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  1. hmm, ok thanks, I'll work on it as time permits. No promises!
  2. I can show you how to create a listener to do this with your native mastercam, only with 2022,what kind of tool do you want to make?
  3. It must be a formatting thing, no the above line won't do anything, you can follow the code from the post to a t, the file just has the same code copy pasted inside .
  4. Yeah, the performance is inconsistent, sometimes they import out of order. You could try running this macro for importing all the operations from a file using netscripting.dll included with mastercam 2022 . I attached it as a text file as well. I haven't had any issues importing this way.. //#r"C:/Program Files/Mastercam 2022/Mastercam/NETHook3_0.dll" using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading; using System.Drawing; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Globalization; using System.IO; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; //get the active machine group var activeGroup = Mastercam.Support.GroupManager.GetActiveMachineGroup(); if (activeGroup == null) { activeGroup = Mastercam.Support.GroupManager.NewGroup(Mastercam.Support.MachineDefManager.GetCurrentMachineType()); } [StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential, CharSet = CharSet.Auto)] public class OpenFileName { public int structSize = 0; public IntPtr dlgOwner = IntPtr.Zero; public IntPtr instance = IntPtr.Zero; public String filter = null; public String customFilter = null; public int maxCustFilter = 0; public int filterIndex = 0; public String file = null; public int maxFile = 0; public String fileTitle = null; public int maxFileTitle = 0; public String initialDir = null; public String title = null; public int flags = 0; public short fileOffset = 0; public short fileExtension = 0; public String defExt = null; public IntPtr custData = IntPtr.Zero; public IntPtr hook = IntPtr.Zero; public String templateName = null; public IntPtr reservedPtr = IntPtr.Zero; public int reservedInt = 0; public int flagsEx = 0; } public class LibWrap { [DllImport("Comdlg32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto)] public static extern bool GetOpenFileName([In, Out] OpenFileName ofn); } if (activeGroup != null) { //instantiate the open file dialog class OpenFileName ofn = new OpenFileName(); //default parameters //allocate memory ofn.structSize = Marshal.SizeOf(ofn); //set more params ofn.file = new String(new char[256]); //set more params ofn.maxFile = ofn.file.Length; //set more params ofn.fileTitle = new String(new char[64]); //set more params ofn.maxFileTitle = ofn.fileTitle.Length; //user defined popup window title ofn.title = "Select a mastercam file to import"; //starting directory ofn.initialDir = Mastercam.IO.SettingsManager.SharedDirectory; //file extension ofn.defExt = "mcam"; //Set the file extension filter ofn.filter = "Mcam files\0*.mcam"; //stlfile path container var mcamFilePath = String.Empty; //open the file if (LibWrap.GetOpenFileName(ofn)) { mcamFilePath = ofn.file; } if(mcamFilePath != null) { if (mcamFilePath != String.Empty) { if (System.IO.File.Exists(mcamFilePath)) { Mastercam.Operations.OperationsManager.ImportOptions importSettings = new Mastercam.Operations.OperationsManager.ImportOptions(); //Gets a value indicating whether the feeds and speed should be calculated. importSettings.CalcFeedsAndSpeed = false; //Gets a value indicating whether the feeds and speed should be calculated. importSettings.CaseSensitiveNameMatch = false; //Gets a value indicating whether the name match on the Operation Name is case sensitive or not. importSettings.DisableDuplicateToolCheck = true; //Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not to check to see if a "matching" tool already exists in the part file and if found use it. importSettings.FilePath = mcamFilePath; //Gets or sets a value indicating whether any associated geometry will also be imported with the operation. importSettings.ImportOperationGeometry = false; //Gets or sets a value indicating whether any groups be imported with the operation. importSettings.ImportOperationGroups = true; //Gets or sets a value indicating whether any associated operation (toolpath) groups will also be imported with the operation. importSettings.OperationID = 0; //Gets or sets the operation ID of the operation to import (if not importing "by name"). importSettings.OperationName = ""; //Gets or sets the name of the operation to import (if OperationID = 0). importSettings.SetOpViewsToCurrentSystemViews = false; //Gets or sets a value indicating whether the imported operation will have its views reset to the current system view on import. var operations = Mastercam.Operations.OperationsManager.ImportAllOperations(importSettings); } } } } Import All Ops From File.csx
  5. I had a similar problem, this was how I fixed it as well. . are you using multiple groups? there is an issue when importing from multiple groups with operations out of sequence... https://forum.mastercam.com/Topic42483.aspx#43381
  6. There should be some info about what error occurred in the error log pop-up after you post..
  7. I also never liked the changes to the drill point manager..
  8. ahhh that's it! thanks Jayson!!!!
  9. that's good, everything loaded fine from your shared folders, we will have to chalk this one up to gremlins!
  10. Hi, I replied to your post on the other site, sorry for the confusion, MastercamForums.com is my organizations support and discussion forum, the official forum is on -> Mastercam.com . You will need a log in there to access the documentation for building add-ins for mastercam.
  11. The chaining mode being stuck on last drives me nuts for sure!
  12. when I say configuration I mean the entire contents of the my mastercam and shared mastercam folders, not just the one file, there are some unknown components that have given me problems, beyond the usual "suspects", workspace etc.. loading your config didn't change anything for me
  13. usually generating new configuration folders and a full reinstall is needed for undefined behavior due to corruption, since this is isolated to 3 machines, would they share a configuration?
  14. It was fixed in Mc2021 or Mc2022, I am also not seeing the issue you described, all versions up to x9?

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