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  1. It's crashing for me too.
  2. That looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Post the results when you get this one figured out. :D
  3. Anyone else curious to find out if he was able to build that fixture?
  4. You'd likely have to edit your post. If you're going to try to do that, make a backup just in case. This is one of the easier post edits. Search through your post for something that looks like this. It should be self explanatory after that. Edit: I should probably add that I'm using the MpMaster post. The ease of fixing this could depend on which post you're using and how it's set up. # Coolant M code selection sm09 : "M09" #Coolant Off (Use sm09_0 through sm09_2) sm08 : "M08" #Coolant Flood sm08_1 : "M12" #Coolant Mist sm08_2 : "M50" #Coolant Tool sm09_0 : "M09" #Coolant Flood Off sm09_1 : "M09" #Coolant Mist Off sm09_2 : "M09" #Coolant Tool Off scoolant : "" #Target for string
  5. See if this helps. It may be more confusing than helpful? T10-450-43-Final-Knockout.zip
  6. I usually create planes around the fixed geometry rather than rotating the part. It's easier. I would use your surfaces to create a solid Then create a vector using the hole. You can project that vector to a plane to get the number for your rotation angle, Or, just create a wcs using the projected vector. Once you have that rotation angle, the tilt angle is easy. Project the vector to your new plane and check the tilt angle. I know that I'm not explaining this very well. I'm not a good instructor by any stretch. What version of MC are you using?
  7. It looks like the engineer has already given you the angle you need. Can you use his numbers to set your first angle? You can do the same with mastercam by creating a vector in the hole or one of the corners of the pocket. I can't explain very well the process to do what you need so I'm not going to try. I do this all the time for compound angled holes that we have to set up on our angle plates. I rotate our vises to get the first angle and then tilt the table for the second. When I'm lazy I just pull the file in to TopSolid and create a dummy drilling cycle and it will give you the rotations. I've never tried that in Mastercam but it would probably work the same.
  8. We have a couple of older machines that the paths just don't work as well on. Once in a while we can hit a sweet spot on them but more often than not, I have to use older machining methods. Or sometimes I'll still use the dynamic paths but with more conventional speeds, feeds, step overs, etc. I still get better tool life this way. Most of our newer equipment does very well. I've figured out over the years, and this could just be me putting limitations on myself, that they don't work in every scenario.
  9. LOL. I do like how this forum has the little "16 years later" note above the reply. :-)
  10. You can lead someone to tools, but you can't make them use them? Are we doing cliche's? :D
  11. I hate that. :D I'll use it for odd ball chamfers at times when we have one offs that the boss brought in on short notice. I'll usually just extend the surfaces. Not very elegant, but it works in a pinch.
  12. And here I thought that crazymill was the #3 FFS. I need to get my xxxx together. https://youtu.be/a7LH__BPqSY
  13. Not every path works in every situation on every machine. There is no one size fits all argument for HSM tool paths. Having said that, that guy sound a little ignorant and stubborn. I guess that rejecting those paths is his loss? Will you get in trouble if you do? If not, and you're confident in your approach, who cares what he thinks?
  14. It's a different site. We branched off when they shut down the offtopic here. I want to make sure that it's clear that were not trying to take away from this forum but to kinda add the alternative offtopic back. You'll have to create an account on that forum. If you decide to and have any issues let me know and we'll get it sorted out.
  15. What is going on with this forum!?! ahhhhhhhhh!
  16. I don't want to be too critical of something that I don't understand, so I'll refrain. Back in the early 2000's we housed an apprenticeship in our shop. It was only a 6 month apprenticeship but it was all manual machining. We never had anyone hack saw anything or file anything. Our shop was majority CNC at the time but we felt that people would get a better education starting from the roots of machining. If you passed we would recommend you to other shops. Not once did filing ever come up. To Rekd, those niche abilities are great to have. I don't mean to criticize.
  17. Out of curiosity, Why? Most of today's machining doesn't even require hand deburring. Hand working parts is definitely an art so don't get me wrong, but try to find someone who even want's to do it these days. If I bring a part to QC that needs to be filed in any way I would probably be reprimanded. :D
  18. I took machine shop classes back in the 80's. They didn't focus on filing. Is that really part of todays apprenticeships?
  19. I probably should have said emojis? :| :lol:
  20. I'm seeing a few new functions that I'm not entirely thrilled with. :D I don't like change! What happened to the emoticons!?!
  21. We had a kid who no longer works here tell the boss one day that he was going to leave for greener pastures because he didn't feel like he was getting paid what he was worth. We asked what he thought he was worth and why he thought that. He had watched a bunch of youtube videos and instagram posts and thought that he had become an expert. The boss told him to take the other job and that his job would be waiting for him when he came back. He was back in less than 30 days. It turned out that he didn't learn as much as he thought he did and they were able to figure that out fairly quickly.
  22. I didn't realize that you guys had a conversation going on over here about this. Colin, can I ask you a question? What is the cur_cflg$ = 70000 all about? The contour flags doesn't have 70000 listed as an option and the only reference I can find to 70000 anything is that it's reserved for future functionality?
  23. I did the 3d mill cert but only because I had some free time and they were offering it for free during the covid lockdowns. I've worked in the same shop for almost 30 years now. I doubt that thing will ever see the light of day.
  24. If you can post a step file, then you can post a mastercam file. It's not his problem. He just chooses to help people who aren't bootlegging the software. Ron is one of the most helpful people on the forum. If you don't want his help and just choose to get defensive when he asks for some insurance that you're using a legit version of the software, then that's your loss.

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