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  1. Jeff2005

    Turning off what I am not using.

    UPDATE: I was finally able to figure out why I was not able to change what was showing on the screen. It looked like I had Verifsurf tools installed, but I didn't. Finally my fellow colleague figured out it might be some of the "My Mastercam" files that was corrupt, we copied from His computer and pasted to mine overwriting these files. This did fix the issue. Before doing this I had our IT department completely uninstall Mastercam 2021. I wanted them to completely wipe any evidence of mastercam, hoping this would fix the issue, it didn't. They missed some key folders that wasn't deleted like "My mastercam" folder and the shared folder too. After we fixed the issue with Mastercam, without our IT departments help. I shared with them on how we fix it, trying to be honest about what we did. They didn't seem to like the fact I had copied from one computer to another. UGH. This is what I get for being honest. Now they are wanting me to get Mastercam rep in to confirm what I did was OK. Sometimes being honest about our intentions gets us in more trouble, even though it did nothing to the integrity of my computer. thanks for any input that you may have given me. best Regards Jeff
  2. Jeff2005

    Turning off what I am not using.

    Ok not darked out. Where do I find the link to the Free Verisurf addon?
  3. Jeff2005

    Turning off what I am not using.

    Nothing is selected on the "Show Gnomons"
  4. Jeff2005

    Turning off what I am not using.

    I do not have MoldPlus.
  5. Jeff2005

    Turning off what I am not using.

    That's what i thought too, but we don't have verisurf. We had it in like 2017 or 2018 version.
  6. I want to turn off two items that I have turned off before, but can't seem to find where they are at to turn off, in Mastercam. Can someone point me in the direction to turn these items off? see attached pic. This pic is from the print area, but it's on the Mastercam screen. I just wanted the pic to be white back ground to better see it. thanks, Jeff
  7. Jeff2005

    Windows 10 Ver May 2004 update warning

    I have restarted several times and we are still having the same issue. Are you saying it needs to be the version you are showing? thanks,
  8. Jeff2005

    Windows 10 Ver May 2004 update warning

    OK, that being said, i checked my hasp date too, but I am having issues with mastercam opening. My hasp driver date is newer than yours. 3-29-2019 version
  9. Jeff2005

    Windows 10 Ver May 2004 update warning

    My question is if you have already installed the WIndows 10 2004 update. Will it be ok to install the Hasp Update after this windows update installs? Is there steps to take before installing the Hasp Update? Need details if someone could provide this information. thanks as always. Send me an email with details ASAP [email protected] Jeff
  10. Has anyone seen this error? Not familiar with OpenCL. I have a stout computer, so I am not sure why I received this error. Perhaps something 2020 has changed in computer requirements? Any input is appreciated. THANKS
  11. Jeff2005

    Mastercam 2019 project doesn't work.

    It is fixed. my config file was corrupt. I deleted my config file and then restarted mastercam and now it is working fine. thanks guys
  12. Jeff2005

    Mastercam 2019 project doesn't work.

    Why in the world would they change it, when it worked fine. I know, they must be using common core math to figure this stuff out. thanks. jeff
  13. I use project often and now that I have changed over to 2019 I have noticed several quirks that are not in 2018. Projecting 2d data is easy to use, but when I use it now it does nothing. Changing from 3d to 2d and it still does nothing selecting the depth, nothing. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Thanks
  14. Jeff2005

    Mastercam 2019 is crashing

    Sorry for the late response. I am not using the microsoft mouse, only logitech. I suspect it could be the driver for the graphics card. I will search on. thanks,
  15. Jeff2005

    Mastercam 2019 is crashing

    I am not sure if I can explain this problem I am having with 2019. I open a file to use, and then I am using the middle roller button on my mouse to zoom in and out and then Mastercam crashes. This has never happened to me in any other version of mastercam. I was reluctant to pass this along since i thought maybe it was the specific file i was using, but it is happening on several different files. Anyone else seen this problem? Thanks for any input given

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