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  1. Bob W.

    Macro variable question

    Does anyone happen to know the Fanuc (31i) system variable numbers for the DFO G54.2 offsets?
  2. I'm still in the process of getting our new mill turn (DMG-MORI NTX2000) dialed and I was curious what others typically include in their safety code line. Things like putting the machine in inch mode, X-Y plane, cancel cutter comp, cancel TCP, absolute mode, etc... I would love to hear what people consider to be a must in the mill-turn program header to make sure the machine will not kick off a program in some crazy mode. I figure by December we will really have this humming along. I guess another aspect of this is what would be the specific differences in the safety code for upper and lower turret programs.
  3. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    I think this answers my question whether the changes persist or not. Once a value is assigned to a token it stays with the operation permanently once saved and doesn't need to be reset every time the program is posted. So the work flow is such that the part is programmed as normal in Mastercam, then settings (coolant, tokens, etc...) are dialed in the Sync manager, then it is simulated, then posted. Settings made in the sync manager will be permanent and will remain with the operations if other edits are made and posted in the future. Sound right?
  4. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    This calls a macro and sends all inputs to this macro. The macro does the rest.
  5. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    Do you know if there is any plan to get the misc integers, reals, and custom drill parameters into MT? We just finished up our 5-axis bore/boss probing routine for our Makinos and it was done exclusively with post mods and custom drill cycles and parameters. We don't even have Mastercam's probing add-in. The probe routine will probe a feature and back calculate the offset corrections given the B and C-axis positions during probing. We run Dynamic Fixture Offset on the mills so there are multiple offsets that get adjusted. On the NTX we will be running TCP so it will be the same. These features were hugely powerful and it is a big gap for MT. I do know Esprit supports this (custom toolpath inputs) and also has custom parameters for tools which is a huge plus. Basically tool definitions in Esprit also have ten custom parameter inputs exactly how Mastercam mill has ten misc reals in the toolpaths. Having these inputs in tool definitions allows one that is savvy in macros to direct tool measurement/ break check routine parameters at the tool level and make them PERFECT. How are these done in the Code Expert side? Do they persist, or do they need to be reset every time a program is posted?
  6. My sales guy always asks why we don't just hold the part/ print up to the monitor and hit CTRL-P and have the machine make it. Now THAT would be progress...
  7. Bob W.

    Need help in Mcosmos Probe Data Management

    Also, regarding MCOSMOS... If you haven't had training on it I highly recommend it. CMM software is generally not very user friendly and it would be a real pain to try and figure it out on your own, not to mention the risk of mistakes and shipping non conforming parts because they weren't inspected properly or datums were moving because they weren't set up right. Spend the $$$ and it will pay itself back quickly.
  8. Bob W.

    Need help in Mcosmos Probe Data Management

    I pulled in my CMM programmer to answer this one, since we run MCOSMOS. He told me that the software will flag the probes if they haven't been calibrated in over a week (default value). If you look at the calibration dates on the imported probes they are over a month old. The default length of time can be set in the program manager. The color the probes turn depends on the length of time since probe calibration. I will be asking a lot of questions in the next few months for the new lathe and I will do what I can to return the favor.
  9. I'm sure there is a way to do this and the quickest way to find out is to just ask I guess. Imagine you have a 10" diameter pipe with a 2" wall thickness with the bore in line with the Z-axis on a mill. I need to use a dynamic toolpath to rough several features in the wall, on the inside of the bore only. I can create a boundary easily enough and create a toolpath to stay inside this boundary. The problem with this is I end up cutting a ton of air as it will treat it as a solid bar... How can this be cleaned up so it will rough the features without cutting air? I know I can create an additional chain to minimize how much the tool machines air in the bore but then it wants to treat this region as a pocket and helix down. Ideally I would machine this with a 'from outside' approach. Any ideas? DOH! I just saw the 'air regions' tab... Ugh, never mind...
  10. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    Yes, the goal is to reduce the number of steps required to get a part to the machine and we put a ton of effort into just that. Modifying posts, writing macros for in-machine process checks, etc... All in an effort to REDUCE the number of steps and also the number of opportunities for a mistake or oversight. This kind of goes against that by adding additional steps (that are automatic for milling) in the sync manager.
  11. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    Right, I see those in the sync manager for each operation and they appear to be labeled correctly for my machine. In Crazy's screen shot of the token section it only showed strategy 1, 2, 3, etc... How do these get populated?
  12. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    Can you give a brief description of the strategies? I assume these are global to the entire program? Do the various strategies need to be defined? If so, how? What are the available parameters or variables? Thanks to everyone for the help on this, I really appreciate it.
  13. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    Yes, after messing with it a bit the coolant settings need to be reset every time I post from Mastercam. I really can't believe this, what a colossal waste of time, and risky in things getting missed or screwed up.
  14. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    Is there any way to tie coolant settings to the tool or does it always need to be done operation by operation in the sync manager? Also, do these need to be reset every time the program is posted or do the sync manager settings persist?
  15. Bob W.

    Mastercam for DMG-Mori NTX2000

    The G10.9 issue just got fixed. MCAM NW has been very responsive for sure. Where would I look in the consumer side for adding misc integers and reals, or the input field for break check?

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