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  1. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software


    Pete need more info like what post and cnc machine is this for. looks like 3+2 of course.
  2. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Mastercam 2020 Mask on Arc bug

    As asked by Jeff please make a sample that shows the issue and send to QC at Mastercam. Thank you
  3. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    home learners edition

    Look here in the 2020 Launcher.
  4. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Now using 2020

    Have used this button option. as you can see had all of the operation open and the arrow was not seen. select this option to bring into view quickly.
  5. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    The only Machines available in the list are the default machines

    Like Ron stated, contact you Mastercam dealer and request the post install of all the factory posts. On the Tech exchange you can go and grab individual posts. the one that comes from dealer has a large list of factory posts.
  6. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    WCS all WONKY

    That know Gnomon represents the world planes . Like others stated if use your own WCS this Gnomon will always show the original World planes. you notice that your C and T and the Custom WCS Gnomons follow your custom planes correctly.
  7. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    why does raster rise and fall next to walls?

    Are you using a containment boundary are you selecting the all the floor and walls?
  8. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Multi Axis Drill 2020

    Tom did you figure this out?
  9. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    MC 2020 QUESTION

    Please make sure you use the Email genuine.mastercam At Mastercam and also send an email or call your reseller that you got this. CNC maybe a little slow today as it is later in the day at the start of the holiday weekend.
  10. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Undercut surfacing lollipop

    You must be talking about a certain path. As all that mentioned path wise does support these tools especially lolipop.
  11. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Cutter Comp Beginning on Arc Move - How to Avoid?

    This B-NCI this output a different way . you would not see this as a standard NCI posting like this.
  12. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software


    As for the editor, it is popping up CIMCO because it was changed in the Config area to default to it. it you went back in using the quick short cut key of "Alt F8" go to Start and /Exit. You will seee Editor and set it to Mastercam and this will use the Code Expert folks were talking about as that is the Default editor from install.
  13. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Do c axis lathe tool paths consume a mill licence?

    If you do not set up what will call a custom launch icon by default if you Mill and Lathe on the NetHasp it wants to pull them together. Use the "Mastercam Launcher" to configure just to pull a lathe only. As you now know all ready the answer that you do not need a mill license for C-Axis paths.
  14. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Do you use Slice over Spin in Turn profile and why?

    So if there are holes or slots on the Profile when doing Slice you will see the divets or holes shown in the profile cut is this what you want? Now you say you use so you can get and upper profile. but as shown in the picture this is an option. So there is know other reason for using slice over Spin for you? Thanks
  15. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Do you use Slice over Spin in Turn profile and why?

    Question for Mastercam users, when doing lathe and have a file with holes for example.Do you ever select the option of Slice instead of Spin? If so why? please give example of why you would use that over Spin please.

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