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  1. Bob W.

    Esprit 2020 to Mastercam 2022

    Yes. I have a new post but it doesn't appear the issues are fixed. We are doing testing with it today.
  2. Bob W.

    Esprit 2020 to Mastercam 2022

    I haven't read the entire thread but I'll add my input. We bought a NTX2000 over a year ago and the Mori AEs were begging me to buy Esprit and now I know why. They have had to help deal with all of the pain and headaches of why the machine isn't running correctly and 95% of it is because Mastercam isn't posting the code correctly. As the one who wrote the check for the machine AND a few thousand $$ for Mastercam's NTX machine environment I am pissed off and frustrated that they still don't have it figured out. They made no mention of this before I placed the order and made it sound like it was pretty well developed. Heck, the product has been out for years so I figured it would be dialed in by now but I was wrong. With all that said, expect to spend a few months trying to get the post working correctly or doing half a dozen hand edits every time you post. I have an email into Postability to see what they have to offer but I would be very skeptical of what Mastercam says.
  3. Bob W.


    I developed my own routines within Mastercam and they reference the Renishaw macros on the machine. In short, I didn't buy the Mastercam add-on, I did it myself and built in a lot more functionality. [POST_VERSION] #DO NOT MOVE OR ALTER THIS LINE# V23.00 P0 E1 W23.00 T1593638671 M23.00 I0 O0 # Post Name : Makino A51.pst # Product : Mill # Machine Name : Generic # Control Name : Fanuc # Description : Generic 4 Axis Mill Post # 4-axis/Axis subs. : Yes # 5-axis : No # Subprograms : Yes # Executable : MP 14.0
  4. Bob W.


    I'm not sure, I'm self taught (with tons of help from this forum). I figured out most of it through guess and check and brute force :-). It is a combination of post editing and Macro B. Peter Smid has a great book on Macro B called 'Fanuc CNC Custon Macros'.
  5. Bob W.


    I noticed that and it is why I added the custom macro call. That pretty much gives me a few hundred custom drill and probing cycles. We have a word document that outlines the inputs/ outputs for all of the different macro cycles.
  6. Bob W.


    Here are a few things we have done to make things easier. One of our drill cycles is a custom macro call which allows Mastercam to control the tool, coolant, tool start position, etc... It also allows calling pretty much an unlimited number of macros with up to 10 inputs. The standard input for variable 'Z' is the macro revision, allowing revision control and checking at the machine if there is a significant tweak/ improvement to the macro. This drill cycle has been VERY handy indeed. In the misc reals there is a tool load % input that allows specifying the tool load limit at the machine on a operation by operation basis. If a tool that is set up to rough at 3/4" LOC is roughing at 1/4" LOC due to the specific geometry the load limit can be tailored to those parameters for that operation instead of a one size fits all at the machine. We also have break tolerance inputs so we can specify break check tolerances on an operation to operation basis. These sorts of things make it much easier to run challenging parts lights out or with no operator present. Nothing too crazy but I figured some folks might find it interesting. The custom drill cycles for probing are all home grown as well. They allow setting work offsets, DFO offsets, TCP parameters, 5-axis probing, measuring to tolerance, exporting values to macro variables for use in other macros (custom macro calls, etc...). It really closes the loop on a lot of items that usually require intervention from an operator.
  7. Bob W.


    Our goal is to grow through automation, not necessarily adding labor. We leverage our employees time through improving and automating processes to reduce labor in parts and increase their productivity. An example is we have our mill turn semi-finishing, probing, comping the tool, and finishing the feature all automatically. I know this is nothing new but we actively identify challenging or time consuming features and improve the process to reduce labor and increase process reliability. On production parts we have put significant effort into deburring on the machine and some deburr toolpaths are pretty involved but the result is reducing the labor in each part by a few hours so our deburr department can work on other things. These improvements aren't geared toward eliminating people, they are geared towards growing sales with the people we have. The issue in this last month was in rework cycles. If a feature is .0005" out and it is an expensive titanium casting it isn't going back into the machine to be fixed, it gets stoned by a craftsman. We need to reduce/ eliminate the rework cycles through more robust processes going forward. That was the hang up on this. It isn't easy because often a feature is out because a casting relieves a little during machining so that has to be accounted for. It is never ending... Also we only have one operator for our NTX2000 mill-turn so having that sit every Friday wasn't good. That machine produces ~$4k per day... With our three Makino HMCs we are shooting for 250 spindle cut hours per week. Our record (with some OT) was 320 in one week, single shift.
  8. Bob W.


    We are slipping a little. Spindle hours are still good but we are definitely slipping on the schedule (3-4 days?). We currently plan to go back to business as usual for September, regroup, and see where the issues were and what can be done to fix them. It hasn't been a disaster by any means and I do think it can be made to work but we will need to adjust how we do things a little. That is what we have to figure out.
  9. Bob W.


    So week 1 has come and gone and spindle hours were up 15% from the last week in July where we were at normal operating conditions.
  10. Bob W.


    There is no hand off. All of our machines are run by cell controllers so the operators come in, read and follow the instructions as pallets come down, and things run. The leadership team (ownership, me) works five days a week to keep things coordinated.
  11. Bob W.


    I prefer a bull whip and cattle prod. Today is day one!
  12. Bob W.


    LOL! We are trying something new, a social experiment in our shop I thought some might find interesting. We currently have redundancy in every department in our shop. We have multiple good machine operators, multiple physical inspection experts, multiple CMM programmers, etc... What we are doing as a shop for the month of August (trial run) is half the team will work Monday-Thursday and half the team will work Tuesday-Friday with each team working four 8 hour days. The fifth day will be paid at 8 hours so essentially they will be given 52 extra days of paid vacation if this is sustainable. My goal is to hit our monthly deliveries and sales targets and so long as they can manage that this arrangement will continue. The ball is in their court on this. If we get the work done there is no additional cost to the shop, our payroll will remain unchanged but the employees will have an additional 2.5 months per year (52 days/ 5 days per week = 10.4 weeks) to enjoy life. We are currently doing well and profitable and we leverage technology to the hilt (cells, robots, etc...) so the shop runs well with a skeleton crew. Monday and Friday will be light but we should be able to shift our work flow to accommodate this. I really hopes this works well because my ultimate goal is to create solid employee loyalty and facilitate a better work-life balance for them. I will keep you posted on the outcome. I'm thinking this will also make hiring pretty easy as well
  13. Bob W.

    Deburring Ti castings

    Or this...
  14. Bob W.

    Deburring Ti castings

    I was thinking something like this: Anyone have experience with these?
  15. Bob W.

    Deburring Ti castings

    Anyone have ideas on deburring Ti castings on the machine? We have some castings we machine on a contract basis and we'd like to do more of the deburring on the machine where machined surfaces meet the cast surface. The problem is the edge break tolerance is .005-.015" and the casting surface profile tolerance is generally 0.050" so there is no way to do this without a tool that has compliance. Some that I have looked into are the Xebec stones that are mounted to music wire and another is something like an ATI deburring tool with built in compliance in X,Y, and Z. Anyone have experience doing this they'd be willing to share?

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