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  1. heavychevy2155

    Top of stock

    That's how I do it, and it Post's a g98 with it as well.
  2. heavychevy2155

    Why have duplicate tools when using transform?

    Maybe do a force tool change, not sure if transform would respect that or not.
  3. heavychevy2155

    Mastercam 2020 is released

    Downloading it when I get home!!
  4. heavychevy2155

    How to rotate a axis for contour path

    try this backup.mcam
  5. heavychevy2155

    creating a "spiral" wireframe

    How about make a flat round surface and use surface finish spiral, or is the peelmill look what your going for?
  6. heavychevy2155

    Knurling advice

    These will make your life so much better. I've used the CNC Modular System and it is so worth the money!! They come with recommended speed and feed chart for different dia. and materials. https://www.doriantool.com/knurling-tools/
  7. I've seen that with Pro-E files. I think we just had them redo the radii or something.
  8. heavychevy2155

    Right Angle Probing

    You would need to know where each of the probe tips are and you should be able to use a G10 shift to set the offset. I would use single surface probing and then shift those values. I'm sure my thinking is the hard way but I might get you going in the right direction.
  9. heavychevy2155

    Trade school tour.

    How about a Yankee's logo!!
  10. heavychevy2155

    wireframe divide question

    If i remember doesn't X+ have this ability?
  11. heavychevy2155

    late verify thread question

    No problem at all.
  12. heavychevy2155

    late verify thread question

    It's in simulator options (the icon next to post g-code) go to data tab and there it is.
  13. heavychevy2155

    HSM Advisor

    https://hsmadvisor.com/?page=Download here is the download page
  14. heavychevy2155

    3AX contour follow surfaces

    I used a contour tool path with depth cuts of .078, then used a trim toolpath from the front plane. It should be close to what your looking for. Kinda old school but it works. CONTOUR1.mcam
  15. heavychevy2155

    convert sheet solid into real solid

    I would get that a lot with ProE models.

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