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  1. Flycut

    Rigid tapping on a Haas

    Found this nice peck tapping macro a while back. Works great. Peck Tapping
  2. Flycut

    Rigid tapping on a Haas

    Do you have macro variables enabled on your machine?
  3. We use both wear and control comp here without issues. All diameter offsets are controlled by G10 code. The machinist never has to wonder what way it was programmed or worry about changing the offset.
  4. Flycut

    old school dark scheme

    I know what you mean. For all the help I get only once in a blue moon do I know how to help someone else AND beat JP in replying...
  5. Flycut

    HAAS peck tapping

    On my machines a new "Z" is not enough. You need to restate an "X" or "Y" position with the new "Z".
  6. Flycut

    Surfacing final cut

    Thanks Colin I'll quit trying.
  7. Flycut

    Surfacing final cut

    It seems like if the last pass of a parallel surface is less than the stepover it simply stops short. Is there a way to force it or adjust the stepover to respect the final pass? Still stuck in X5.
  8. Flycut

    Invert selection

    Isn't it ALT-I by default?
  9. Flycut


    I use ALT-i not sure if that's default or I set it up.
  10. Flycut

    operation manger

    And "manager" in the title.
  11. In the Multi Passes menu there is a " Keep Tool Down " option. That might give you what you're looking for.
  12. Flycut


    Thanks Murlin, That did it.
  13. Flycut


    I'm stuck in X5. Maybe that's why I'm not seeing a split face option in my solids. Also, it might work the same way, but to clarify I would like the arrow to be bossed. Thanks Josh, I'll keep trying.
  14. Flycut


    I'm trying to get the solid arrow to lie on the main solids curved face. Any suggestions? Thanks. PEELMILLHELP.bmp
  15. Flycut

    4th axis positioning

    That works. Thanks

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