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  1. Hello all Thanks for your help with this. @OVodov This is an excellent starting point for me to tweak. However, I notice our package does not work with any of those three toolpath types. We will have to upgrade!
  2. Hi all, I have a part that is quite large and requires some 3Axis 3D surface roughing. The surfaces are just "angled" surfaces although, one surface is curved. I've attached a test file that is similar to my application. My strategy is to hopefully use a HF mill to rough this profile from a square block. Then finish with endmills or other tools. But I'm struggling where to begin. I do not believe we have a 3D package, as I tried running a 3D "Parallel" toolpath and get the error. However, 3D Optirough allows me to use it, only without avoidance stock I think? Nevertheless, in the past, I've converted surfaces to 3D WF and have done contours that way but it's cumbersome and very non-dynamic. My first question would be, could someone check out my file and see what I'm working with? Any tips would help. If we have to upgrade, then so be it. Thanks for any help you can offer. 3D_TEST.mcam
  3. Update: The Haas alarm I was receiving about excessive acceleration was due to a C Axis offset in the work offset menu. According to Haas this is a bug they have fixed in a software patch for the machine and are going to send a tech out to Update it. Thanks for everyone's help.
  4. I'll have to check tomorrow. Interesting. If it does have it, I guess "Face/OD Interpolation" is quite a vague description. Thus, I would've never even considered it. "Polar Conversion", "Convert C to Y", "Convert Polar Coordinates" would've all been much better names, if that's in fact what the switch does. I'll check. Thanks
  5. Hello all, Returning with more information after troubleshooting. @gcode I am using the generic post. It doesn't support a true Y axis machine, so requires zero-ing out the Y Axis before G112 is called. Other than that, it's working. My custom post for the machine does not even work with G112, as it outputs C Axis moves, rather than converting to Y Axis. So there was that confusion. With all that said, the generic post is working except for one problem. The machine is throwing an "excessive Axis speed or acceleration" alarm during the G41 comp lines. I now remember how I fixed this 3 weeks ago. I made each G41 line have a slow feed (3.0 ipm). This prevented the alarm and allowed me to get a good working toolpath. I'm also going to avoid "C Axis Face Contour" and just stick to milling type toolpaths. Had problems adjusting leadin/out inside mcam with C Axis toolpath. Side question: now that I have G112 figured out, can I use virtually any of the basic milling toolpaths to my hearts content? Or is there some that don't work well with C Axis G112? Thanks for the help and discussion.
  6. Hi, I tested another toolpath using leadin/out. Result is the same. "INVALID CODE IN G112" It does this on the first G1 move after G112 is called. I deleted the line and continued. Then it alarm the same o. The G41 line. Edit: Update. I believe the issue is that C-axis commands are being posted erroneously, as the post doesn't work. It should be outputting Y Axis moves when converted with G112. I am using the generic post now. The problem is "EXCESSIVE AXIS SPEED OR ACCELERATION" when trying to process the G1 line directly after G112. Going to call Haas and get answers. Will report back.
  7. @TFarrell9 Thanks a lot for taking time to look at my program. That's comforting to know that the output looks good. I'm going to add a clearance value and re-test. Reason for no leadin/leadout is nature of the part and cutter I'm using. In short, adding these would cut portions of the finished part. But anyway thats why I didn't know about G112 until about 3 months ago. At my last job, we used a fanuc machine and did some C Axis things when they came through the door but I don't recall ever using it. Besides "translating the coordinates" to milling, what does G112 actually do? I think I once read that it also converts the proper IPM feed rate of the C Axis, whereas omitting the G112, the C axis doesn't know how to rotate at a correct federated. Curious on learning more. Thanks again I'll report back with my results
  8. Hello all, I am new to G112. All the milling we've done prior has been relatively simple things and I haven't had a need to use the code. Until recently, a milling toolpath was more complex. The C-axis began to "stutter" severely. And my first thought was "OK I need G112". Sure, the arc filtering / tolerance could be it. But i tried increasing values and what-not to no avail. G112 worked on said job, no more axis "stutter". But had a bunch of bugs. Did weird random moves at start and end of toolpath (g41 Comp reasons? nah dont think so). Long story short, I'm back today on G112 and pretty lost. Its a simple face-contour. I keep getting "INVALID CODE IN G112" (see attachments). It does a strange X-axis move when plunging to depth (G1 X5.545 Z-.231 C0. F3.5), where the tool moves in-ward (x negative). The generic post has radial values instead of diametric. Perhaps I do not need G112, Non-g112 looks so much simpler. Less code and easier to understand, but the C-axis stutter is killing me. Would someone mind taking a look at my files and telling me if they see anything obviously wrong, before I continue to troubleshoot? I appreciate any insight you can offer. Machine is: New HAAS ST35LY Thanks G112_TEST.mcam G112_SAMPLE.nc
  9. Hello, For the life of me I can't get figure out how to NOT keep tool down on multiple passes in circle mill? I assumed un-doing the checkbox "keep tool down" did this. Simple 2D circle as the chain. Using Finishing with multiple passes. No roughing or depth cuts. Keep tool down is unchecked. The output nor backplot reflects the tool going to the feed/R plane. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  10. You guys are genius! Never even thought to look there! This should work. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I am trying to program a lathe roughing cycle to go to a "reference" point after each depth cut in the toolpath. The purpose is to check the insert and possibly flip it if after each cut. Sounds a bit ridiculous but the actual part in question has extreme length of cut and checking the insert after each depth cut is requested. Hence the need for some sort of reference point away from the part. Machine is 2axis doosan w/ fanuc. I've attached a test program which is nothing more than a basic roughing toolpath. Does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this? Was hoping to avoid a transform but curious on your ideas. Thanks a lot TEST_PART.mcam
  12. @David Colin thanks for your help. I'll play with it!
  13. Hello all, Apologies for not responding and digging up this thread again. End of the year came a bit too fast. Today I am tying up loose ends. I tried @David Colin file. I dont quite understand it fully but I think its using rest material to dynamically mill ? @Colin Gilchrist I like the approach but unfortunately violates the requirement of needs to force the cut direction one way. Is it possible to modify? Thanks for everyone's help.
  14. Clever. My trim toolpath is worthless. Allows me to select the geometry. Then the entire trim toolpath element disappears if clicked on? V2022
  15. I have area mill. No way to force the cut direction to single direction passes.

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