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  1. Hi, those templates are not built for Mastercam 2022 yet as it is fairly new. You can dowload the old version of visual studios here -> Downloads - Visual Studio Subscriptions Portal You can alternative build your own templates from scratch. I added a few tutorial videos with visual studio and mastercam 2022 Creating a C# Nethook for Mastercam - YouTube Exporting a Visual Studio Project Template - YouTube xx4g/CustomNethook: Mastercam C# Nethook Example (
  2. byte

    Stock model *.stl

    Like I said, of you convert the stl file into triangular trim-surfs with the stl2surfs chook and export to stp, I think solidworks would have to accept it then.. some of the triangles might fail, in that case you will have to scale it up prior to import then scale it back down after, this is due to a tolerances issue when dealing with slivers, the chook will give you a count of the converted surfaces..
  3. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    I found the glow highlighting annoying at first, I just don't look directly at it now and it's fine.. It can be a hazard me when people leave the thick wireframe on for the next person, because it can make it hard to see intersections and overlapping lines, which is highy error prone. I definitely turned those things off at first, it's a lot to get used to, also turning off view transitions is a good timesave, i don't do that either anymore... It wouldn't be bad if you added that on the tips and tricks thread
  4. byte

    Stock model *.stl

    With a powerful machine like yours, It won't be so much of a problem, also, the triangle are distributed evenly on a different levels in a descending pattern with the visibility set off, so you can deal with the surfaces in "chunks" in the photo below, i set every other level off
  5. byte

    Stock model *.stl

    I'm not sure I understand, you are asking about assigning toolpaths to the surface body built from the mesh?
  6. byte

    Stock model *.stl

    you could try to convert the mesh to surfaces and then to a solid and export those using my free chook for mastercam 2021 or 2022
  7. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    We could always implement our own, I suppose, a nethook would be nice...
  8. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    I would say, about the new points manager. It might make it easier for a new mastercam user to add 3 points, or 7, but for an advanced used managing hundreds of drill holes, it is a pita. While i am at it, the drafting note changes and lost functionality in smart dimension are also a major regression!! /end rant
  9. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    There is a checkbox to import groups on the import dialog There is more info here about using the nethook api to import as well..
  10. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    There is a minute possibility that you are a little bias!
  11. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    Yes defintly, I feel an update 3.2 coming....
  12. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    I think a simple, "expand selected" & "collapse selected" chook would do the trick. You misunderstood I think, the feature hides ALL signatures Including yours They also don't show on mobkle devices afaik
  13. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    They added that feature recently, I believe if you hide a signature once it hides all of them until you turn it off. I notice it happened after I put some giant links to my site and the off topic forum in my siggy, tho I don't want to claim credit! I was kind of thinking they don't want users advertising their sites via the siggy.. Are you a member of
  14. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    True, very true... is the free community created by #Neurosis My official website is :
  15. byte

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    Sdk<at>Mastercam<dot>com is the contact for their team This isn't something I would monetize on, It's fairly trivial to implement and is very useful, Iirc Roger had it mostly figured out already... I'm actually de-monetizing a lot of products in an effort to make the software more appealing to new us3rs and drive traffic to my website

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