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  1. Update: While I can uncheck x-style and modify the disable code (m74) as seen below, it does not post correctly. I suspect this isn't possible without post modification, but would be glad to hear your thoughts thanks.
  2. Hi, I hate x-style coolant for a single reason: its cumbersome. Instead of a single dropdown, there are two to worry about. The Before, With, After is excessive for probably 90% of machining centers. With is the most used condition. My problem: I want a simple On/Off for 3 modes: FLOOD M08/M09 MIST M73/M74 THRU M88/M89 The post is only written for M08/M09 and M88/M89 - meaning that M73/M74 is not supported. Which means using "traditional" coolant mode, I cannot specify the disable code (grayed out), as seen in this image. My question: Is it possible through the machine definition general parameters to achieve a simple on/off for all 3 modes i specify without physically editing the post? Or am I stuck with this bulky and over-engineered way of turning coolant on or off. Thanks
  3. Hi, Following the guide. The guide is listed in X8, I had to modify the path for 2022. In post build events, I set the field to: copy "$(TargetPath)" "C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2022\Mastercam\chooks\" copy "$(ProjectDir)\Resources\FunctionTable\$(TargetName).ft" "C:\Program Files\Mastercam 2022\Mastercam\chooks\$(TargetName).ft" I get error at startup, exited with code 0. Do spaces need properly escaped in the path name? Thanks
  4. I downloaded the SDK. Following the guide posted directly on MCAM's website (6/6/15). Is VB-Net not supported anymore? Searching for 'NET HOOKS' or 'MASTERCAM' in VS code's Extensions Manager shows precisely zero results. I need the template extension.
  5. Ahh guys, I see! Dumb mistake. Thanks. I can now see the stock model after machining ops. Question 2 still is up in the air. Perhaps I mean Quick Verify? Not sure what that feature is exactly. I just am wondering if inside mastercam (without the verifier simulator open), if I can physically see stock being removed from the model as the toolpaths are backplotted. Thanks a lot
  6. Hi all. I once thought I witnessed another programmer simulating real-time cutting inside the backplotter against some stock model, like you would see inside the simulator/verifier. Perhaps i'm dreaming. is this possible? My second request is just to see if I can get some help with using the stock model feature to see machined stock after source ops. I select my solid model for stock, select source operations, but nothing happens? I was never able to get a stock model to work in mastercam and I know its something i'm missing. Thanks a lot for your help. TEST STOCK MODEL.mcam
  7. @ danatoem I ended up using the Spiral flowline which worked great, but it also doesn't allow any control for a lead-in. For example, in my case, i am spiraling from inside a bore, out and upward. There is really no control over where the toolpath starts, so when it plunges down to its start position in the spiral, it will cut stock. It worked fine. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I was able to get a working program. I didn't bother to try and make a custom tool. I just left the insert direction as the stock buttress and posted. No issues. The other tip that was helpful was using 'Select from table...' for establishing the thread toolpath parameters. However, often Buttress threads are used on large diameter components, which mcam does not support. Even the Machinery's handbook doesn't list values above 6.00 IIRC. However, this helped set up the included angle and start angle etc. Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi, Thanks all. The tips have been wonderful. I didn't realize MCAM had a buttress insert already in there. The problem I am facing is that the insert they offer is the INCORRECT buttress form. There are 2 buttress thread directions depending on what direction the thread must resist load and mcam offers no way to flip the insert?. Here is the tool I have setup: This needs flipped so that the 45° is LEADING not trailing.
  10. Hi, I am tasked with turning a OD Buttress thread (ANSI 45/7°) Insert: https://tinyurl.com/56km9dsf I was hoping to get a few questions answered before I scrap the first part lol. I guess the first question is, can I 'trick' mastercam and use a regular threading toolpath by inputting correct angle (45) and pitch etc? Or must I draw a custom tool and do some custom threading toolpath.... Thanks a lot
  11. Aaron, Wow, love it. Thanks a lot for the solution! This should be so much more manageable!
  12. @Aaron Eberhard Could you provide an MCAM file for version 2022? I can't open. Thanks a lot
  13. @AHarrison1 Potentially but unsure if that would be effective at deeper depths
  14. Hello all, I find myself commonly using the aforementioned approach and it is a bit cumbersome and bulky. I was hoping to get a tip on how to better approach this to manage the program better. The application is boring with a feed mill to a reasonable depth ( 1.6x D). And in this process, the tool must be retracted after various depths above the work so the operator can evacuate chips from the bore (blind bore). Otherwise, its a bad day. The toolpath i'm using is a helix bore and to achieve these "depth cuts" I simply copy the toolpath x number of times and adjust top of stock and depth. But of course, if this needs changed, all of them need changed and its a rather cumbersome method. I know there are some toolpath transform/copy functions but maybe its as simple as using a different toolpath type. Is there a better approach you would recommend? Thanks a lot HELIX-BORE-DEPTHS.mcam

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