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  1. If you make the template file like JParis said, make it "read-only," so you can't accidentally save over it
  2. Oh yeah, this threw me for a loop having come from NX first then into Mastercam.
  3. We use both NX and Mastercam where I work, Mastercam for 5 axis and NX for everything else. One thing I really like about NX is the ability to specify clearance planes for your workpiece/stock in the MCS (NXs version of WCS) and have the ability to "inherit" said clearance plane inside of toolpaths. I haven't had the chance to download Mastercam 2023 yet, any chance that something like this exists in it? Or maybe has all along and I just never noticed? My Z zero is off the bottom 90% of the time and our parts are all different heights so I find myself forgetting to set a different height for the clearance plane because in NX I have it set to a generic value and its inherited by all the toolpaths so they'll always clear during retracts and what not. It sucks bouncing back and forth between two softwares but whatever. Just curious if you guys would know or not! Thank you!
  4. I could be wrong because I've never actually done it but you might be able to find something suitable on the Mastercam Tech Exchange.

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