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  1. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Where did defaults go - To set OPS

    Some of the paths have an option to make change and update defaults in the operation panel at the top.
  2. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    CAD capability in Mastercam, add mechanisms/constraints to it

    jlw, So you know the public cannot use your link. you need to be a beta tester with a login to get to that area. So if you hoping folks would add to this they are not able to.
  3. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Multiaxis vs Curve/Drill 5 axis

    Are you getting Mill 3D level if so with Multiaxis you get some great tools for 3 and 4th axis that you can use now were the Curve/Drill will not do anything for you at this stage really if you do not have a 5axis machine. Also when you get the 5axis are you looking at doing simple drilling and trimming of parts?
  4. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Help disabling the Hardware Acceleration.

    What Version of mastercam is the classroom running.? Are the computers frozen so once set it will stay? There really is not a globle way to set this. Also is this a Nethasp?
  5. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    shortcut for Cimco

    Here shows the different option of setting up CIMCO as you editor being the OEM or the upgraded Pro. This will be the same for 2019 to 2020.
  6. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    mind blown

    This last update should be the last for 2019, the only reason that there would be another update is if there was a major issue that popped its head in 2019. But we do not foresee this coming. As stated by Gcode we are around the corner for Public beta 1 soon.
  7. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    mind blown

    Steve , also remember if you use a function and get out of it. you can hit the space bar to get back to it.
  8. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    3d Flowline Undercut

    A lot of the time the surface is the issue. what way do the UV's of the surface go. I have done a lot of this type cutting going way back. I will usually clean up the surfaces I need to cut. when ever I can minimize how many surfaces there are.
  9. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Chamfer mill in a C Axis lathe and wrap a Radius.

    Without pulling the part. Did you do a flow with rib cut?
  10. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    mastercam family

    I agree Master80. I hope everyone gets a little time off with loved ones. Get rest so you can comeback fresh to start Mastercaming again with fresh eyes and minds.
  11. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Extend a Line

    Follow picture for X series. this is X9:
  12. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Cimco Simulation

    You think he is playing cat and mouse really. That is what you are going to say to get help with something free at the time. I would recheck your thoughts and some time just like other software's you have setup some stuff.
  13. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Cimco Simulation

    Wow when did you reach out to me. I usually don't leave customers just hanging with no reply. Did you email me?
  14. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Problem with my lathe interface

    What is the problem. That you are having. You have a part on this open session. Please share the file.
  15. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Mcam 2018 Mouse Wheel Issue

    There has been issues with Microsoft mouse's for many years. Stopped using them for that reason over 15 years ago. Doing what Aaron stated by letting go to the default drivers works the best.

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