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  1. Thnaks for your answers, I hoped there was a "nicer" way to do this operation, anyway I will work with some of the walkarounds you proposed!
  2. I am using the 2018 version, it doesn't look to have this feature...
  3. Dear all, I have a stock model as result of some operations and before the last operation I want to manually remove the tabs I left, so I am not adding any toolpath in Mastercam to do it. I can't find a way to convert the stock model to a solid and then to modify it, before using this as Stock model again. What's the correct procedure?
  4. Thanks to you all, now I have understood how it works and modified the post for my needs!!!
  5. Thanks JParis, now it looks much better, even if it is still missing the R parameter after the first line: N5 G98 G83 Z-40.523 R-27.57 Q3. F160. N6 G98 G83 X0. Y29.3 Z-40.523 Q3. F160. N7 G98 G83 X-25.375 Y-14.65 Z-40.523 Q3. F160. N8 G80 Any idea why?
  6. Maybe I have not been clear enough in my first post... when I peckdrill multiple holes, I get a Gcode like this one: N3756 G98 G83 Z-40.523 R-27.57 Q3. F160. N3757 X0. Y29.3 N3758 X-25.375 Y-14.65 N3759 G80 Instead I would like to have this: N3756 G98 G83 Z-40.523 R-27.57 Q3. F160. N3757 X0. Y29.3 N3756 G98 G83 Z-40.523 R-27.57 Q3. F160. N3758 X-25.375 Y-14.65 N3756 G98 G83 Z-40.523 R-27.57 Q3. F160. N3759 G80 As you see, I get anyway the correct x,y for each hole, but I would like to have also the full gcode "G98 G83 Z... R... Q... F..."
  7. JParis, I have tried what you suggested, but it is not working... I tried also pcan1, pbld, n$, pxout, pyout, pzout, *prdrlout, *feed, strcantext, e$ but this is only adding the feed speed, not the R parameter.
  8. Sorry, but I can't see anything similar to this in the file... Can you?
  9. Thanks for your reply, making a separate toolpath for each hole is quite long... I have tried to look at the post and I couldn't find the option to output a code for each hole, but I am not an expert of post processors... Attached there is the post I am using, could you have a look? Generic Fanuc 3X Mill.pst
  10. Hello, I am starting to use Mastercam and I noticed that when I set a peck drilling cycle for multiple holes, the Post processor (Generic Fanuc) create a Gcode with the complete G73/G83 instructions for the first hole and the only the coordinates of the other holes. I would like to have the complete G73/G83 command for each hole, like that it is easier to resume the code from any line. Is it possible?

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