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  1. yes, this is a known issue, see the original topic on mastercam for potential solutions -> https://forum.mastercam.com/Topic42483.aspx
  2. I don't have much experience, but i figure, if it works in the simulator...
  3. It could happen also, the drill may wander, I always suggest to only pre-drill on hard materials like stainless steel, and only in specific situations, here its unnecessary as a 3/8 endmill is unlikely to snap, if programmer properly! i mean i guess it depends on the quality of the tools you have available
  4. I can't think of any reason you would want to pre-drill 6061, just send in the endmills and call it a day, some good cutting strategies above.
  5. Thanks for sharing this, i hadnt tried it before now
  6. Yes, yes, we will all have to be banned.
  7. if you log in on the tab in mastercam you can see your maint, state, i think i had an issue i had to update the nethasp codes to get some files, but im not 100% thats wat it wooz
  8. //in c++ something like this, offset would be how much the window sticks out to the left, or right.. //from winexe.cpp //copyright 2021(c) byte /*Update a Button Windows Positions*/ void UpdateWindowPos(HWND hWndParent, HWND hWndChild, int offset) { if (hWndParent) { if (hWndChild) { RECT lPRect; GetWindowRect(hWndParent, &lPRect); lPRect.left = lPRect.right - 25 - offset; lPRect.right = 25; lPRect.bottom = 25; MoveWindow(hWndChild, lPRect.left, lPRect.top, lPRect.right, lPRect.bottom, TRUE); UpdateWindow(hWndChild); } } }
  9. "Is there a way yet to dock the toolpath manager, and the other managers OUTSIDE of your main mastercam window?" No, the mfc framework docking support only applies inside the window. This kind of behavior is possible inside the windows api, but you would need a custom programming solution to accomplish this.. This github project creates 3 child windows that follow a parent window around and act as buttons, the concept is different but the principle and functions used are the same. https://github.com/xx4g/twlekezexe I am translating the project to c#, so you will be able to emulate this in mastercam 2022 without mods, eventually
  10. haha no he is going to an event,its 4th wav, try and keep up!
  11. Yeah, I was speaking more to the specific case where the drill was all the same size, I think? Anyway I was hoping you would chime in, great to have a response from the p.o. !
  12. Seems to me that that would be mote computationally expensive than having a hole diametet of the drill..
  13. To be honest, frontend sucks. If only I could do backend only and leave the ui to others (without switching jobs that is What framework do you use?
  14. csexewin https://github.com/xx4g/csexewin Basic OpenGl 4.0 & glsl support Basic Win32 window with file menu and callbacks Purpose : to provide a simplified graphics & gui api for c# that is also low level and modern Direct translation from c++ to c# Dependancies : WindowsApi.dll -> https://github.com/xx4g/Windows-Api OpenGlX.dll -> https://github.com/xx4g/OpenGlX WinStructs.dll -> https://github.com/xx4g/WinStructs Gdi.dll -> https://github.com/xx4g/gdi
  15. I like your thinking! Hmmm, I wonder how long that would take to program? So you would have to create a completely new menu for the operation with all the fields, the chook operation can override the parameters dialog even so a custom dialog appears then your starting diameter would appear there, the chook would always be needed to maintain the new parameter, otherwise the operation will revert to its original state. The Nci editing would be the easy part, the ui is rather labor intensive, but thats kinda my thing!

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