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  1. as a follow up note, X2 runs off USB as the last version to run white parallel key should be V9.1. I know as the release of V9 I was running USB. I also have the installs.
  2. closest I can get is you window select the bottom of the holes at that level. it will select the bottom of the holes. but it will maintain the the hole depth based on the hole feature. this is only way based on using solid hole feature selection for the same plain and level.
  3. when you select your first hole, hold down the "Control" and the "Shift" key to get section in the same vector.
  4. I have been using 2024 to program parts sense PB-3 and have to say it has been stable and have had no issues. Programed Lathe and Mil 2 to 4th axis programs. As for the random tools, never have had that issue. It has to be the order that you are doing things based on the type of operation. Now a thought is follow the operation tree from top down seems to be pretty bullet proof. JMHO only once in a great while to I have a students per say they get a random tool. this is usually because something they are doing. I like to call issue between the chair and the keyboard. lol
  5. Update to the latest drivers if you have not. what unit is it?
  6. your shoulder length of .85 should be the shortest tool projection and 2.25 should be your longest. I would save the file close MC and open and try to adjust it. Have you tried going to the operation to the tool list and right click on tool and pick "Edit Projection" and see what it does for you there? is it still limiting you there to?
  7. see in the yellow window popout. this telling you how far and how short by the tool definition what you are aloud. Go into the tool definition and adjust.
  8. I went back through the process and got goo result. went back toy yours reviewed nothing jumped out at me. try it again. report back please.
  9. I have a Windows 10 64 bit running V9 304 and runs no issues. but it only running with a Network license. Did not have any issues installing either.
  10. Yes Sir almost a year now.. Hey are you programming the U3000 multus with top solid or Mastercam?
  11. I have used both and setup both systems of Predator and Cimco. I Prefer CIMCO. predator is not bad. Shop I am in now I sold them Predator early 2000. if I had my choice I would go to CIMCO. Both software's offer a lot of the same tools and options.
  12. Actually, the action to rename (slow double clicking the name) is put cursor over name click once. this should highlight the existing name in blue. start typing.
  13. I tested it this morning for Mick and installed no trouble on a windows 11. I pulled a fresh full web update 1 in stall from Mastercam site. I wonder if he needs a a new fresh download.
  14. I will be pulling some boxs out this weekend looking for you Mark. I have down to V5 on network.

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