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  1. I am trying to put a finishing tool path on an angled slope using Raster but I can't seem to get a good surface finish. I am using the minimum stepover and letting the software automatically choose the scallop height. Can someone tell me what else I can try to get a good surface finish?
  2. I am getting an error that says the cutter diameter is larger than the arc diameter while using circle mill. I am trying to mill out a hole of diameter 0.55 inch with 0.5 inch flat end mill. I don't understand this error as this dose not make sense because my arc diameter is larger than my mill diameter. I also tried using a smaller mill 0.375 inch and I am still getting the same error. Is there any way to mitigate the problem? Thank You.
  3. Using bounding box under the wireframe tabs and using the stock model under tool paths tab. When I did facing operation on the top of the stock and tried to simulate it, it did say that the volume of the stock was less for the simulation. I kinda figure the software added few more materials to compensate.
  4. Hello MasterCam Community, When ever I try to simulate all my operations, the stock shown on the simulation is bigger than what I originally specified. Is this normal? Is there any way to show my actual stock? Thank You
  5. I just did that and It did not work.
  6. Hello MasterCAM community, I am relatively new in Mastercam and I have just been playing with the software with the help of some online tutorials. I cant seem to get a highlight on the part or edges or surfaces when selected so I am having a hard time knowing what I have actually selected. I tried going into configurations and checked 'Use Glow highlighting' but it didn't work. I also tried Clear all option under Model Prep < Color but that also dose not seem to work. Please let me know if there is a solution to this problem on Mastercam 2022. Thank you

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