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  1. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    Tip comp issue

    Have not seen this as an issues and use the tip comp all the time and make changes to.
  2. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    Please make this dialog resizable!

    You think that is to small. look easy to read except there is something wrong with all the words they are jumbled. lol
  3. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    offset issue

    Here is a snap shot of what Roger is talking about.
  4. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    drill depth relative to surface?

    Are there points at the relative to the surface area you want to drill. if not create points at those locations . Then you can select them and use relative depths.
  5. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    3AX contour follow surfaces

    Are you cutting this on a Thermwood 5x machine were simple curve 5x would do the job?
  6. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    Reason for machine environment & maintenance cost?

    Mark VIII , you are acting like cnc software gave you this post. I am not sure who your dealer is but this does not mean that this is there post they made and did not go to another source like CNC.Now did the dealer get dialed in for you in a timely matter? You can reach out to other sources for your posts to so you are not fully stuck there.
  7. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    Can't select arrow on Model Prep->Push-Pull

    At times it will let you select an edge and like you say give you the arrow but would not let you push or pull based on the geo. As this found it cannot modify that area. in the earlier versions like X9 there was not warning just no go.
  8. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    error trying to adjust start of a loop

    What version are you running
  9. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    Curved Monitor

    Thanks for sharing and so sorry about your Mother in law. This is really nice what your family is doing for her comfort. I can see this being hard. Our thoughts are with her and you and the family. Yes laugh as much as you can makes for a better day and as you said situation. But have tried scratching and sniffing you never know. it could be the Wonka factory you lick it and it will taste like fruit . Take care buddy. will I see you at IMTS?
  10. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    Curved Monitor

    Here is my messy desk with two 27" curved Samsung . they look small in the picture. they are over 46" wide.I need bigger ones.
  11. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    Curved Monitor

    I think we need to talk about the Wall Paper here. is this that scratch and sniff stuff. lol
  12. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    Lower left gnomon

    I have to ask why would you want to turn it off. you should be turn on the other. Alt F9 or under view to get your planes and WCS (Origin Location).
  13. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    Curved Monitor

    I am using dual Samsung 27 curved . I like these two. Went from to Dell 27 straght.
  14. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    3D Connexion Cadmouse, Space Pilot Pro issues

    Ok I do see this here. Using the Space Enterprise kit that includes the Cadmouse. I tried it with MC 2019 and SW2018 along with SW 2019 both give the same issue.
  15. Jay Kramer @ Precision Programming

    3D Connexion Cadmouse, Space Pilot Pro issues

    What version of Mastercam and SW? And you said the Pilot Pro right and the Cadmouse. Wnat to test here.

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