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  1. That worked it put in a g41/g42 for the tool, also it might not be necessary but its good to know.
  2. I was testing something with a right and left turning tool, I generated the program and it seems to be missing a g41,g42 tool compensation code. I used the default processor and a haas st lathe processor and both gave the same result. Is this something you will have to go in and add manually? left and right lathe tool g41,g42 test.NC
  3. I had it set to use stock as outer boundary but then set it to remaining stock as rekd suggested which didn't work so I don't get it usually doing boring toolpaths goes through without an issue.
  4. I tried doing remaining stock and I rechained it with the arrow facing outwards along the inside contour but its still giving me the embedded in stock error.
  5. I am working on a mastercam lathe tutorial I am trying to rough out a bore with a boring bar, I chain my geometry pick the right size tool, have the right lead in/out set but the tool wants to bury into the part past where its supposed to cut. It will either give me an error or generate the toolpath with the tool way too deep. I included a link to the file so you can see what I am saying (toolpath #8). https://www.dropbox.com/s/ykrxkjav5azvo7q/Tutorial%205%20review%20with%20toolpaths.emcam?dl=0
  6. I am doing a lathe tutorial and one of the toolpaths I programmed appears to be cutting correct in backplot following the parts boundaries, but when I run the part in verify instead of following the outside boundary it cuts across a curve. The toolpath I'm referring to is #11 finish operation I included a link to download the file so you can see what I am saying. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6qwrmk1s4imfn2/Tutorial%206%20review%20with%20toolpaths%20%233.emcam?dl=000
  7. I am doing a lathe tutorial and I am having a problem with 2 toolpaths. Toolpath #10 is roughing the part and instead of cutting to the edge of the stocks boundary its cutting into the part where it shouldn't, I changed the leadout to what seems like the right angle but its still cutting into the part. I am also having an issue with the finish toolpath that follows it says that the tool is starting embedded in the stock so I increased the length of the line past the end of the stock, it didn't fix it I also extended the lead in but that also isn't working. I included a download link for the part I am referring to. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eida0kxl19slhnx/Tutorial%206%20review%20with%20toolpaths%20%232.emcam?dl=0
  8. Ok thats what I was doing wrong thanks for the help.
  9. Yeah I tried changing the c setting on the holder shortening it and it still is colliding with the part.
  10. It is an educational file so thats probably why but maybe a future update for mastercam should be lathe tool projection because editing different parameters for example increasing the C setting on the tool and decreasing it on the holder isn't working I know I could draw the tool and the holder but I just think it should be easier than that.
  11. I did that but it doesnt change the length of the end of the tool holder and when I change the length of tool instead of sticking out more it just goes farther up inside the tool holder I'll show you the part I am referring to maybe you can figure it out also the toolpath I am referring to is #7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ria1au0j20qoajv/EXERCISE%20%233%20with%20toolpaths.emcam?dl=0
  12. Is it possible to edit the tool projection on a lathe tool? I am programming a part and the tool holder is taking off a corner of the part because the tool is not sticking out far enough when doing a groove operation.
  13. I tried that and it is still cutting into the part instead of following the chain I selected.
  14. I am doing a lathe tutorial and I'm having a problem programming a groove toolpath. I select the geometry correct but for some reason its cutting inside the part instead of following the outer boundary. I included a link to a file of the part so you can see what I am talking about. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fno76s8dftemk8f/TUTORIAL%20%233%20groove%20operation.emcam?dl=0
  15. Did you notice that the toolpath doesn't follow the geometry of the helix that I created? Its off to one side even though I "unrolled" the helix and created the line for the contour properly. I turned compensation off too so the line would be on center with the tool so its not that.

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