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  1. I was told once "metal is plastic" also true in it's way but I like the dirt analogy!!
  2. altamontmfg

    chain manager 2022

    On this one I call it Russian roulette, I prefer to see what side I am machining on. Call me picky but...... They call it the practice of medicine, but we machinists don't get that luxury.
  3. those are labeled DIALOG1, DIALOG2 ETC UP TO DIALOG8
  4. altamontmfg

    chain manager 2022

    Found it!! Here is my 2021 config settings. 1 little checkbox. Now. my question is why would there even be an option to turn off display of those arrows???
  5. altamontmfg

    chain manager 2022

    I'm guessing it's something here?? I didn't migrate smoothly to 2022. I was able to copy over my config files so I am surprised this is so hard to see.
  6. altamontmfg

    chain manager 2022

    Where in the holy heck is the display setting to turn on direction and machining side arrows in the chain manager. I can click away then click back on a chain and it pops up, but that will make me diabolically insane after a few more days.
  7. altamontmfg


    Your boss is a jerk!!! hahaha I can totally relate to this..
  8. altamontmfg

    Posting with Associativity Checking Off

    Sys config has a check box setting "suppress associativity warning messages" Bottom of the list, under toolpaths
  9. altamontmfg

    Stupid error : Toolpath regeneration failed.

    sTUPID sTOCK gETS mE aLL tHE tIME....
  10. altamontmfg

    Level Subgroups

    So, it's exactly like subgroups but different!!!!!
  11. altamontmfg

    Level Subgroups

    Can you explain how this works or what it does for you?? "Level set Displays the level set value of the selected level. You can also edit the level set of the selected level by typing a different value in the field."
  12. altamontmfg

    Disappearing tool library

    Tool library is a body of work with high value. I always have multiple copies in multiple locations, I have done this since the beginning, even when I was the only one programming.
  13. altamontmfg

    Regen times skyrocked suddenly.

    You mean machines from the 21st Century?? lol
  14. altamontmfg

    Regen times skyrocked suddenly.

    I use cut tolerance to get the file to fit in the control. Not sure how all those guys not using are not using DNC.
  15. 2-1/2 AXIS for the win!

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