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  1. Drive surface= As usually seen in the classic style paths . This defined as a Surface entity or entity's along with Sold face or faces as the entity you want to drive the tool path motion over. As the thought of driving the tool over the surface as known in 3D tool paths and some 5axis. Most of the new 3d surfacing paths call it Machining Geometry Drive Curves are thought of the same way, except the usually are using wire frame curves to drive the tool instead of surface or solid faces. These are also not seen as much in the newer Mastercam versions . used to see them call out that a lot in the older versions. What version are you running. ( In mastercam software,Hub=axis? ) you are asking if HUB means the Same as Axis? Hope this helps.
  2. Ron, this the machine model in our Machine environment. I thought this what he wanted. and we all ready have this built. this is the Haas ST-10 Y_C_Hybrid .Machine If this helps.
  3. So you got the machine environment that looks like this as this does not have RT spindle ? and you are just missing some of the components you use in your shop and certain locators correct?
  4. I can tell you now you will not gain any by putting on a separate drive. I would use the other drive for you files unless you keep them on a network server. To can a little performance with the SSD what type of SSD are you running are you running like a Mx2 style that runs on a faster bus so it runs faster or the old style SSD like 2.5 drive that runs the older slower bus?
  5. I had not seen this issue during use or training and just did some testing on few files. has not changed unless I close Mastercam. I surely see this driving me crazy for sure. but as you can see a few of us tested no issues it sticks.
  6. Dylan , this was I was thinking as I was reading down. great opportunity for this.
  7. Sorry I turned off the FTP as there really has not been any call for it for a few years now. Looks Like what you need you are able to get from Haas direct. this great news.
  8. So are you running MT and wanting to add a turret mounted SR to the machine?
  9. It was looking as you did not have the proper locators in the GMD so your dealer added the new locators and showed you how to make sure you have the proper selected ones correct?
  10. I would contact your Mastercam dealer. See if there is anything that Mastercam MT can do for you with this machine.
  11. Good Day JacobS, I would like to request if you could send your file to QC @ Mastercam.com attention to me Jayson Kramer. This way I can review and help. Please include contact info. Thank you
  12. Chris L, if you want to play with the file they are talking about. I have the file and can send to you. it is a little different then what this picture is but not by much.
  13. That is what Cimcos NCbase is built for not the editor.

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