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  1. Bob W.


    I prefer a bull whip and cattle prod. Today is day one!
  2. Bob W.


    LOL! We are trying something new, a social experiment in our shop I thought some might find interesting. We currently have redundancy in every department in our shop. We have multiple good machine operators, multiple physical inspection experts, multiple CMM programmers, etc... What we are doing as a shop for the month of August (trial run) is half the team will work Monday-Thursday and half the team will work Tuesday-Friday with each team working four 8 hour days. The fifth day will be paid at 8 hours so essentially they will be given 52 extra days of paid vacation if this is sustainable. My goal is to hit our monthly deliveries and sales targets and so long as they can manage that this arrangement will continue. The ball is in their court on this. If we get the work done there is no additional cost to the shop, our payroll will remain unchanged but the employees will have an additional 2.5 months per year (52 days/ 5 days per week = 10.4 weeks) to enjoy life. We are currently doing well and profitable and we leverage technology to the hilt (cells, robots, etc...) so the shop runs well with a skeleton crew. Monday and Friday will be light but we should be able to shift our work flow to accommodate this. I really hopes this works well because my ultimate goal is to create solid employee loyalty and facilitate a better work-life balance for them. I will keep you posted on the outcome. I'm thinking this will also make hiring pretty easy as well
  3. Bob W.

    Deburring Ti castings

    Or this...
  4. Bob W.

    Deburring Ti castings

    I was thinking something like this: Anyone have experience with these?
  5. Bob W.

    Deburring Ti castings

    Anyone have ideas on deburring Ti castings on the machine? We have some castings we machine on a contract basis and we'd like to do more of the deburring on the machine where machined surfaces meet the cast surface. The problem is the edge break tolerance is .005-.015" and the casting surface profile tolerance is generally 0.050" so there is no way to do this without a tool that has compliance. Some that I have looked into are the Xebec stones that are mounted to music wire and another is something like an ATI deburring tool with built in compliance in X,Y, and Z. Anyone have experience doing this they'd be willing to share?
  6. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    Don't worry, I dish out an equal helping to DMG-Mori . Gotta maintain balance.
  7. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    The challenging part of the current system is the people setting up the machine in Mastercam don't typically talk to the AEs doing the actual machine setup on site. I know there is collaboration between CNC Software and DMG-Mori but not at the individual shop level so they don't have visibility into how my specific machine/ parameter is set up. If I had a decade of running these machines like I do for my Makino mills it would be a non-issue because I know exactly what I want and exactly where to look when something doesn't work. With this new mill-turn I had zero experience. Being in the middle between Mastercam and the AEs is tough because I don't even know the questions to ask or what parameters might be causing issues. I just know it isn't working and I need to somehow produce parts. This is on top of some of the syntax simply being faulty. I think a lot could be eliminated with a troubleshooting program but that does present some challenges of its own.
  8. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    I just got off a conference call with my dealer (McamNW) and CNC Software and I feel like it was very productive. Kudos to CNC for taking the time and including me in the meeting, thank you for organizing that Gabriel. One of the items brought up was how to improve the shakedown process and make sure the setting in Mastercam match the parameters on the machine. Since these machines are so configurable there is a lot of opportunity for configuration differences between the .machine environment and the machine's parameters. Possible remedies brought up were a pre-programmed diagnostic part that tests a variety of the machine functions and another is having someone on site for a day to get things ironed out and matching. Given the value of these machines' time it would be easy to justify any additional expense if there is one. In any case, Esprit seemed to run out of the box but I also had a programming expert on site who was also very fluent in running the NT/ NTX series machine so if there was a snag it was fixed immediately whether it originated from the code or a machine parameter issue. Based on what I saw, which admittedly in limited, I feel that Mastercam has a much better product and once running I will be more productive than I ever would have been with Esprit. Of course I am biased though. Overall I am encouraged and I really hope the changes and fixes make it into the base post so these issues are a thing of the past.
  9. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    I figured as much and was having a good time with it Read the comment a few times and you might see where it can be taken that way though. In any case I would agree that YOU are probably right 99.99% of the time but I still wouldn't do everything you told me to do, cuz I'm kind of a rebel that way. I don't think most AEs are that right though. Your post made me smile Did I get your goat a little bit? Its all good.
  10. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    Right, this was the grid shift done at the initial machine install/ setup. Everything was done and dialed then the C-axis bore position was off by ~0.002" the next day. That happened a few times over a few days... Given that AEs are right 99.99% of the time I figured it was most likely a machine issue.
  11. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    That is one of the first things I asked so I would say yes but I haven't personally confirmed it. They already had someone up for from LA for about a week running tests shortly after the machine was installed. When the AE (whom are right 99.99% of the time ) came out they had to reset the grid shift three times because things were off and we caught it when setting up the Vericut models. My complaint to Mori was either the AEs were incompetent or there was something going on with the machine. This was before cutting one part. Even without really running the machine there is growth throughout the day so long as it is powered on. No, and no. The machine is toward the center of the shop with a 26' ceiling and other than maybe putting in a few Big A$$ Fans the shop is a '10' from an environment standpoint. It also sits on a 2' thick slab with multiple levels of rebar. The shop and inspection departments sit at 70F 24/7.
  12. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    No, the machine has scales on X, Y, and Z for both the upper and lower turret. The warmup program we run was written by the Mori AE and it includes a probing routine that probes a tooling ball fixed on the lower turret at the start and finish, and exports the measurements to a file via Dprint. We run the probing routine numerous times throughout the day so we have reams of data over the last few months. Up until seeing the data they refused to believe there was anything wrong. The lower turret varies by 0.002" throughout the day but it does stabilize after about four hours. I have said from day on (ok, maybe week 1) that it looks like a thermal issue. I even disconnected the air dryer at the machine for a few days figuring it might be blowing cold air over the scales but it didn't make any difference.
  13. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    Thank you. I believe Mastercam has a superior product to Esprit and it is a shame that AEs for the various manufacturers would be steering potential customers away due to post issues. Being able to program a part in mill turn is nice but at the end of the day the code has to actually run the machine effectively or it is a broken product. Mastercam mill-turn has been around for a while now and so have Mori NTX machines. A lot of these basic issues should have been dialed in by now.
  14. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    James, you really were trying to troll me weren't you? Not sure why. I'd say ego had very little to do with my decision to stick with Mastercam and 9999/10000 AE's don't know xxxx about MY business or how it is run. There are a lot of business decisions and variables that AEs don't have visibility into. How many aerospace machine shops have you set up and run? How many AS9100 quality systems have you set up? How about ERP and MRP systems? There is a lot more to the equation than programming a machine, there is setting up the entire quality process around that machine from PO receipt through inspection. Your comment is a little short sighted and arrogant. I rely heavily on advice from AEs but at the end of the day I'll make the call that is right for MY business and I could give two xxxxs if the AEs like it. I listen to their advice, appreciate it immensly, but ultimately make my own decision based on how it fits with the big picture.
  15. Bob W.

    UUUUGGHHH! I have to vent!! Mill turn...

    I was hoping for the best. We have a lot of processes built around Mastercam and I really didn't want to start over. Like I said, I DID buy Esprit per the AE's advice but after the training I decided the quickest path forward was with Mastercam. When we did the Esprit training we programmed a fixture and after it was done I said "okay, now lets import the part file, place it on the fixture and program it as well." He looked at me like I was crazy because you can't do that in Esprit. Every operation is its own Esprit file. We do have it and someday maybe I'll hire an Esprit programmer. I really don't want any part of Esprit. I'm also getting to the point where my motivation to conquer the world and learn everything machining is declining. I want to work less and take the easy path. If the Mastercam post worked well it would be the easy path by a mile. The programming is a piece of cake, just a few details in how things are done but the meat and potatoes of it are all the same. There just needs to be more effort and collaboration with machine manufacturers in getting the code posting how the machine needs it. Yep, all day long...

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