATERLINE" shst03 : "CONSTANT STOVR" shst04 : "HORIZONTAL" shst05 : "RASTER" shst06 : "PENCIL" shst07 : "HYBRID" shst08 : "NULL" shst09 : "SPIRAL" shst10 : "RADIAL" shst11 : "REST ROUGH" shst12 : "OPTI AREA" shst13 : "OPTI CORE" shst14 : "OPTI REST" shst15 : "PROJECT" shst16 : "" shst17 : "" shst18 : "" shst19 : "" sopnotehst : "" # Target string # -------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Region Select High Speed Name # -------------------------------------------------------------------------- sDynamicMill : "(DYNAMIC MILL)" sAreaMill : "(AREA MILL)" sContourMill : "(2D HIGHSPEED CONTOUR)" sPeelMill : "(DYNAMIC PEEL MILL)" sBlendMill : "(2D BLEND MILL)" sDynamicArea : "DYNAMIC AREA" sDynamicRest : "DYNAMIC REST" sDynamicCore : "DYNAMIC CORE" sDynamicContour : "DYNAMIC CONTOUR" shsname : "" fstrsel sDynamicMill op_type_hsm shsname 9 -1 #EndRegion Select High Speed Name # -------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Region Select Surface High Speed Name # -------------------------------------------------------------------------- sOptiArea : "(OPTI-AREA)" sOptiRough : "(OPTI-ROUGH)" sWaterLine : "(WATER LINE)" Scallop : "(SCALLOP)" sHorizontal : "(HORIZONTAL)" sRaster : "(RASTER)" sPencil : "(PENCIL)" sHybrib : "(HYBRID)" sNoLongerUsed8 : "(NO LONGER USE)" sPrial : "(SPIRAL)" sRadial : "(RADIAL)" sNoLongerUsed11 : "(NO LONGER USE)" sNoLongerUsed12 : "(NO LONGER USE)" sNoLongerUsed13 : "(NO LONGER USE)" sNoLongerUsed14 : "(NO LONGER USE)" sProject : "(PROJECT)" sEqualScallop : "(EQUAL SCALLOP)" sBlend : "(BLEND)" s3DHighSurfaceSpeedName: "" fstrsel sOptiArea op3DHighSurfaceSpeed s3DHighSurfaceSpeedName 18 -1 #EndRegion Select High Speed Name
  11. Thanks for the tips. ============================== N6(ROUGH SECOND STEP, CUT#4) G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90(19.52S) G91 G28 Z0. M19 (3X RDEPTH CUTS, .025 PER) T6(1.25, 1-1/4 HIGH FEED, .030RAD, , TiNC,) (M 373211) M6 G90 G54 X4.202 Y-1.7956 S1302 M3 G43 H#51999 Z1. T27 (DOC= Z-.0294) M8 Z.125 G1 Z-.0147 F27. X3.9811 Y-1.5746 G3 X3.875 Y-1.5307 I-.1061 J-.1061 (CUTTING...) G1 X4.202 Y1.7956 G0 Z1. M9 G91 G28 Z0. M5 M1 (*) N27(ROUGH DAT A AND DAT B +.02, CUT#5) G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90(07M 58.18S) G91 G28 Z0. M19 (DYNAMIC MILL) (.0525 STOVR, 7.PERC TDIA.) T27(.75, 3/4 EM, .030RAD, , TiNC,) (IMC 66222. COLLET=REG 1732.19050 ) M6 G90 G54 X-3.3656 Y-3.1621 S3500 M3 G43 H#51999 Z1. T6 (DOC= Z-.2162) G5 P2(MAZAK LOOK AHEAD ON) M8 Z.1 G1 Z-.2062 F100. X-3.3694 Y-3.1529 (CUTTING...) G1 X.9053 Y1.6777 Z-.2062 X.9519 Y1.6972 G0 Z1. M9 G5 P0(MAZAK LOOK AHEAD OFF) G91 G28 Z0. M5 G0 G90 G54 X0. M1 T6 M6(1.25, 1-1/4 HIGH FEED) M6 #3901 = #3901 + 1 M30(CHARACTERS COUNT = 36,684 - 35.84KB) #3901 = 0 (OPERATOR MANUAL RESET) %
  12. Hello Crazy Mill Man, I just called Mazak and this is what they told me: G61.1, K70 (MAZAK LOOK AHEAD ON) G64 (MAZAK LOOK AHEAD OFF) or.... G5 P2(MAZAK LOOK AHEAD ON) G5 P0(MAZAK LOOK AHEAD OFF) Which one have you seen the most common used? Thanks.
  13. Hello everyone, I am trying to look for the codes for MAZAK LOOK AHEAD and this if what I found, not sure if these are right or wrong. G61.1, K40(MAZAK LOOK AHEAD ON) G61.1(MAZAK LOOK AHEAD OFF) Thank you. ============================================ N6(ROUGH FACE AND RADII, CUT#36) G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90(11M 41.51S) G91 G28 Z0. M19 (OPTI-AREA) T6(1.25, 1-1/4 HIGH FEED, .030RAD, , TiNC,) (M 373211) M6 G90 G55 X-.7812 Y-.5903 S3200 M3 G43 H#51999 Z1. T7 (DOC= Z-.59) G61.1, K40(MAZAK LOOK AHEAD ON) M7 Z.37 G1 Z.345 F125. G19(YZ PLANE) G3 Y-.5653 Z.32 J.025 K0. G17(XY PLANE) G2 X-.216 Y0. I.5653 J0. G3 X.8862 Y1.3821 Z.2896 I0. J1.1305 X-.7065 Y2.149 Z.2593 I-1.1022 J-.2516 (CUTTING...) X-1.3082 Z-.49 Z-.465 G0 Z1. G61.1(MAZAK LOOK AHEAD OFF) M9
  14. Hello admin, I guess my hobby is reading all the threads from you guys while I am on break and I have downloaded the mobile app as "MASTERCAM COMMUNITY", does not allow me to view because it said I am a "NON CUSTOMER". I have registered the "SIM" number in my profile and I wonder what would I need to do to make it work. Thank you
  15. SLuong

    Probing Routine - Renishaw/Haas

    Hello Colin, I was able to do in HAAS and now I would like to do in MAZAK. However, the sub program number as "P9820" of which STOCK ALLOWANCE you just old me was not found in MAZAK. Do you where I can get a document of all the sub program call out for G65 as MAZAK? ps: The control is fairly new, I think it is made in 2015 proximately. Thanks for the great info as HAAS ===================== this is what I've done for Haas =============== O1234(PROBE TESTING) N120(FIND LOWEST POINT ON SURFACE PROBE) G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 G91 G28 Z0. T120 M6(RENAISHALL PROBE) M0(CHECK G59 Z OFFSET VALUE) (TAKE PICTURE OF IT) G65 P9832(PROBE ON) ==========> MISSING SUB- PROGRAM NUMBER FROM MAZAK G0 G90 G59 X0. Y0. G43 H#3020 Z1. G1 Z.125 F25. G65 P9820 Z0. I-4. J8.325 I4. J8.325 I-4. J.475 I4. J.475 S6. ==========> MISSING SUB- PROGRAM NUMBER FROM MAZAK G0 G90 Z1. G91 G28 Z0. M0(COMPARE G59 Z OFFSET FROM PREVIOUS VALUE) (IT MUST BE DIFFERNT AT LEAST .0005 OR MORE) M0(NOTHING CHANGE? DON'T RUN) G65 P9833(PROBE OFF) ==========> MISSING SUB- PROGRAM NUMBER FROM MAZAK M30 %

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