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  1. DFO (Dynamic Fixture Offset) is a control feature that uses two work offsets, G54 and G54.2, G55 and G55.2, etc... G54 is for the center of rotation (COR) of the indexing axis and the other (G54.2) is for the part WCS position relative to the COR. It allows for programming a multiaxis part away from the COR or if the part is programmed to the COR it allows for tweaking the position to reflect part setup inaccuracy. If you set the part up and it was off by .1" in 'X' you could modify the G54.2 'X' offset by .1" and all of the indexed positions would be automatically calculated and updated by the machine control. It works very well with probing but doesn't require probing.
  2. What is the control (Fanuc, etc...)? Does it have DFO? G54.2 I believe.
  3. Bob W.

    Advice for Toolpath, Please

    I like to finish floors with 2D HST and use a .002" micro lift and leaving .001-.002 on the walls. I would then finish the boss walls using contour or waterline leaving .0005" on the floor so no witness marks.
  4. Bob W.

    Dynamic optirough issues

    I had the step down at 1.5", then 3.0" and it made no difference. Ultimately I'm wanting to machine to the center of the part (Z0.0) from B90 and B-90 but it always starts with a cut ~0.050" from the top of stock. If I do a dummy facing path greater than the depth of the initial optirough cut it eliminates that first pass. Unfortunately I can't. If I get time over the next few days I'm sure I could re-create it on a dummy part. I'll see what I can do.
  5. Bob W.

    Dynamic optirough issues

    Good to know. I will definitely give it a try.
  6. Bob W.

    Dynamic optirough issues

    Yes, I am using the stock model to drive the optirough. I will give that a try going forward but I often do multiple different roughing/ rest roughing operations to get to the complete roughed state and each step is generally driven by a new stock model. In this instance it is the first roughing cycle so the stock model is very simple. Some of the later stock models can get pretty busy.
  7. Bob W.

    Dynamic optirough issues

    I just tried and it didn't work. I did do that earlier in another operation and it worked in that instance. edit: Okay, I went deeper with my dummy facing pass and it did work. That is really annoying... Optirough has been out a long time and this should have been figured out a while ago. I have been wasting time dealing with this exact issue for years.
  8. Bob W.

    Dynamic optirough issues

    I would like to add that I have played with the steep/ shallow settings and tried setting it at the top of stock, well above the stock, and turning the minimum depth off all together and it doesn't make any difference, still get the initial facing pass...
  9. I am trying to optimize a titanium part for cycle time and I am having issues with optirough (stock model driven) creating extra depth cuts that aren't needed. Basically I am using a 5/8" 9 flute cutter with 2" flute length and I am going about 1.75" deep with it. I would like to start at full depth, then do the step up cuts. The issue I am running into is the tool wants to take the first cut at like .020" below the top of stock, essentially a full facing pass, which pretty much doubles the operation time not to mention the extra wear on the tool tip. What is the solution to this? I'm sure it is a simple setting I'm missing, hopefully...
  10. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    So we are still working on this and still having post issues, tweaks. MCAM NW is very responsive but damn this is getting old... The Esprit post ran the machine flawlessly IMMEDIATELY. C'mon Mastercam, these machines have been out a long time. Why aren't they dialed yet? It appears the Mori AE was right, I will be dealing with this stuff for months...
  11. Bob W.

    NTX2000 accuracy issues

    We are having some issues with our DMG-Mori NTX2000 and I would like to get some input from those with more experience with these, since I am new to turning. If we run the machine easy during the day and set a tool at 5:00pm before shutting the machine down, then come in and set the same tool first thing in the morning we see an offset change in X and Z by 0.002" and 0.001" respectively. This machine has a coolant chiller and glass scales on the XYZ axis of BOTH upper and lower turrets. We have begun investigating this but I was curious what others have seen. I should also add that the shop is temperature controlled to +/- 2 degrees. The times I have checked the temp at 5:00pm and 8:00 am there has been zero change from 72 degrees.
  12. Bob W.

    NTX2000 G68.1 issues

    Yes, it is G68.1 which seems to be a less powerful version of G68.2 though better than G68. G68.1 has the same inputs as G68.2 and the Mori AEs say it is typically used on these. With that said this machine has all of the 5-axis options so we could run TCP, TWP, etc... but I'm not sure the post is set up for it and there is a lot more complexity there that I don't want to deal with at the moment.
  13. Bob W.

    NTX2000 G68.1 issues

    Thanks Ron, I'll check it out. One question I have is if G68.1 is the right function for this or if I would be better off trying to use TCP and TWP. Any thoughts on that?
  14. Bob W.

    NTX2000 G68.1 issues

    We are doing some milling at 45 degrees using the upper turret on our Mori NTX2000 and things aren't behaving as expected. The tool position is off in X and Z by 1/2" or so. Here is the cod3 T6603 G361 B-45. D0 G43 H1. G97 S4075 M13 G54 G98 M69 G0 C180. M68 G17 G68.1 X0. Y0. Z0. I0. J1. K0. R45. M08 G0 X-2.3559 Y-1.0523 Z5. Z2.9086 G98 G1 Z2.8106 F100. X-2.3536 Y-1.0513 F75. X-2.3048 Y-1.0221 Z2.8101 From what I can see everything looks right. The rotation is at the G54 XYZ 0,0,0 position and rotating 45 degrees about the y-axis. When I take measurements in Mastercam the tool position matches where it should be relative to the G54 origin but on the machine it is a different story. Are there Fanuc parameters that need to be set for this? It is a 2D HST contour toolpath so no wear comp, etc... Also, the machine didn't like I,J arc moves and alarmed every time but linear code ran well. Are arcs in G68.1 an issue?

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