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  1. heavychevy2155

    wireframe divide question

    If i remember doesn't X+ have this ability?
  2. heavychevy2155

    late verify thread question

    No problem at all.
  3. heavychevy2155

    late verify thread question

    It's in simulator options (the icon next to post g-code) go to data tab and there it is.
  4. heavychevy2155

    HSM Advisor

    https://hsmadvisor.com/?page=Download here is the download page
  5. heavychevy2155

    3AX contour follow surfaces

    I used a contour tool path with depth cuts of .078, then used a trim toolpath from the front plane. It should be close to what your looking for. Kinda old school but it works. CONTOUR1.mcam
  6. heavychevy2155

    convert sheet solid into real solid

    I would get that a lot with ProE models.
  7. heavychevy2155

    Vericut for MCam 2019

    Does 8.2 work as well?
  8. heavychevy2155

    Transform Roll woes.

    Shoot, we have a Morris South AE in our plant. They could give me the file and I would do it for them no problem.
  9. heavychevy2155

    Transform Roll woes.

    I was going to say the same thing Ron.
  10. heavychevy2155

    MC2019 is released

    I've been playing around with 2019 at home and it's pretty sweet! I just wish I could use it at work instead of bottom liquid!!
  11. heavychevy2155

    CNC Software request

    It's nice to have a reseller local for support, unlike other softwares.
  12. heavychevy2155

    G10 for okuma osp-p300m

    VZOFX[1]=0.0 VZOFY[1]=0.0 VZOFZ[1]=0.0 The numbers in the brackets the fixture offset numbers.
  13. heavychevy2155

    Must Have HMC Options

    I say chip conveyor, must have.
  14. heavychevy2155

    How to get mcam2018 to print out a report of cut data

    It's a long watch, but so much info it's not even funny.
  15. heavychevy2155

    Mastercam X8 2D Cut Large Chamfer With Small Tool

    Wire frame toolpath will do it also.

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