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  1. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Machine Home Position in Lathe

    The home position for "machine" is stored in the axis combination area of the machine definition: Then go into the Machine Axis Combination and then into Home Position:
  2. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    New to mill-turn

    Bob, Did you get any basic training for MT. you have a great help here from great users. I will try monitoring this to see if I can help at times to. .
  3. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    X5 tool library format?

    SnahOlah, the FTP is back up and the file is there. just under 5 megs
  4. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    2021 Trimming vs Divide

    Buy the way the drag also works in Fillet and Chamfer.
  5. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    3d mouse

    I have used them starting at V9 of MC. I have wireless kits setups for two laptop bags and and two Enterprise Kits for two desktop and for the conference table the Space mouse Pro Wireless. I also own a few other units. sold of a few extras in the last year or two. I use the 3D Connexxion space units and there 3 button mouses to. Hug fan here to.
  6. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Mastercam 2020 lock on arc,point,ect

    At the top of 2020 graphics are is the Seletion bar. There is the drop down to pick say Arc Centers. Select it an on that same bar to the left you will see a lock. Select that to lock it.
  7. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software


    Dang spell check and did not pay attention. But it is me so we know how that works... lol
  8. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software


    before you can move to another dealer you need to contact CNC Software Sales team and (ex-plane) explain why you want to change Resellers and get permission. Have you talked to your reseller about the issues are having that makes you want to change? we always suggest starting there.
  9. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Duel Hasps

    Years ago that was the rule not anymore.
  10. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    CodeMeter License linking

    John you have a MSG.
  11. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    CodeMeter License linking

    Are you running a network license for the MT ?
  12. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    CodeMeter License linking

    John, I would send Chris B an email?
  13. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    Organize Operations by color?

    to further on the reply from Joe. in the operations manager right click on and in the option pick "Select" then as show in Joe's pictures you see the Select Options window select the Radio button marked tool # this will show a list of the tools you are using in all the operations . select the tool number and you will see at the bottom of the window there were it will show how many operation are using that tool. then when you check the green check out you will see in the tree all the operations that use that tool will have a green check.
  14. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software

    License "borrowing"

    Have reached out to your dealer about this.
  15. Jayson Kramer-CNC Software


    I think you were I game in to CCCS a little before you left CCCS. but I came here not long after you. I want to say my original log name was under 100 for sure.

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