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  1. heavychevy2155

    Operation display multiple tools by default?

    You could open your tool manager, then open your library with your tools and highlight and copy them up.
  2. heavychevy2155


    I hear everyone saying this is the buggiest release yet, but it seems like we have forgot about the tool renumbering bus a few releases back. That was one that really put a hurting on workflow!!
  3. heavychevy2155

    Machine utilization

    Could you get a form tool ground and mill the pulley grooves, not sure how deep they are though?
  4. heavychevy2155

    Titanium cutting

    If your going to pocket inside to out, I would try dynamic with a custom entry. Just a line in the middle will do, also give it some additional slot width. I just don't like helixing in and recutting chips in Ti. I use custom entry on just about anything I can, you can play around and really reduce some cycle time and it can make for some pretty cool paths.
  5. heavychevy2155

    maitanance fee

    One thing to not discount is having full access to the Mastercam Web site. There are useful tool and holder libraries, and tutorials and sample files that can help you understand some of the new toolpath's and their settings. The forum has quite a few CNC software employees on everyday and can help with any bugs that may pop up and get them logged in to hopefully get them corrected.
  6. heavychevy2155

    Turning a Small Dia

    I used Section turning all the time, a great tool that is really flexible. You can also turn on semi finish and put stock to leave to 0.0 and add number of semi finish cuts to 2-3 and really dial stuff in.
  7. heavychevy2155

    where do you change stock color MC2020

    Just go to config, colors, tools and holders. Then scroll to the bottom and you'll find Mill and Router Stock.
  8. Well, you can't have everything....
  9. https://us.dmgmori.com/products/machines/milling/5-axis-milling/dmu/dmu-50 One of these with their PH systems would be pretty bang up!! I ran a DMU_50 with HSK 20K spindle and man that was a fun machine to run!! The probe routines are top notch and a very accurate and fast machine. The one flaw that I saw with it was chip handling, if you are really getting after it the conveyor had a hard time keeping up. Oh yeah, and don't break an endmill. If it hits the door glass and breaks it, it's $10,000 to replace!!!!
  10. heavychevy2155

    Monitor Recomendations?

    I'm running Background (gradient start) = 0 Background (gradient end) = 8 looks pretty much the same as Programinator.
  11. heavychevy2155

    Chain Similar

  12. heavychevy2155

    help with a VERY deep pocket

    If you have very deep pockets, buy a few Yasda's. Then they won't be deep anymore....
  13. heavychevy2155

    2020 verify

    I don't believe it will show that, just like it won't show sparks and the tool melting or breaking.
  14. heavychevy2155

    Machsim MCAM2020

    Our's is utterly useless as well, our documents folder is synced to the server and it makes launching the Machsim so slow it's not even worth the time. It takes Mastercam at least 5 minutes close at the end of the day, everyone's workstation does it, not just mine. The only thing I can come up with that would be the cause is the Sync Center.
  15. heavychevy2155

    Mastercam 2020 : Here I come

    For every one person you hear complaining about MC2020, there are 1000's that are getting along just fine. Is it perfect? No, no software is, but it's the tool we choose to use and I've made a great life for my family and I. It will be just fine.

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