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  1. Flycut

    Understanding a drawing

    Cool part BTW. Aluminum?
  2. Flycut

    Thread mill on haas 4 axis

    My post also fails to output a G41 if my initial move is an arc rather than a line.
  3. Flycut

    Thread mill on haas 4 axis

    Never had a problem. Are you using wear or control comp? Do you have a lead in line?
  4. Flycut

    Looking for some new tricks

    Can you not "save as" for sharing? ***Guess not. Wasn't there a time when you could save as an older version?***
  5. Flycut

    45 chamfer

    Does the angle change if you make a bigger chamfer?
  6. Always and never are words I don't like to use.
  7. Flycut

    Tool starts from wrong position

    Should I be able to open it with MC 2020?
  8. Flycut

    Tool starts from wrong position

    I can't even figure out how to open the file.
  9. Flycut

    Tool starts from wrong position

    I didn't look at first because I did not think I could help but now Millman has piqued my curiosity. I might learn something.
  10. Flycut

    Dia. (for simulation)

    Thanks Colin, Makes sense now.
  11. Flycut

    Dia. (for simulation)

    But even if I change this setting to 2.5 I see no difference in my backplot, verify or nc code.
  12. Flycut

    Dia. (for simulation)

    I'm certain this ones has been covered before but finding results is tricky considering the search words being used. I have changed the value of this setting many times but have never seen a change other than having to regenerate my operation. I tend to leave it at the same diameter as the hole I want just to be safe but I'm not even sure if the diameter in question is for the hole or the tool. Who knows?
  13. Flycut

    Need Help- missing feed rate on 4axis motion

    I found out just last week that inverse time feed on a Haas needs an "F" value on every line. Feed is typically modal and Mastercam only outputs a change in feed. If you have 2 consecutive lines with matching feeds the second line will not get an "F". You need to force feed rate at every line in G93. HTH
  14. Flycut

    Multiaxis Pocket

    One thing I found odd is the position of your geometry for the axis substitution operations. I normally just have my geometry in the middle of the part in the same plane. Is this how you control where the pocket will be on the A axis? I was only interested in the multiaxis operation at first but I'm going to have to take a closer look at everything.
  15. Flycut

    Multiaxis Pocket

    Thanks guys, I do have 5 axis options now but only for the past 2 months. It's all still new to me. I did have to resort to axis substitution to get the job done but knew there had to be a better way. From my understanding A axis position relative to other features gets lost with axis substitution. Millman, The multiaxis operations you sent me are perfect. I'm certain I tried that along the way but did not get these results. I'll dissect the parameters you have set and try to understand what I was doing wrong. I owe you one. Thanks again.

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